Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Fast Times in Video Land Day 6


Zane Dresden could not figure out Commander 64. The kid seems set on rescuing his friends but he has been driving in circles for hours. He does not say much, instead fiddling with the device on his face and wrist.

"Uh look kid.... I mean Commander. We have's been driving around the Lonely Woods for an hour now. Shouldn't we start making plans to rescue the G Team?"

Commander 64's eyes narrow and he steps on the gas heading straight for a a giant boulder.. Zane recoils in terror.

"Slow down kid you're gonna get us killed!!!!"

The car hits the boulder, but they are safe and the car is in tact. Commander 64 quickly hops out and starts running. Before he can get very far he is grabbed by Zane.

"Now look junior!!! I am tired of this. Tell me what the Blue thunder you are doing!!!!"

"There's a weapon here that can slay Dragonmace. The reason I was driving in circles was because I was trying to get its exact location.  I was putting data into my Parallax Scouter to find it."

"Kid I don't see anything here but a fountain with a Hexagon on it."

"Oh yeah watch this."

The Commander pulls out his Parallax Blaster and zaps the hexagon to pieces. Underneath it is a shining sword in a stone. The Commander hops up and grasp the handle of the sword."

"Multh told me this story of a blade that would slay the bane of evil. I asked him why we couldn't use it to destroy Dragonmace. He said that it was meant for some other guy to use in two years. Supposedly a prophecy about some greater evil."

"So why are we here"

"Well this is an emergency and we need all the help we can get. Prophecy be fudged. Ugh!!!!!"

Commander 64 pulls at the sword with all his might. But the Commander for all his bravado and bluster is still a boy. He is unable to release the sword.

"Huff....Huff.....Huff..... I can't do it. Maybe you Pant.....Pant...... Should try."

Zane even with out his Mustang armor is much stronger than your average person. But still not exactly a power house compared to Brutus, Romero or even Sarge and David. The kid was right, they do need every weapon they can use. Especially if he can't transform in this place.

"Alright kid I mean Commander I'll give it a shot."

Zane grasp the handle of the sword.  At first the sword will not move but Zane uses all of his strength. He can feel his muscles tightening and just as his biceps are on the verge of tearing. The sword comes from the stone.


He holds the sword in the air as the sky goes from light to dark and thunder strikes in the lonely woods. Commander 64 looks on in disbelief.


Sergent Sargent and Stallion passed thru the door of light minutes ago. They are surprised to see what looks like a regular if somewhat run down city. They see a wall covered in graffiti that says "Fear the Rage".

"Stallion have you been able to lock on Zane's location?"

"Proving a little difficult Sarge. He is not transformed right now so his energy signature is faint. As is, my Stallion armor is in basic life support mode. My guess is Zane could not generate the power for the transformation."

"Any other unusual energy signatures?"

"Sarge everything is giving off a strange energy signature. But there is a concentration of portal energy two blocks over."

Suddenly Sergent Sargent and Stallion hear a woman screaming.

"Help!!!!! No stop!!!!!"

Sergent Sargent and Stallion run to help. They see a blond woman in a waitress uniform on the verge of being assaulted by a street gang. Seven men wearing tiger skins and leather. Looking like a rock and roll band turned to crime. Sarge steps forward hoping to settle this without violence.

"Boys why don't you leave the lady alone. Looks like she has had a difficult day at work."

The gang's leader a shortish man wearing face paint and a head band steps forward. He is brandishing a pair of nun chucks.

"Stay out of this pops. The Raging Tigers run this city now that Kung Fury is gone. We're not gonna let some doofus in a beret stop......."

Sarge knocks the man out with a thrust kick. The remaining Raging Tigers charge Sergent Sargent.  Sarge quickly takes out his Laser Bayonet and takes three of the Tigers down. They fall to the ground and disappear.

"Blue Thunder..... Where did they go?"

Sarge's distraction cost him as he is clocked on the head with a pipe.

"Heh heh talk about a lead pipe cench."

The Tigers start pummeling Sergent Sargent with pool cues, chains and trash cans. Until Stallion takes action. He throws two of the Tigers thru a wall. One breaks a pool cue across the back of Stallion's head. He retaliates by knocking him out with a flick of his wrist.

The remaining Raging Tiger decides to run. but before he can act Sergent Sargent sweeps his leg out from under him. He places his foot on the Tiger's throat.

"Where the devil are the police in this town?"

"Sarge I just saw a huge energy surge on my scanner. I guarantee you that is where we find Zane."

"How do we get there?"

"According to the scanners, we head to the portal two blocks over."

Before leaving Sergent Sargent ties up the bruised and beaten Raging Tigers.

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