Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Live and Larva Day 6


It has been hours since Sergent Sargent, Laugh Track and Horse Power last
encountered the Living Larva. As far as they know they are the only ones still
alive on Liberty Base.

Sergent Sargent removes his beret. He is very frustrated.

"Stallion can your sensors pick up the Larva's energy signature?"

"I could have hours ago. But now the signature is all over the base. It's like trying
to find water in the ocean."

"Laugh Track anything else you can do?"

"Sarge I used up every Injun Stalking Trick left in my Papoose. Heck I even made a up few new ones."


"What is it Clydesdale?"

"We have been searching all the top secret sub basements, since Dr.Howard had Z
Level Clearance......"


"Well I was thinking. The Larva was much bigger when we encountered it than it
was on the Security Footage."

"I got ya Clydesdale. These sub basements aren't exactly roomy. He needs some
place to keep those cocoons."

"Right Bronco. So I think we need to go back up to the surface. I think I know
exactly where the Living Larva is."


In the Necromizone, Professor Necro continues his work. Reshaping the internal
organs of Thunder Thief and changing his electrical powers. Necronoids watch
blankly as brown blobs of electricity float thru the air.

Necro lowers his arms. If he could sweat he would wipe his brow.

"It is done Thunder Thief. You are reborn."

Thunder Thief stands up. He looks down at his singed body as it crackles with

"I feel the same."

"Oh you are different. Before you were essentially an energy lamprey. The more
electricity or energy you absorbed the more powerful you became. Now you are a
generator. Your body now continuously generates power."

"And what do you want from me?"


"You don't exactly look like the altruistic type, so tell me what you want."

"I want you to destroy Horse Power."

"That all?"

"No I need you to find a meteor made of this substance."

Professor Necro takes a small piece of Oblivorex from his pocket.

"It is inside of the Liberty Corp base. Your powers should lead you to it. It
has a unique energy signature."

"I can swing that. But once you got your crystal, our business is done. I don't
want to see you in ten years demanding my first born if I can't guess your real

Professor Necro narrows his eyes. He does not like this man. It bothers him he
must depend on these Earthers to carry out his work. 

He raises his hands in a threatening gesture as a black energy pulls itself from his


With that Thunder Thief disappears in a fading light. Like an old television being
turned off after a long night.


Sergent Sargent knew exactly where Clydesdale was thinking of. The Liberty
Base Hanger. It is the length of ten football fields. Even with all the Liberty Corps
vehicles it has plenty of room.

Sarge takes out his laser Bayonet and melts the lock. Next Clydesdale punches
the door open.

Mustang goes in first. His hooves sticks to the floor. The eyes on his helmet light up
and he looks down. He sees his feet are covered in something that looks like
vanilla cotton candy.

The six men walk into the hanger. What they see relieves them because their
search is over, but horrifies them because it is what they expected. It is the Living
Larva hanging up a cocoon.

Laugh Track takes out his Rubber Chicken Tomahawk. Never one to give into
fear or depression he opens with a joke.

"Gotta say Larva, I like what you're doing with the place. But don't you know its a
bad idea to renovate property you don't own?"

Before he can throw his Chickenhawk, the Larva shoots a stream of cocoon silk that
engulfs Laugh Track.

"Track!!! Alright Horse Power CHARGE!!!!"

Stallion begins directing the battle.

"Alright men remember the battle with the Necronaut? Go with that!!!!!"

Mustang runs up the monsters back at super speed. He stabs it with his Daggers
but the creature has hardened its cocoon. Before he can try again the cocoon
softens causing Mustang's feet to sink inside of it. He tries to pull out but the
cocoon hardens again.

"Aw c'mon this is embarrassing. I'm the Lonely Hero of Legend!!!"

The Living Larva is unimpressed. He shoots a string of cocoon silk at the ceiling and
leaps back first crushing Mustang. Before crashing to the floor back
first. Mustang is trapped ankle deep in the back of the Living Larva.

Sergent Sargent is a veteran and has formulated a strategy.

"Clydesdale take your hammer and attack it head on."

He does as ordered and takes a broad swing at the Larva. The Larva softens
hoping to ensnare Clydesdale as he did Mustang.

"Bronco now free Mustang!!!!"

Bronco in a matter of seconds has his teammate.

"Stallion I'm setting my Bayonet past its limit. That means it will start to over

"Sarge what are you thinking?"

"At such a high level of intensity, I bet the Larva softens. When he does that you
fire the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster."

"What about Dr.Howard?"

"He made his choice when he ingested that serum. We have to think of the world."

With that Sergent Sargent charges into battle. Laser
Bayonet in hand. As anticipated it softens its cocoon.

Clydesdale places his Hammer to the floor as a base.

Bronco links the handles of his blasters and places it on top of the Horse Hammer.

Stallion puts his sword on top of the Bronco Blasters.

Mustang places his Daggers on each side of the Stallion Sword.

Together they shout.


A  multicolored wave of energy is fired at the Living Larva.

With almost super human agility, Sergent Sargent avoids the blast as it hits the creature chest
first. Sending it into the hanger wall.

The Horse Power team runs over, unlocking the hinges on their helmets.

Before the team can celebrate they see the Larva stand up. Its shell cracking and

A fist burst thru one of the Larva's tendrils. It does not resemble anything
belonging to a human. Next a pair of wings shatter the back of its shell. The wings
look like something belonging to a deformed moth.

With one final motion the new creature shatters the remains of the Living Larva. It
glances at the Horse Power team and unleashes an inhuman shriek. Then flies thru
the Hanger Ceiling.

"Follow that thing now!!!"

"But Sarge??"

"I'll stay here and watch over the cocoons. NOW GO!!! THAT'S AN ORDER!!!!!"

As the team goes after the newly born Heterocera, Sergent Sargent sees
dozens of cocoons hatching.

The expression on his face remains the same as he switches his Laser Bayonet on.

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