Monday, September 19, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Live and Larva Day 5


Sergent Sargent just received a distress call from Laugh Track. They encountered the monster that is attacking the base. With the base on lock down, the Horse Power team split up. So Sergent Sargent has only three Grunts with him.

He kicks in the door to F Sector and sees the Cocoon creature encasing Laugh Track. Sergent Sargent and the Grunts fire full power blast at the creature, severing its connection to Laugh Track.

Grunt 4574 throws a Heat Grenade at the Living Larva. It generates intense heat without creating fire. Now Grunts 334 and 443 set their Pulse rifles on rapid fire and back the Larva against a wall. Sergent Sargent cuts Laugh Track free from his cocoon.

"You okay Track?"

"Yeah if you consider being the world's first Indian burrito "Okay".

"Where is BoomeRanger and the Grunts?"

"Inside of that thing."


"You heard me. He wrapped them into cocoons and absorbed them into himself.  He was not this big when we encountered him."

Sergent Sargent sees the Larva throw two thick blobs of cocoon silk at the Grunts. Sarge takes out his Laser Bayonet and slashes open the Larva. Only for it to harden around the Bayonet.

"Blue Thunder!!! It's stuckt."

The Larva throws Sergent Sargent into the ceiling. Laugh Track takes out his trusty retractable Rubber Chicken Tomahawk, and throws it at the back of the Larva. But it bounces off the monster's hardened shell. He did accomplish one thing. Laugh Track has its full attention.

"That's my big problem. I'm too big a sweet heart."


In a room that few people are aware of. Curt Hendrix is working in a lab. Studying the sample of the Living Larva he obtained after his sister was attacked. With him is Private Mark Bedlam.

"Dr.Hendrix I should be helping search for the Living Larva with Horse Power and the Grunts. I can't accomplish much hiding here with you."

Curt Hendrix glasses are slipping from his nose. He quickly fixes them.

"I am not hiding. I am working on a way to neutralize the creature. Being an expert in many fields. It is difficult to admit I am not the Bio Chemist that Dr.Howard was. But I think with enough time, I can create an antidote."

"Still doesn't explain why I'm down here. I'm not a scientist,"

"Private Bedlam... You are vital to the future of this organization. I simply cannot risk anything happening to you. Now please be quiet. I have work to do."


Romero Sanchez heard Laugh Track's transmission as well. He immediately takes out his Horse Buckle.

"Horse Power Charge!!!! BRONCO!!!"

Romero Sanchez transforms into the yellow armored Horse Power known as Bronco. He dashes to F Sector with great speed. He sees Sergent Sargent getting to his feet, as Laugh Track is being pummeled by the Living Larva.

He quickly summons his Bronco Blasters and fires a full power blast at the Larva. The Bronco Blasters are far more powerful than the strongest Grunt Patrol Pulse Rifle. The Monster is sent crashing into a wall.

Sergent Sargent runs over to Bronco.

"Bronco be careful. That thing has some of our men inside of him. We can't risk hurting them."

The Larva has already recovered and moves to attack Bronco. But a Green Blur enters the room. Attacking the Larva with a flurry of punches. it is the Horse Power known as Mustang. The monster spits a string of cocoon silk at the ground and rips it out from under the Green Horse Power's feet.

It quickly grabs Mustang and hurls him at Laugh Track, Sergent Sargent and Bronco. Before jumping into the hole in the floor and escaping.

Sergent Sargent looks over at Mustang with a look of bitter amusement.

"Hello Mustang. Maybe next time you can wait to be briefed on the situation, before you go on the attack."

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