Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Fast Times in Video Land Day 10


The Great Mage Multh is chained to a dungeon wall. Dragonmace was aware of
his great power and planned accordingly. In addition to his hands and
feet being bound, he is blindfolded and gagged.

His cell is lined with Osirius Ivory. A material resistant to magic
and telepathy. If Dragonmace is to be stopped it will not be the Great Mage Multh who does it.

Still Multh attempts again to create an astral form. Before he has to
rest again he hears a loud explosion. His blindfold is sliced off and his chains
shattered. It is the Commander 64. The child spoken of in the prophecies of unifying the Infinitie

"Multh listen, we have to hurry. Can you teleport us back to Princess Tulip's
throne room?"

"I fear not young one. My attempts to escape have drained me. We must fight our
way out of here."

"Dang it Multh, my plan was counting on you teleporting us out of
here. We can't leave the same way we  got in."

"Young one you found an ally?"

"Yeah he comes from the real I mean my world."

Zane Dresden walks into Multh's cell with Adventure Ed, Kung Fury and
Annie Archer.

"We gotta movie it kid."

Multh is in shock when he sees that the out lander is wielding the fabled
Lonely Sword. It is meant for the chosen one to slay he who sleeps.

"You, how did you obtain the Lonely Sword?!?!"

"Guess I'm stronger than I look."

"No,no, no, no!!!!! The Lonely Sword cannot be summoned unless you are chosen.
This is terrible. This is."

"Look Grampa we don't have time for this. Dragonmace is on his way and we
need to fight. Ed told me that the G-Team's weapons were destroyed by

"Weak though I am, generating new weapons is well within my power."

In a pixellated flash, Adventure Ed gets a new hatchet, Annie Archer a new
bow and arrow and Kung Fury receives a new set of sai, nun chucks and

Zane leads them to the stairs.

"Hurry maybe we can get out of this without a fight."

As he looks down he sees Dragonmace accompanied by a horde of Komondos and Thorn

"Wishful thinking out lander."


Sergent Sargent and Stallion might not of found Dragonmace's castle if
not for the series of explosions that made Stallion's Power reader go crazy.
Entering the gate of the castle. Sarge and Stallion see a tremendous battle taking
place. They see an eight foot tall humanoid dragon wielding a mace.

In their journey thru Video Land, they were told stories of Dragonmace. They know this will be a dangerous battle in a world they do not understand.

Sarge and Stallion cut a path thru the lizard soldiers and plant
monsters. Sergent Sargent's laser bayonet cuts down the plant monsters. While Stallion's Horse Power armor easily takes down the lizard soldiers, even if his armor
is operating at only half capacity.

As Sergent Sargent gets swarmed by the plant monsters. He gets a closer look at
the man battling Dragonmace. He looks like something out of the Conan stories
Sarge read as a child mixed with a modern commando.



"Co-Op what in the world is goin on? I ain't ever seen a vidya game like this."

"I don't know Spare Tire."

If there is a phrase that is alien to Co-Op, it is "I don't know."  Even if he really does not know, he is good at making something up. As he holds the Parallax Joytroller in his hand. he knows there is nothing he can do.

Now the TV is shaking uncontrollably. Suddenly a blue door of light opens and a pair of lizard creatures crawl out of the door. Spare tire takes out his bolt gun and Co-Op release his bo Staff. They are actually relieved to have something to hit.


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