Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Live and Larva Day 2


Courtney Hendrix is fuming. She watched her brother Curt Hendrix, rise thru the
Liberty Corps Bulb ranks very quickly. Until he became the head of Research and Development.

Ever since Project Horse Power launched, Curt has been drunk with power.

Now Martin Howard is in the infirmary. No one really knows what he ingested. If
Curt had taken the time to to get permission to transfer Martin, they could have taken precautions.

Courtney sees her brother at the entrance to the infirmary with Pvt.Bedlam. Curt  has been spending a lot of time with him lately. The only thing Courtney knows is Bedlam was an early candidate for the Horse Power program. But was rejected for some reason.

"Curt how could you end Project:Lepidos, without consulting the other Bulbs?"

"Courtney I respect you as my sister and as a colleague, but this is my
division and all decisions end with me."

"We'll see what Director Powers thinks of your attitude."

"Courtney there is no need to involve the Director in this
squabble. I'm broken up by what happened to Dr.Howard.
I'm taking time out of my busy day to make sure he is recovering."

"Well aren't you sweet Curt. I think......"

The brother and sister hear a scream emanating from Martin Howard's room.

Courtney with no thought to her own safety, runs to the room. What she sees is shocking. Even for a person who recently saw Greasetrap:The Frying Man up close and personal.  Standing by Martin Howard's bed was something that looked like a walking cocoon.

Two of the Med Kit robots were smashed to pieces. Courtney quickly takes out
her pistol.

Before she can fire off one sho,t this Living Larva knocks her unconscious and
covers her in a thick layer of something resembling a spider's web.


Sergent Sargent and Horse Power are standing around the body of Thunder Thief,
as they prepare him for transport. Before he can be loaded into the
rubber lined van, a familiar door of black light appears. Out of it steps a dozen Necronoids.

Stallion closes the mouth hinge on his armor, covering his face.

"Alright team take the Necronoids down cleanly and quickly. We need to capture
at least one for study. Grunt Patrol guards Thunder Thief."

Stallion and Clydesdale attack six of the Necronoids, as Sergent
Sargent, Mustang and Bronco attack the other six.

The Horse Power team do not summon their weapons. Choosing to fight the
Necronoids hand to hand. Clydesdale clotheslines two of them. Grabbing another by the arm and driving its body into the fallen pair of Necronoids.

"Blast it Clydesdale, I told you to avoid damaging them!!!"

One Necronoid is trying to hit Stallion with a force beam from its robo eye, but
Stallion nimbly avoids it. Leap froging over the blast and kicking the
Necronoids head off.

Clydesdale holding two broken Necronoids down takes the time to say.

"Oh but Stallion we aren't suppose to damage them."

A slightly irritated Stallion concedes the point.

Meanwhile Sergent Sargent is holding his own.  Avoiding the
robo beams while hitting well timed zaps with his laser bayonet. Since the
Necronoids are not alive, he does not have to hold back.

Mustang has two of the Necronoids in a speed generated vortex. Using his speed
he whips one of them into the Necronoids fighting Sergent Sargent.
Next he drives the other one into the waiting fist of Bronco.

"That is some fancy fighting Mustang. But Stallion said to keep em in
one piece."

As the fighting continues, out of another door of black light steps
Professor Necro. Two of the Grunts fire their rifles at the robed
figure. Necro splits himself in two to dodge the blast. Grabs the two
Grunts with twin tendrils of smoke and slam their heads into the ground.

He leans down at the near death Thunder Thief. Whispering into his ear.

"Your time upon this plane nears its end.
But I will make you more, than you were before."

The black light envelops Professor Necro and Thunder Thief. As if they were never there to begin with. Sergent Sargent and the Horse Power team are bewildered, as the Necronoids vanish as quickly as they appeared.

"Thunder Thief is gone,"

"Say that again Mustang?"

"Thunder Thief is gone and the Grunts guarding him are knocked out.
Looks like they took a nasty fall."

"Lets get back to the base."

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