Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Live and Larva Day 3


Sergent Sargent and the Horse Power team are talking to the injured Grunts, as
they fly back to Liberty Base in the Eagle's Claw.

"I know you boys got knocked loopy, but we need to know who it was that
snatched Thunder Thief."

"Uh Sarge...... Sorry my head is killing me. He he was um he was wearing this
tattered brown robe with these weird symbols. Got a look at um uh his face. Looked like it had been in the ground rotting. Owwwww my head feels like it is trying to crack open. "

"Go lay down soldier. Alright Grunt 498 can you add anything to what Grunt
006 said?"

"Me and 006 pulled out our pulse rifles and fired. Usually with Powered
Miscreants they deflect the blast, move or simply absorb it. This guy
was different.

This guy split himself in two and pulled himself together like a piece
of ground beef. Then he had tendrils of smoke escape his nose and attacked us."

"Did you visors pick up any unusual energy signatures from him?"

"Yeah it was similar to the Necronoids, And he was cold."

"What do you mean soldier?"

"It was forty degrees colder than a living human body should be."

Zane Dresden speaks on the intercom.

"Sarge we're approaching Liberty Base. Dr.Hendrix is waiting in the
base hanger.  Said he needs to speak to Stallion er David."


In a world that is only seconds away, if one knows the right path to

Thunder Thief lies on a slab made of bone and rock. His injuries are being
attended to by strange looking creatures. Their skulls are a combination of metal and bone. Or rather half of it looks like a human skull and the other like a robot of some sort. He pulls himself up. Sitting on the slab wearily.

"Good you're already recovering. You're a remarkable specimen."

He sees a man in a tattered brown robe covered with arcane symbols. His hands
and face appear to be rotting flesh. It is unsettling, but Thunder
Thief has been in this game for awhile. You learn to adjust.

"What happened to me? Last thing I remember is Sergent Sargent throwing some
kinda claw at me."

"That claw was a device to block off your powers. But you are a
fighter and refused to go quietly. The more you fought the device, the more your
electrical powers backed up.  Essentially you cooked all of your
internal organs."

"So why am I not croaked?"

"You have me to thank. I grabbed you as you were on the verge of oblivion and
brought you here. In the Necromizone death has no meaning. I am free to repair
you and make you greater than you were."

Thunder Thief looks down at his singed body and then at Professor Necro.

"I suppose I should lay back down and let you finish working."


"Where is Courtney!?!?!"

"I don't know David. I looked at the security tapes and I don't know
what happened."

"Where were you? Why did you let your sister go in that room alone?"

"David my sister is a grown woman. I could not stop her if I wanted to. I was
unarmed and its not like I have a Horse Buckle."

"What about you Private Bedlam?! Why did you let a Science Bulb go into a
 Stage 3 situation alone?!? As a Drone that is one of your only jobs!!!"

"Sir I was ordered by Dr.Hendrix to hang back. I am not afraid of anyone or
anything. That goes for you. With all due respect."

This was all David Foster needed to hear. He grabs Private Bedlam by
the collar. Romero Sanchez gets between them.

"DAVID!!!!! This is not helping!!! Private Bedlam return to your post. We
will talk to you later."

Sergent Sargent looks at a piece of the Cocoon taken from the Infirmary.

"Liberty Base is on Lock Down. Zane who do we have on base?"

"Laugh Track, BoomeRanger, Spare Tire and Mess Hall."

"Okay you contact the agents on the outside and have them ready to form a
second front. Lets move out."

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