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Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Fast Times in Video Land Day 9


Professor Necro is pleased to see Braionic has the divided Horse Power team on the ropes. He hopes its psionic powers will allow it to find the Oblivorex. But at the moment it is not a huge concern for him.

Right now he wants to access the pocket dimension he created by accident.


A black light comes from the hands of Professor Necro and a viewing portal is created. He sees a massive creature resembling a lizard or more accurately a dragon. Professor Necro can feel a great power radiating from it. If Braonic fails this Dragon will serve him well.

The picture on the viewing portal changes. He sees the Horse Power he banished to that dimension sneaking thru a labyrinth with a strangely dressed Earther child.

"Why would a Earther Child be in a Pocket World created hours ago?"

The Horse Power's look had significantly changed. Still wearing what passes for Earther military garb but now looking a bit like something from Arthurian legend. The power coming from the sword he is wielding gives Professor Necro chills.

"He must not return to his home dimension with that sword....'

Professor Necro's eyes glow white and he raises his hands in the air. Energy swirling around. A group of Necronoids are formed, and a portal opened.

"Necronoids destroy those two and bring me that sword."


Road Test has his foot pressed on the gas. Trying to go in reverse. But the Glory Hound tank was caught in the psionic grip of Braionic. Meanwhile High Five is trying to send the Silent Fury jet craft into reverse. He picks up his communicator to contact Road Test

"Road Test this is High Five, we need to bail out now."

"Road Test here. I'm not abandoning the Glory Hound. I let those Necronoids destroy the Lockjaw. No way I'm abandoning the Glory Hound."

"Dang it, Road Test it is just a machine. I know it means a lot to you, but you're worth more than ten Glory Hound's. Bail out now!!"

The engine on the Glory Hound has caught fire. The computer monitors are shattering. Road Test is near tears as he watches High Five eject from the Silent Fury. He undoes his safety belt and opens the hatch. As he gets out the Glory Hound blows up.

"ROAD TEST!!!!!!!!"

Bronco and Clydesdale are in shock. They have known Road Test for years. The only one who knew him longer was High Five. They open the hinges on their Horse helmets.

"Clydesdale it's been six hours since Sarge and Stallion left. We can't beat this thing alone."

"I don't care if I have to die myself. I'm stopping that thing one way or another."

Simultaneously they close their helmets and summon their weapons. Before they can charge into battle, they are stopped.

"Wait don't do anything rash, I figured it out."

"Jury Rig?"

"Yeah I woke up a few minutes ago. My head hurts but I figured out how to stop Braionic."


"His own powers hurt him. Instead of jamming the frequency I'm going to duplicate it. I just need a few minutes to rebuild the jammer."

The eyes on the red and yellow Horse Powers glow as they look at Braionic. Clydesdale softly says.

"We can manage that."


"Zane what are these things?"

"They're called Necronoids. This confirms who is responsible for sending me here."

Commander 64 can not be bothered to listen to Zane, he was busy fighting the Necronoids. He was able to damage one by setting his Parallax Blaster on 10. But the thing fused its arm back on. Now he is using his arm controller to dodge the beams coming out of the Necronoids Robo Eye.

The last time Zane fought these things with out his Mustang powers, it nearly cost him his life. But he looks down at the Lonely Sword and knows this time will be different. He lifts the sword and slices thru the Necronoids. Not being of this world they blink away in a eerie pixelated black light.

Zane looks at Commander 64 holding his bloody nose.

"Dragonmace had to of heard us. We need to get to Adventure Ed and the G Team now. Can your scouter tell us how close we are?"

"We're two stories beneath them. The stairs to the prison are nearby."

"We don't have time for stairs."

Zane lifts the lonely sword and it begins to glow green. He leaps into the air, aided by the sword and cuts a hole in the ceiling. He looks down and calls to Commander 64.

"Hurry up kid!!! We gotta move!!!"

The Commander thinks to himself before pressing the jump button on his Parallax Control Glove..

"This guy is gonna get us killed."

 Part 2 of the interview with Sergent Sargent from the February 2003 issue of Toy Parlor Magazine

GP: But unlike Liberty Force you found yourself facing greater restraints creatively.

SS: Not so much creatively. But in a few years people were more sensitive. You had to be very careful with violence or "action". Look the thing is kids watched it for violence. It is not like you were seeing an animated snuff film. It was a Horse robot beating up a skeleton.

GP: Now there were some controversial episodes in the first season.

SS: Controversial with Joyboy. But it turned out parents didn't care.

GP: Would Road Test be one of those things?

SS: Definitely Glen, definitely.We needed to kill Road Test early on to set up the season finale. This was important for the show and toy sales. But Joyboy had cold feet. They wanted Road Test to be in a coma. I said f*** that s***. Road Test has to die.

We went back and forth. Finally we agreed to do it in such a way that he was very near death and everyone thought he was dead. Glen this reminds me of an earlier fight with Joyboy.

GP: The Professor Necro fight?

SS: Yeah early on they were scared to call him Necro. They wanted to call him Professor Nevermore or some lame s***. I fought them to the end on that. Now I'm not some great artist. I don't care about creative integrity. I did care about money and each toy sold was cash in my pocket.

At the same time I don't want my name associated with a loser.

GP: The biggest fight was the debut of "The Scripture".

SS: And one of the few fights I lost.

GP: Can you tell us about it?

SS: Well at the time televangelist were really popular. I didn't care for them. Buncha creeps blubbering on TV to steal geezers Social Security checks.

I had runins with Missionaries in Nam. I don't care for Religious types and still don't. But the thing was I have seen guys turn their lives around finding Jesus or Allah or whatever.

I mean regardless of your opinion or mine on God. There were guys whose lives were better for it. Guys I fought in pro wrestling. Some of the biggest scum bags you will ever see.  Now you might say "Oh he is skimming cash off the top."

But the fact is the fact the guy is leading a semi honest life clean and not dead in an alley is something.

GP:This lead to your idea for the Scripture.

SS: Yeah he would be I think the term now is anti hero. I wanted to do a Christian Batman. Or something like that. A guy who takes out super villains but at the same time blows up a truck delivering condoms to the Health Department because something in the bible says its wrong.

Now I know we can't do that on TV. But something close to it.

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