Friday, September 9, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Fast Times in Video Land Day 12


Multh has taken to the sky. Initially he planned to join the battle
against Dragonmace. But when he saw the dimensional tears in the sky,
he realized he was needed elsewhere. Using his great power, he is holding the dimension together.

It would not do, to have any new out landers enter this realm. The one who
summoned the Lonely Sword, has been trouble enough. His battle with Dragonmace
is what is responsible for the current chaos. He sees that the out lander has had some sort of metamorphosis. He has transformed into some sort of armored green horse that walks like a man. Even with this power, Dragonmace retains the upper hand.

Zane Dresden now transformed into the Horse Power known as Mustang. Is
battling the villain Dragonmace. Even with the combined power of the Lonely
Sword and his Horse Power armor, he is unable to finish him.

"Whats the matter out lander? Did you think your parlor trick could
stop the lord of the Komondo Horde? I will crush you and scoop your remains out of that ridiculous armor!!!!!"

Mustang blocks the killing blow of the Dragonmace, with the Lonely Sword. Creating a shock wave
that destroys the surrounding Komondos and Thorn Troopers.

Mustang attempts to thrust the sword into the mid section of Dragonmace. Only
for his mace to deflect it, sending the Lonely Sword flying from Mustang's grip.

"Now little one what will you do without your sword?"

"Mustang Daggers!!!"

The regular weapons of Mustang appear in his hands, and in a blur he sends them
into the neck of Dragonmace.


Summoning his Mustang speed, he delivers a desperate flurry of punches to the
head of Dragonmace. With a swift motion, Dragonmace drives his mace into the
skull of Mustang. With his foe injured on the ground. He delivers a second and
third blow.

Dragonmace starts channeling a dark energy into his mace, to deliver a
killing blow, when he feels a surge of heat in his back. A surge great enough to hurt him.

He turns and sees the child known as Commander 64 and a human dressed
like the out lander before he transformed into the horse creature.

Before he has a chance to attack the humans he is cut by a pair of
blades. A broad sword and a sai. The sai belongs to Adventure Ed's lackey, Kung Fury. The sword belongs to another horse creature.

"All my enemies in one place waiting to be destroyed."


Road Block is laying on the ground. His body is covered in cuts,
bruises and burns.

 He should have went into shock, but instead he tries to pull himself back to his feet. He is unable to move. Before he passes out, a door of black light appears. Out of it steps a man in a brown tattered cloak with symbols on it. Is this an angel? Did he die? Seeing the cloaked mans face, he knows it is no angel. Maybe he died and went to the other place.

"Road Test I am neither angel nor devil. What I offer you is beyond life or

With that Road Test disappeared into the door of black light.


The team of Kung Fury, Sergent Sargent, Commander 64, Stallion and Mustang
continue to battle Dragonmace. Every attempt Mustang makes to retrieve the
Lonely Sword is blocked.

The Commander takes out his blaster and attempts to zap Dragonmace.
But Dragonmace grabs the nearby Kung Fury and uses him as a human shield.

"Oh no Kung Fury!!!!!"

Sergent Sargent runs in with his Laser Bayonet, but Dragonmace grabs his wrist
and throws him into Mustang, who was attempting to retrieve the Lonely Sword.

Stallion charges in next. He manages to keep Dragonmace off balance
briefly. Until he uses his mace to uppercut Stallion.

"This has been wonderful, but it is time for the public execution."

Splat, Splat.

"What in the Lower Realms of Derenfir?"

As Sergent Sargent gets to his feet, he recognizes this Calvary. It is the people from the worlds he and Stallion visited when they were searching for Zane. Front and center it was Pizza Pro.

"It is a time to make a the pizza."

He throws a dozen eggs at Dragonmace.

Dragonmace is seething with anger. Who is this tiny fool, to attack the Lord of the Komondos?

"Batter Up!!!!!!!!!!"

It's the Basebrawlers, they send fifty fast balls into the sternum of


An obnoxious looking basset hound walks directly to Dragonmace. The villain
makes an attempt at a grin.

The Basset Hound does his obnoxious laugh.

"I'm glad you are amused canine. It is the last"

Dragonmace is crushed by Monkey Clamp. A three story, four ton gorilla. Enemy
turned ally of the G-Team.

Pizza Pro walks up to the scene and simply says.

"Its a time to make a the pizza."

Monkey Clamp grins as he devours a giant apple. The grin turns into a look of shock. Dragonmace hoist the simian superstar above his head and throws him into the castle wall with ease.

He roars as energy explodes from his body.

"Hey lizard lips. While you were buried under your work I found something."

It is the green horse. He has recovered the Lonely Sword. Before Dragonmace
can retrieve his mace, he is hit by the full power of the Lonely Sword.

His body he can feel it blinking away. He thinks it can not end like
this. He is Dragonmace, Lord of the Komondo Horde. If only he could.....

Instead of pixellating away, the body of Dragonmace simply
collapses. Sergent Sargent walks toward it.

"All of you stay back til I give the word."

If he is playing possum, Sergent Sargent knows he is the only one
expendable.  It appears to be dead, until suddenly its eyes open briefly before exploding. The energy flying into the sky, knocking Sergent Sargent down.


Mustang runs to Sergent Sargent.

"You okay Sarge?"

"Little sore but I'll live. Let's get out of here."

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