Sunday, September 4, 2011

Chronicles of the Crime King:Weekend Edition 4


Crime King needed something big. So big Thunder Thief could not over shadow it no matter how many Super Bowls he hijacked. Crime King kept thinking of the Rulians. The creators of Retro-9. If he could summon them to earth to invade, he would be the greatest criminal in history. Retro-9 said the Rulians usually made a native of the conquered planet vice roy. As the one who contacted them that role would surely go to Crime King.

His first attempt was in using the communications system on Retro-9. But they were simply too far away. Retro-9 informed him that if they made a device to amplify his signal, contact could be made.

The amplifier would use the Washington Monument as a base. But he would need workers more workers than the Academy could provide. Also those types dislike manual labor. He supposed if they wanted to work with their hands they would of became carpenters or plumbers.

Crime King already had the perfect army. He would utilize the youth of America. 

"You plan on enslaving the youth of America thru electronic games played on a
television monitor?"

"Yes Retro-9 the plan is simplicity itself."

"Could you explain it for me to process."

"Very well. In my days as the "Techno Baron" I had a lair in a less than
desirable part of town. You would think it would hurt business in the area and it did. With two exceptions. The liquor store and the arcade. I watched as everyone from adults to small children spent thousands of dollars in quarters. Trying to get a man in overalls to kill a monkey.

Doing research I discovered there were millions of home video game systems."

"Interruption. How will you be able to exploit this to create the
communicator to contact the Rulian Throne World?"

"If you would let me finish I'll explain. What I hold here is King's Ransom. A
video game I programmed myself to be released on the Parallax 64. I lined up a
distributor and the game will hit store shelves next week. I timed the game to
unleash a light pattern that will brain wash anyone who plays it for more
than three hours."

"Question. How can you be certain humans will play the game long enough to be brought under your control?"

"Oh please Retro-9. There is nothing to these games. They are bleeps and bloops
and bright colors. If some college drop out can put out a video game
then surely THE CRIME KING CAN!!!!"

"But Crime King you have told me that you never attended college."

"1. I finished trade school.

2. I did not need college.

3. I'm going to bed."

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