Friday, September 2, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Fast Times in Video Land Day 7


Even Co-Op was having a difficult time following this. The screen on the television had shifted from the Lonely Woods from the Mystery of Multh game to the first stage of the game Streets of Agony. Two of the sprites resembled Sergent Sargent and Stallion. What's more it looks like the arcade version of the game not the Parallax 64 version which has poorer graphics and game play.

"Uh hey there Co-Op, say how about giving old Spare Tire a turn at that vidya doo dad?"

Co-Op's face obscured by his silver ninja mask expresses annoyance.

"Spare Tire this is hardly any VIDEO game. This is a portal into another dimension. Zane was imprisoned in it, presumably by the mystery villain that has been attacking us in recent months. Furthermore the controller is mostly useless now. The most I can do is use it to view other parts of the dimension and...."

Spare Tire was tuning out Co-Op. Co-Op had a habit of treating others like they were stupid. Especially Spare Tire. But no one really held it against Co-Op, it is just part of his nature.

"Yeah Co-Op I knew all of that. I was here y'know? But I am an electrical engineer besides bein a mechanic. Thought maybe I could help out y'know."

Co-Op is aware he comes across as a know it all and some find him insufferable. He offers Spare Tire a seat and they work on the problem.


Cold Snap was out for the count. His cold gun locked up and he charged into Braionic with his bare hands. Flash Fry tried to stop him but he understood that the team could not afford to lose any more of the Special Corps members. So Flash Fry stayed behind. A long running joke among Liberty Corps was that Cold Snap leader of  Ice Ops was actually a hot head while Flash Fry leader of  Fire Ops was cold and detached.

Without the cold gun freezing it,The monster Braionic had adjusted to the heat of Flash Fry's heat gun. Before the monster can lash out, it explodes into a thousand shards of psionic energy. Flash Fry looks up and sees High Five flying the brand new Silent Fury jet craft. It can fly at incredible speeds without making a sound. It can shoot sonic sniper missiles that make no noise until they have detonated.

High Five speaks into the Jet Crafts mic.

"Oooooh Boy!!!!! High Five is back in the saddle and slinging hash. Lets collect whats left of Brain Boy and go home."

Before Bronco, Clydesdale or Flash Fry can explain to High Five that will not stop a being composed of psionic energy. The metallic/organic brain rises and reforms its body..

High Five looks on in shock and releases the controls. Before Braionic can attack, the creature is ran down by the new Liberty Corps Glory Hound battle jeep driven by Road Test.

"Did me good driving those Necronoid things into the pavement. Now lets turn Braionic into road kill."

With a push of a button The Glory Hound was covered in cannons and missile launchers. As Braionic reforms, Road Test pulls the trigger and fires.

Bronco looks at the light show and thinks.

"This is doing a good job buying time but we need to wake up Jury Rig and figure out a way to incapacitate this thing."


Commander 64 can't believe his eyes. He is not surprised that Zane Dresden has pulled out the Lonely Sword. But he could not believe how drastic the change was. Zane's military garb is now a camouflage tunic and wearing a necklace made of bones. His Parallax scouter was going crazy from the swords energy output.

Zane looked at the Commander bewildered.

"What? Is something wrong?"

"No just uh take a look in the Car's side mirror."

Before Zane could take a proper look they see the sanctuary has uninvited guests.

"We shall collect a handsome reward from Lord King Dragonmace for bringing in the reviled Commander 64 and this Out Lander."

It was a pair of Lion Nauts. Two of the rarest creatures in the Lonely Woods and feared by all. They stand like men but with the heads of lions. They wear heavy armor made from the bones of an unknown beast and carry hammers and axes. They come in two varieties black and red.

The Commander could not help thinking sarcastically it is his lucky day. His scouter was still going nuts being near the Lonely Sword so he could not get a reading on the Lion Nauts. Multh was right to force him to study Orlun scripture.

"Zane we can't win this. We need to get to the car and make a run for it."

As the Commander starts to go for the stolen Pit Stop car, the red Lion Naut smashes the front of the red race car with its hammer.

"Hahahaha did you need this strange contraption?"

The Commander takes his blaster and zaps the creature in the eye.


He takes his wrist joystick and taps forward/right. He heads for the entrance at super speed. Then feels the breath leave his body as an armored fist hits him  in the stomach. He looks up and it is the Red Lion Naut he injured. Its spiked hammer raised into the air preparing to shatter Commander 64's skull.

Before the hammer can come down it is sliced in half by the Lonely Sword. The Red Lion Naut is in shock.

"How even the Dragonmace itself could not so easily destroy the work of Inlion the Smith."

The Black and Red Lion Nauts share a glance and charge at Zane Dresden. In two motions and a flash of light, Zane cleaves both Lion Nauts in two. Disappearing into pixelated light as the top halves hit the ground.

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