Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chronicles of the Crime King:Weekend Edition 7


Things are not going well for Crime King. Thunder Thief has taken out
half of his Squires. He was going to outfit them with insulated bodysuits, but the
recruits irregular sizes made equipping them difficult.

His Crime Knight is holding his own. He has the remaining Squires surround
Thunder Thief. They take out their lances and shoot him with a non
conductive line of cable.

"Excellent work my Squires."

Crime King approaches the ensnared Thunder Thief. Before he can get close,
Thunder Thief starts crackling and snaps the line. He grabs two of the
cables and pulls the squires into each other. Four of the others took off running. Thunder Thief drops them with a discharge.

Crime Knight takes out his broad sword and charges into the battle.
Knight takes a swing, which Thunder Thief ducks. Then grabs Knight by the face and electrocutes him.

Crime Knight is dead. Thunder Thief is caught up in the moment. This is
Crime King's chance. The main jewel in his crown unleashes a confusion wave. It is a high pitched squeal. It disrupts the victims inner ear.

"Now Thunder Thief you are coming with me. Once I am finished, you will be free to leave. Perhaps then you will recognize who your King is."

Thunder Thief is on his knees. Trying to get back to his feet.

"My you're already bowing. Heh shouldn't a lady curtsy?"

Thunder Thief  unleashes an electrical discharge aimed at Crime King's
crown. The jewel melts. Freeing Thunder Thief of the confusion wave.

"Now what was that you were saying, my liege."

Thunder Thief rarely got angry. But he had to admit he was fairly peeved. Crime
King takes out his scepter and fires the clamp foam. It wraps around Thunder
Thief like a python. It will keep squeezing til he is unconscious and then

At least in theory. In practice the Clamp Foam had never been tested on
someone like Thunder Thief. Who continues increasing his voltage until the foam

Crime King swung his scepter but Thunder Thief caught it in his hand.
Promptly crushing it. He then knocks Crime King down with an
electrically charged right cross.

"Well your majesty. It looks like I missed my chance to get the hostages. But
there are still ways I can get in the paper. Like bringing in the clown who
robbed Fort Knox."

Thunder Thief kicks Crime King in the ribs. Sending him flying across
the field. He knows Crime King is wearing an insulated bodysuit that protects him from being electrocuted. But he can still break his back.

Before Thunder Thief can act on this thought, a flying metal fist hits him in the jaw. It is Retro-9, what the media dubs "The Crimeputer."  A smile comes to his face, as he gets up rubbing his chin.

"The Robot!!!! I was hoping you would turn up. You know to be honest, I was
running low on juice. Draining you is just what I need."

Retro-9 fires several missiles from his chest, which Thunder Thief
detonates with discharges before they get near him. Thief leaps toward Retro-9. Rips off a section of the robot's shoulder. He plunges his hand in and begins
draining the robot' energy.

Crime King tackles him from behind. He still has his exo arms. That should make him a match
strength wise for Thunder Thief. Super charged with Retro-9's power
source, Thief shorts out the exo arms after tearing open Crime King's bodysuit.

"YES!!!! This is working out better than I hoped. Whatever powers
that robot, it's nothing found on earth. I feel so good, I think I'm gonna kill
E-Unit for fun........

wait........ whats........ happening to me............. "

Thunder Thief collapses to his knees.

" the robot..... something....... about......that energy......."

Crime King kicks Thunder Thief in the face, knocking him unconscious.


Crime King's plan worked to perfection. Aside from the broken ribs. He knew
Thunder Thief could not resist attempting to steal power from Retro-9. That's why he added a false compartment to Retro-9. Inside he put in a mini generator that would briefly super charge Thunder Thief. Until that energy  counter acted with Thunder Thief's power. Essentially drugging him.

Crime King used Thunder Thief to power the Rulian Contact device. He was only able to send a brief message. It turned out that being a living battery did not kill him.  Crime King left Thunder Thief at FBI headquarter with a note attached.

"All imitators will fall to the true king."

Unfortunately Crime King was not prepared for the headline in America Daily.

"Crime King brings Most Wanted to justice."

They wanted to give him a parade. It sickened Crime King. But they would
fear him, once he became Rulian Vice Roy of Earth. That is if they ever returned his message.

As he checkes the inbox to see if he has a reply. His Crime
Castle begins shaking. A blue light took over the room blinding him briefly. When
his sight returned, he sees a neon multicolored armor. It it a Rulian!!!

"Master I am your humble servant. When shall our conquest begin?"

Retro-9's eyes lit up.

"Observation: That is an empty Ruler Class Fighter Suit. Included is a
holo note."

Crime King touches a button on the Fighter Suit. A hologram comes on. It is a
note. But he can not read the alien language.

"Retro-9 translate the letter."

"Translating: Thank you for your interest in the Rulian Empire. At this time we
feel your planet (Earth) is not right for Rulian Conquest. Please
accept one Rulian Fighter Suit (preworn).

The Ruler."

Crime King feels disappointed. But then he imagines what he can do with the
Rulian Fighter Suit. Yes with its power, Crime King will be a true force. The
Brass Blizzards and Green Lama's of the world, will tremble before him.
He walks over to the Fighter Suit.

"How do you put this thing on?"

The End

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