Monday, September 12, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Fast Times in Video Land Day 13

                                                                Mustang sprite


The end is near for Co-Op and Spare Tire. Even after being joined by Mess Hall,
they are still being overwhelmed by the Komondos.  As they stand in a corner,
preparing to launch one final attack, they make peace with one another.

"Mess Hall, I was the one who wrote that scathing review of your Raisin Salmon
Peanut Sandies."

"That's okay Co-Op, I knew it was you because a your flowery writing."

"And Spare Tire I did not really invent the Zone Racer X606. I only created the
prototype that became the Zone Racer X606."

"That's still pretty impressive."

As they lift their weapons and head into battle, the Komondos and Thorn Troopers

"What in the bloomin onion?"


"Now Jury Rig!!!!!!"

Jury Rig switches on the Feedback Fighter. It absorbs the Psionic energy of
Braionic and sends it back into the creature.

"Bronco lets finish him."

Clydesdale plants his Horse Hammer handle into the ground. Bronco takes
his Bronco Shooters and connects them at the handles. Then connects it
to the head of the hammer.

"Bronco/Clydesdale Combo HAMMER/SHOOTER FIRE!!!!!!!!"

The blast connects with the weakened Braionic. Blasting the creature to pieces
while blowing up the Feedback Fighter.



Stallion and Mustang have transformed back to David Foster and Zane Dresden.

"Are you going to join us Commander 64?"

"No Zane, I'm staying here. Multh says I'm still needed since the
prophecy has not been fulfilled."

Multh raises his head from the scroll.

"With Dragonmace gone a power vacumn has been created. Zulth was not
destroyed. He and the Raging Tigers will wage a bloody war over the Komondo

"So Multh what do I do with the Lonely Sword. I guess since I was the
chosen one I take it with me?"

Before Multh can answer, Zane drops the Lonely Sword. He goes to pick it up, but
can not even lift the handle.

"Hey what give GRRRRR........   COME ON......

"Ah yes I see. You were only able to draw the Lonely Sword, due to an incredible
need and extraordinary circumstances. Under normal conditions you are
not worthy."

"What? Then how the heck are you gonna get the sword back to that rock?"

The sword begins to glow and flies away. Its
destination the bedrock it was drawn from.

"Sergent must you leave? You saved us from the bad General. We're not done
thanking you."

"Uh another time ladies."

Multh would look amused if one could see his face.

"Gather in the circle as I do the incantation. Atari, Coleco, Midgard, AGES!!!!"

Commander 64 waves goodbye

"Bye Zane, I won't forget you!!!!!"

As Zane, David and Sarge wave good bye they disappear in a pixellated
wave as if they never existed.

The Native American ladies come up to Multh.

"Are you really the Great Mage of all worlds?"

"Um yes you see."

"Is that your staff?"

"Um oh my...."


Sergent Sargent, Zane Dresden and David Foster appear in Zane's living quarters at Liberty Corps HQ. They see crews of Grunts cleaning up the damage.

Multh had told them a swarm of Komondos and Thorn Troopers escaped during
the battle with Dragonmace.

Upon seeing the condition of his room.

"Aw what happened. No my Van Halen albums are ruined. Could this day get
any worse."

He looks over and sees Brutus Roberts and Romero Sanchez sitting on whats left
of his couch looking at the floor.

"Guys I can buy more Van Halen records. I still have the casette tapes."

Co-Op walks over and explains about what has occurred this day. Zane,
David and Sergent Sargent look sick.

"Road Test?"


"Come on Jimmy, lets play some basketball!!!!"

"Its too hot outside, I'm gonna play some Video Hockey."

"Hey that's a poor attitude for a kid to have!!!"

"Spare Tire!"

"That's right kids and I'm here to tell you that exercise is
important. Oh you mind if I sit down? I walked all the way over here.
Yeah that's the stuff. So where was I?"

"You were saying exercise was important."

"Yeah yeah go play outside. You can't spend all day playing these fun
vidya games. Hey you kids got any pretzels and soda pop?"

"Yeah here you go."

"Know better."

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