Saturday, September 3, 2011

Chronicles of the Crime King:Weekend Edition 3


Crime King designed a bodysuit and updated his gadgets to prepare for his debut. Giving himself a gimmicked crown and sceptre. The sceptre fuctioned as a grappling gun to scale buildings. Or shoot out a thin line to ensnare opponents. He never quite perfected the jet belt.

The crown contained a confusion ray to keep foes off balance. Which was a high pitched screech.

For his debut he recruited a dozen students from the Academy of the Assassination Arts. He paid a small fee to the Trainer who gave Crime King the pick of his top students. He outfitted them in knight outfits and called them his Squires. complete with small lances that fired bullets and an electrical current strong enough to drop a bull.

Crime King, Retro-9 and the Squires made their debut robbing Fort Knox. They made off with twenty million dollars in gold bars. Crime King was delighted. He was all over the news. He was until another super villain named Thunder Thief crashed the Grammy's, stole every trophy and kidnapped the band MegaSkank. After that Crime King was out of the news.

Oh except for the federal government and a few vigilantes who were hot on his trail. Plus he was stuck with gold bars he could not spend and had to send the Squires back to the Academy.

Retro-9 was not making things any easier. Continually harping on the flaws in his plan.

"The gold bars were a mistake. A robbery of this high a profile has many flaws. Attracting the attention of the authorities is a mistake. Stealing only gold bars is a mistake. The gold bars are difficult to transport and impossible to spend due to the high profile of your crime. I am capable of gaining access to any computer system on earth. I could easily send money into a foreign bank account."

"I know that robot!!!! I am not the Crime King to make money. I am Crime King to prove I am the greatest criminal of all and superior to any law enforcement agent or criminal."

"The best way to accomplish this task would be by making the most money from illegal activity."

"Gaaah!!! I'm taking a shower."

Eventually Crime King had to dump all the gold bars except what he needed to break even on expenses. Evading the newly formed task force E-Unit proved too difficult with the gold bars in tow.

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