Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chronicles of the Crime King:Weekend Edition 6


The first thing Crime King realizes looking at his newly gathered army is he is
not going to overtake the Washington Monument. E-Unit would take them down
before he could blink. The recruits varied greatly in height and weight. He never gave proper credit to the Trainer for having recruits of the same basic build. Certainly made equipping and clothing them easier.

Looking them over some of them are very fat, others merely pudgy,some short
others tall and skinny. One recruit stood out. He was the army corporal.

"Squire what is your name?"

"Ron Mitch my liege."

"Mitch you are now my top squire. From this day forward you are Crime Knight."

"Thank you Crime King."

With that the training began. The ragtag group...... Remained a
ragtag group. But they took basic instruction well and Crime Knight had turned them into a competent team. Still nothing that could handle E-Unit. But Retro-9 had found a work around.

"We can build a much smaller version of the device....."

"Why did you not mention this earlier?"

"It would require a great power source. Looking at a map of the
continental United States I have located three places that could provide the power
required. One is the Hoover Dam, the other two are nuclear energy plants."

"Retro-9 that puts us right back where we started!!! I swear the Rulians
should of stopped........."

Crime King sees a newspaper being read by one of the Squires. the
headline caught his eye.

"Thunder Thief robs Super Bowl, Raiders forfeit."

Crime King has found his power source and it won't even draw the ire of local

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