Monday, September 5, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Fast Times in Video Land Day 8


Sergent Sargent was growing impatient. He and Stallion have went to four game worlds and are no closer to finding Zane "Mustang" Dresden.  They have so far visited

A Baseball world where Sarge and Stallion were placed on opposite teams. They found a portal behind third base after Stallion knocked the ball into orbit.

A World War 3 where Sarge and Stallion had to stop the Swiss from nuking Canada.

A world where they had to bake giant pizzas while fighting human Bananas and Bacon slices. The tiny chef had only been fighting them by tossing eggs. 

A world where George S Custer was trying to kidnap Native Americans.

A Safari world where they helped an obnoxious dog hunt squirrels.

Now they are on what appears to be a race car track. They see a mechanic and a driver crying over a race car that looks like it was crushed by a meteor. Sergent Sargent approaches the men first. This world looks normal so Stallion might be a bit scary.

"Excuse me gentlemen. My name is Sergent Sargent and I was wondering if you could help us find...."

"Look we don't want any trouble. I just spent hours towing the Blur-5 out of some sword and cape world. Do you know how difficult it is to create a warp big enough to tow a car thru?"

Sarge was relieved the mechanic understood the nature of this world. The mechanic was not done.

"Lousy kid he calls me and says "Hey Mike, yeah the car I stole got crushed by a Lion Naut. Can we get a ride?" Then I get there and he has this buddy that looks like Rambo became King of the Elves."

Stallion speaks.

"Sir you say this kid had a friend? What did he look like?"

"Yeah yeah like I said he was dressed in army clothes like your pal here. But he had a big sword and a tunic like a reject from the Crusades."

"Could you open the warp to this world?"

"I dunno warps take credits and we gotta spend them on getting the Blur-6 ready to go."

Stallion takes out the canvas bag he was carrying. He had been putting items in it that he and Sarge received each time they defeated an enemy or completed a task. They would have even more if Sarge had not initially been throwing the items away.

Stallion dumps the contents of the bag in front of the mechanic. It is mostly gold coins but the occasional key, candle and giant strawberry. The Mechanic is delighted. Rummaging thru the items he yells out.

"Yo Leo open the Warp to the Lonely Woods!!!"


Zane Dresden has had a lot of strange experiences. But riding a pig/mushroom across a pool of lava was a new one. The Commander was not able to fix the car they had been riding or replace it. Once the Mechanic towed the wreckage, they appeared to be stranded. Until the Commander took a whistle out of his pocket and blew into it. At first Zane thought the kid was messing around. Until the Pig Storm appeared.

A Pig Storm was a creature from the Mystery of Multh game. They are the only way you can cross a river or lava. They are nearly invulnerable and very dangerous if one encounters them without the Whistle of Serenity.

Now they are riding the Pig Stormers across the Lake of Fire to reach the castle of Dragonmace.

"Not to question you Commander. But isn't there a safer route to the castle?"

"Not if we want to sneak inside undetected. I need to concentrate on steering the Pig Stormer. You keep an eye out for Lava Dolphins and Lava Sharks."

As he says this a Lava Shark lunges for Zane. He quickly grasps the Lonely Sword and stabs the Lava Shark in the head.

Before he can rest, a giant Clambaker swoops down shooting a stream of fire from its shell. Zane deflects it with his sword, sending the fire back at the Clambaker. It melts before disappearing in a pixellated blink.

They had reached the back end of the castle. It was poorly guarded since the Lake Of Fire made reaching it nearly impossible.

"Zane I found the gate but I can't open it and even the blaster won't put a dent in it. Do your magic with the Lonely Sword."

Zane lifts the sword above his head and shatters the gate. Hopping into the hole they see a pair of Komondos and Thorn Troopers. Thorn Troopers are traitors to the Flower Kingdom. They sold their soul to Dragonmace for power and purpose.

The Thorn Troopers shoot a flurry of thorns at Zane who deflects them with the sword before slicing the troopers to ribbons.

The Komondos have worse luck as Commander 64 zaps them to pixels before they knew what was happening.

"Looks like Dragonmace doesn't use his First string to guard this section. Lets find your friends."

With that they journeyed into the bowels of Castle Dragonmace.

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