Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Fast Times in Video Land Day 11


The Lonely Sword has been glowing since the battle began. The weaker
Komondos are being destroyed going near it. The stronger Gila
Brothers are able to stand in its presence, but fall quickly upon contact.

Adventure Ed takes the fight directly to Dragonmace, before being swatted aside. His imprisonment weakening him greatly. Dragonmace easily deflects Annie Archer's arrows and throws the body of Adventure Ed into her. Now both bodies are blinking orange.

Great Mage Multh and Kung Fury are battling The Evil Wizlord Zulth and Raging
Tiger leader Ken K.O. Normally the G-Team could finish the likes of them.
But they are far from 100% at the moment.

Zane Dresden prepares to help, when a scaly green fist puts him into the
ground. It is Dragonmace.

"Boy the true battle comes down to us. The power of the sword speaks to me. I
must break it!!!"

"Be my guest Lizzy Borden."

The Lonely Sword and Dragonmace collide, creating an explosion of energy felt in
every video world and beyond.

Each collision creates yet another shock wave tearing the sky apart. Dragonmace
is even more powerful than Zane expected.  He never told anyone this. But he could
never beat Adventure Ed 1 and 2. He could get to the end, but Dragonmace always killed him.

After a blow to his mid section, Zane goes down to one knee. Dragonmace's eyes
are glowing with a deep purple energy. He opens his mouth wide. The lethal surge of energy
comes at Zane. He has one thing left to do.


The Lonely Sword allows Zane to do what was previously
impossible in this realm, transform into Mustang.


"Sarge my sensors just felt a big surge. Zane transformed!!!!"

"I felt it Stallion. Anything else?"

"Yeah the surge was great enough, it put me at full power."

Stallion's eyes glow as his Stallion Sword appears in hand. He and
Sergent Sargent cut thru the Thron Troopers and Komondos. Before they
reach Zane they see two heroes battling this evil army. They know they
are heroes because they are fighting the Komondos and Thron

In fact the guy in the karate pajamas is fighting one of those Raging
Tiger creeps. In the sky a man with a white beard and blue robe is fighting his doppelganger. He is identical, except he has a different colored robe and beard.

They seem to be struggling over a fireball. Until the
doppelganger gets the upperhand sending the blue robed figure into the
ground. The doppelganger lands on the ground in front of his fallen foe.

"Oh Mighty Multh.... Your power has entropied as mine grows ever greater."

".......Zulth you know nothing of power. I am weakened from my imprisonment."

"Making excuses are we? Save them for the other realm."

Multh fires a desperate blast of energy that Zulth deflects easily. He
lifts his staff preparing a spell that will finish Multh, who is now
blinking orange.

"Farewell Mighty Mul....."

Zulth falls to the ground and blinks away in a pixellated light.
Having been zapped by the Parallax Blaster of Commander 64.

"Multh are you okay? I hit him with a full power zap."

The Commander knew Multh was not okay. Blinking orange means you are a
few steps away from being permablinked.

"Multh I got some Health Treeshrooms from the Lonely Woods. I was
gonna give them to you before Dragonmace attacked."

Multh quickly consumes the life giving fungus. The blinking stops and
he is back to full power. Multh says nothing as he takes to the sky.

The Commander sees Kung Fury struggling to finish off Ken K.O. In
addition to the Komondos, Gila Brothers and Thorn Troopers. K.O has
summoned a group of Raging Tiger gang members. At full power Kung Fury
could eventually win. But after his time in the Dungeons of
Dragonmace. He is blinking out. Going from orange to red.

The Commander prepares to attack when he sees a Blue Armored Horse
with a sword cut thru the forces of Dragonmace. As a older man in an
outfit similar to Zane takes out the Raging Tigers.

The Commander grabs the Controller on his glove and moves in a blur to
give Kung Fury the last Treeshroom. The Medipotions will have to do
for Annie and Ed.  The Commander has no time to find out who the Horse
and Army guy are. His reader is going crazy, Dragonmace has unleashed
most of his power. That means Zane is in real trouble.

"Alright no time for introductions. We have to stop Dragonmace and
save Zane. Move it, Move It, Move It!!!!!"

Sergent Sargent looks at the young boy amused.

"Sir, yes sir!!!!!"

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