Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Live and Larva Day 1


Martin Howard has been a Liberty Corps Bulb for three years now. His main line of research involves caterpillars, butterflies and cocoons. So far his research has not returned anything useful.

He has been testing out a way for a human being to be wrapped in a cocoon. A injured or sick person could wrap themselves in the cocoon, and emerge healthy. It seemed a dead end until last week. That was when a severely burned mouse emerged from a cocoon, fully healed. It did not even have a scar. Yes Martin was sure this was his chance at greatness.

"Martin I need to speak to you."

It was Dr.Curt Hendrix. He was the head Bulb in the Liberty Corps and Martin's
boss. He had never been thrilled with Martin's line of research. Curt seemed to
dislike any research that did not work toward building weapons.

"What can I do for you Dr.Hendrix?"

"We're shutting you down Martin."

"My research is finally showing results. I have a presentation

"I'm afraid you don't Martin. You shouldn't worry. You still have a
job here, but this butterfly division is finished. Private Bedlam escort Dr.Howard
to his new lab."

Martin cannot bear to watch his life's work thrown away. Before Private Bedlam
can get to him. Martin Howard grabs his Chrysalis Mixture and ingest it. The
formula burns Martin Howard's insides. He begins to thrash about his small work

He begins to move toward Curt Hendrix, when Private Mark Bedlam takes him
down using a judo throw, and presses his standard issue baton against Martin
Howard's throat.

"We need medics in here right now."

Curt Hendrix walks over to Mark Bedlam, and places his hand on his shoulder.

"Very impressive work Private Bedlam."

"Thank you Sir."

"How is it you have not been promoted?"


This was Thunder Thief's big night. Horse Power has almost ruined his career. a
few years ago Thunder Thief was the talk of the Nation.

"Jerk ruins Super Bowl, Raiders forfeit."

"Grammy Ceremony ends in chaos. Three Dog Night down to Two."

"Final Episode of MASH ends prematurely, as nation experiences mysterious
black out."

Even E-Unit could not stop him. He was too powerful, then Horse Power appeared.

He remembers the week he encountered them for the first time. He was in a fabulous mood,
because his "rival" Crime King had been arrested by E-Unit.

That sniveling little worm has managed to elude the wrath of Thunder Thief for
years. So it did him good to see Crime King captured. Rumor has it he
is trapped in his own Battle Armor.

That did not matter though. Thunder Thief was preparing for his
biggest crime yet.

He was going to kidnap the President of the United States. He had
taken down the Secret Service agents with ease. One well placed volt fell twenty agents.

As he ran toward the President, a green blur appeared before him. It
looked like a Green Horse robot. Thunder Thief had encountered super powered vigilantes
before. But nothing as strange or overwhelmingly powerful as Horse Power.

Before he could prepare a strategy, the Green Horse had been joined by three
teammates. Red,Yellow and Blue Horse robots with that blasted Sergent Sargent.
Knowing he was over matched, Thunder Thief created a massive electrical fire in
the White House. Heroes that they are, Horse Power put their energy into saving
people instead of capturing him.

The next day Thunder Thief was sickened by what he read.

"Horse Power foils super villain."

His picture was not included in the paper, and the article did not even
mention him by name. It was like that for the next six months. He attempted to commit a
spotlight stealing crime, and Horse Power stopped him. His only advantage was
their energy weapons super charged him.

Tonight is different. The Kids Cable Channel Awards aired tonight. The Boy
Band Mierda are performing.

When the curtain raises, he is going to attack. He'll only spare the precocious
performers, if he is given Five Million dollars in gold.

The curtain is raises and Mierda's backs are facing the audience. Thunder Thiefshort circuits the stage lights causing an explosion. Always important to make a proper entrance.

"I'm sorry children, but Mierda will not be "Digging into your hearts"
tonight. So says Thunder Thief........"

Thunder Thief does not remember the members of Mierda being so large. He
certainly does not remember Micky Escobar being 6 foot 6 and having a beard.

The center boy standing well over six feet tall turns toward Thunder Thief and
removes his fedora. It is that blasted Sergent Sargent.

"Thunder Thief we don't know any of Mierda's songs. But we know one song that's number one with a bullet."

Together the Team takes out devices that resemble miniature
horse collars.

With big grins across their faces, they simultaneously shout.


A flash of light goes across the stage, as the four members of E-Unit transform into
Horse Power. Stallion,Bronco, Clydesdale and Mustang.

Thunder Thief knows what to do. He will endanger the audience.  He
fires a bolt of electricity into the crowd. He can't believe Horse Power did nothing to stop him. Then he takes a closer look. The arena is empty.

Sergent Sargent begins to speak.

"This has been a long time coming Thunder Thief. You were at the top
of our most wanted list. We took a portion of Liberty Corps profits and started a
cable network and record label. We put a lot of energy into making Mierda the hottest band on earth. We knew the awards show, and a live Mierda performance would draw you out into the open."

"Well Sergent you certainly outsmarted me. But I just realized

Thunder Thief hits Sergent Sargent in the jaw with a super charged
fist. Sending him flying into the set of the award show. In addition to allowing him to discharge volts of electricity, Thunder Thief's energy absorbing powers, grant him limited super strength and speed depending on the amount of power absorbed.

He punches a hole thru the floor and makes a run for it.

Horse Power checks on Sergent Sargent.

"Forget me!!! Go get Thunder Thief!!!"

Thunder Thief had studied a map of the cities sewer system, before this
job started. He was confident he could escape. The Red Horse Power Clydesdale burst thru a
wall in front of Thunder Thief.

Thunder Thief sends a volt of energy into the ceiling above Clydesdale. Causing
him to be buried under debris.

When he turns around, he sees the Blue, Green and Yellow Horse Powers waiting
for him. He runs at his would be captors and attacks them. He connects
with a right cross to the head of Stallion (the Blue Horse Power), a spin kick to
the torso of Bronco (the Yellow Horse Power) and tackles Mustang (The Green Horse Power) into a wall.

Thunder Thief has underestimated Sergent Sargent. Who is now blocking his path, he is holding something that resembles the claw in a crane game.

"Sorry to break it to you Sarge, but I just took out your boys. What hope do you have?"

"My boys are just fine. They've already recovered and are behind you."

Thunder Thief turns his head briefly, and sees the Sergent is telling
the truth.

"But you can still get away, if you can get past me."

Sergent Sargent flips a switch on the crane claw and it begins to
hum. The claw flies toward Thunder Thief and clamps onto him.

"This is a little toy our Liberty Corps Bulbs whipped up. They
nicknamed it "the Sarge Protector". See it is absorbing your kinetic energy, and strengthening its hold on you."


Thunder Thief fights "The Sarge Protector". Gathering more and more energy.

Stallion opens the hinges on the mouth of his armor.

"Thunder Thief stop struggling. You are just going to hurt yourself."


A blue light fills the sewer,s as "The Sarge Protector" fell off of
Thunder Thief. Horse Power prepare for an attack, only to see Thunder Thief's charred body collapse to the ground.

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