Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chronicles of the Crime King:Weekend Edition 6


Retro-9 was computing the information given to him by Crime King.

"It's very simple Retro-9. Thunder Thief is essentially an energy vampire.

Primarily electrical energy. The more he absorbs the greater his electrical
discharges. We capture him, hook him up to the communicator and we have a
living battery. Powerful enough to charge the communicator to send a
brief request to the Rulian Empire."

"Observation:  This could potentially kill Thunder Thief."

"Not my problem."

"Query: How will you locate Thunder Thief. He has proven elusive to both law
enforcement agencies and vigilantes."

"Very simple Retro-9. Thunder Thief has an obvious weakness. He loves the
spotlight. Look at the other big story in the Daily Answer."

"Scanning: American hostages freed from Irathawait."

"Thunder Thief will not miss this opportunity to steal the spotlight.
We prepare an ambush for him and we have our battery."


Thunder Thief lived for this. He loved taking the spotlight. He just
hates having things forced down his throat. Always some Super Bowl or Academy Awards show or concert. If something has to be the center of attention it might as
well be him. The latest thing annoying him are the Irathawait hostages.

"Oh lets throw you a parade because you were stupid and weak enough to be
captured." He thinks to himself. He plans on kidnapping the hostages. Oh he
would release them later. But after he was in the news. Nobody would
think of the hostage crisis without thinking of Thunder Thief.

He scouts the landing site and The Liberty Corps is out in full force. Lead of
course by Sergent Sargent and E-Unit. They had been on his tail non stop since the Super Bowl heist. But they could not handle THE THUNDER THIEF!!!!

Thunder Thief thinks to himself.

"Getting rid of E-Unit will be tricky. Need to make it look like I'm
trying to hurt the president."

Thunder Thief would never kill the president of the United States. Not
because he is particularly noble. But because it would pigeon hole him. No matter how spectacular the crime he would be "That guy who killed the president."

He was going to send a power surge into a seemingly harmless antenna. The
electrical bolt will be timed just right so that a Secret Service member will save the president at the last second. Thunder Thief prepares to send the bolt when.

"You're coming with me Thunder Thief."

Thunder Thief turns around thinking Green Lama or the Brass Blizzard had
figured out his plan. What he saw surprised him.

"Crime King???"

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