Friday, September 16, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Live and Larva Day 4


Spare Tire is in the Liberty Base Hangar, working on repairing Fat Lucy. When he hears the alarm, he begins thinking out loud.

"I swear its a wonder I get any work done. Either I'm fightin those Necraknobs or some lard monster. Heck last week the base was attacked by a buncha walkin flowers and lizards. Its no wonder I ain't got Fat Lucy back to workin order."

When he punches in the security code to lock up the hanger. He hears something rustling above his head.

"Now what in burnt rubber is that noise?"

Before Spare Tire can scream, he is wrapped in a cocoon by the Living Larva.


Laugh Track and BoomeRanger are hunting down the creature that took Courtney Hendrix and just now Spare Tire.

Laugh Track's real name is Roger Standing Rain. He is a Native American from the Karankawa Tribe. As a boy the Tribe Expected great things from him. At the age of twelve he was a great hunter and tracker. In addition to being a fantastic athlete. But Roger had little interest in being either an athlete or leading the tribe.

His heart was in comedy. As a boy he memorized Jack Benny Radio shows. He wanted to be a stand up comedian. This love lead him to working at Indian Casino's in the North East. He was Chief Ha Ha and he was fairly popular with the tourist.

He was content with his life, until he met the Crime King and his robotic partner Retro-9. Seems they were obsessed with obtaining a root that grew on the land near the Casino. The root was worthless. Its why the Sanpo had stopped farming in the first place. But Crime King was convinced the roots were some source of mystic energy.

The Sanpo chief had offered Crime King as much of the root as they had. But it was not enough for him. He wanted to tear the Casino down and use a plant accelerator to make a massive quantity of the root.

That was when Laugh Track's life changed. It was when he met Sergent Sargent and the E-Unit. They destroyed the plant accelerator before it could do any harm. Crime King made a run for it.

Even with their advanced technology, they could not find him. But Laugh Track found him within an hour. After that Sergent Sargent asked him to join the team.

It has been a rocky relationship. Laugh Track still follows the beat of his own drummer. Which sometimes puts him at odds with his friends.

But despite his joking demeanor, he is series about his work. He looked at a sample of the cocoon Sergent Sargent took from the infirmary. It appears to be something resembling the cocoon of a butterfly or moth.

"Eh Laugh Track, you get a bead on this booger yet. I want to cut it down before the Horse Power boys can claim the glory."

"Yeah Boomer, we'll save up all the glory for you. What do you want me to write on your body cast?"

"What's that suppose to mean Track?"

"It means I saw the security tape and I'm not anxious to end up tucked in by that thing. If I see it. I'm calling Horse Power, before you can blink. Now shut up."

"Fine then more glory for BoomeRanger."

BoomeRanger was fidgeting with his razor-e-rangs. Sharp enough to cut thru most material. BoomeRanger was born Tyler Breeds, he started off as an infantryman who............


Something snatched one of the Grunts.

Laugh Track takes out his communicator.

"We are in F Sector. Need Horse Power now. We just got invited to a Slumber party."

Before Laugh Track can sign off, a fist that feels like a hardened cocoon knocks him into the trash receptacle.

He climbs out with a banana peel on his head.

"I've heard of going to the dumps but this ridiculous."

BoomeRanger sends two Razor-e-rangs at the Living Larva. The creature spits a fine line of cocoon at the boomerangs taking their momentum.

Two of the remaining Grunts fire their pulse rifles. But the Larva's speed is deceptive. It sends a line of cocoon to the roof and pulls itself out of the way. Before the Grunts can fire again, the Larva catapults itself at them. They are quickly wrapped in personal cocoons.

But the Larva has forgotten Boomeranger. Who tosses a Bomberang at the creature's face. BoomeRanger leaps onto the Larva with a new Razor-e-rang in hand. He looks down, seeing he managed to crack its shell.

"Oh my oh my......."

As BoomeRanger takes in the horrific sight, the Living Larva captures him in a cocoon.

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