Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Live and Larva Day 13


The Heterocera stands triumphant over the now cocooned Thunder Thief. As the
monster roars in triumph he sees Horse Power coming for him. They are flying in
their Hover Power Chariots.

It takes to the air, to fight Horse Power one last time. If It can not transform
them, they will be destroyed.

It does not notice Thunder Thief's Cocoon being struck by lightning.


Stallion gives the order.

"Alright Horse Power, lets bring the Horse Power Hover Chariots together to
form the Horse Power Chariot Maximus."

Stallion's Blue Hover Chariot forms the front of the Chariot Maximus.

Mustang's Green Hover Chariot connects to the rear left of Stallion's Chariot.

Bronco's Yellow Hover Chariot connects to the rear right of Stallion's Chariot.

Clydesdale's Red Hover Chariot lands on the rear of Mustang and Bronco's Hover Chariots.

Together the team shouts.


The Heterocera does not back off from the awe inspiring site of
Chariot Maximus.

 It tries to rip Chariot Maximus apart. But finds it is just as impenetrable as the Horse Power armor. Now the monster has taken to striking it. Each blow damages the Merged Hover Chariots. But Stallion is unshaken.

"Chariot Maximus Horse Cannon FIRE!!!!!"

The eyes on the Horse Head on the front of Stallion's Chariot fires. Wounding the Heterocera's chest.

Chariot Maximus circles the sky and prepares another strike. Stallion
again gives the order.

"Now lets finish off the Heteriocera with the Horse Power Chariot Maximus
Combination Power Blaster!!!"

Clydesdale takes out his Horse Hammer and places the handle into the
front of his Hover Chariot.


Bronco joins his Bronco Shooters at the handles and sends it to Clydesdale to
plant on the head of his Horse Hammer.


Stallion tosses his Stallion Sword to Clydesdale, who places the Sword on the
Bronco Shooters.


Mustang is last. He throws his Mustang Daggers to Clydesdale, who places the
Daggers on top of the hilt of the Stallion Sword.


Together they yell


The laser blast hits the Heterocera square in the chest. Sending it
crashing to the ground.


The cocoon of Thunder Thief draws upon more and more electricity. It causes a
black out in three states. Meteorologist are unable to explain the
sudden thunder storms in the area.


The Heterocera is in great pain. It is not only the pain of being struck by the Horse Power Chariot Maximus Combination Power Blaster. No it is a new pain. A pain similar to what Thunder Thief inflicted upon its Xenomoth babies. But the monster senses this new pain is also what saved its life.

With a new sense of power, the Heterocera strikes the Horse Power Chariot
Maximus. The blow is powerful enough to separate the mighty craft.

"Okay how the heck did Heterocera survive that?"

"That's a good question Clydesdale. Lets reform Chariot Maximus and find out."

"No way Bronco. Systems will need at least an hour to reset."

Heterocera is now shrugging off laser blast from the Hover Chariots. With its
power growing ever greater. Horse Power notices the monsters appearance
changing. Its wings larger. Its antennae longer. All the while crackling with electricity.

During the heat of battle, they had not thought to question what
became of Thunder Thief. They assumed he had been killed by the Heterocera. But now they know the creature trapped him in a cocoon and was using its symbiotic bond with it to become more powerful.

Mustang speaks

"Guys we need to get to Thunder Thief's cocoon and cut him out."

Heterocera sends Mustang crashing to the ground with a single swipe.
Next it flies hundreds of feet into the air and crashes feet first into Stallion and Bronco. Clydesdale takes his hammer and prepares to go out fighting.

When both he and the monster are distracted by a massive explosion. It is
Thunder Thief. He has freed himself from the cocoon.

Heterocera is hit by a massive feedback from this. His excess power is draining away.

Clydesdale knows he can not afford to let the Heterocera escape. He also knows
that Horse Power can not stop Thunder Thief alone.

"Bronco, Stallion, Mustang, can you get your Hover Chariots airborne?"

Stallion answers first.

"Yeah but just barely. You got a plan?"

"I do and it will take out both Thunder Thief and Heterocera."

Clydesdale blocks the Winged Monsters path of escape and fires a laser
at it. It heads in a new direction. But is blocked by Mustang. There is now only one path of escape. It goes in the direction of Thunder Thief.

The monster knows if it can cocoon Thunder Thief again, it can reclaim its lost power. It flies closer and closer to its prey. It has to fire the stream of silk at just the right moment.


It is Horse Power. They fire lasers into the back of the Heterocera, sending it
crashing into the fully charged Thunder Thief. Finishing the creature for good.

Horse Power run toward the fallen smoldering monster. They see Thunder Thief
with a big grin going across his face. Most of his body is covered in
electrical burns.


Thunder Thief collapses to the ground.

The team open the hinges on their helmets at the same time and share a look of



This Xenomoth? It does not remember its true name. What it was before the
Larva. It knows it is frightened. Instead of fighting Thunder Thief it fled Liberty Base. It is caught in a door of black light. It does not know where it is. It is frightened by this new place. It sees a man in a tattered robe. His flesh half rotting.

The man places a decaying hand on top of the Xenomoth's head.

"Poor creature. You have nothing to fear for you are home."


Horse Power barges back into Liberty Base fully armed and prepared for
war. But they are surprised by what they see. It is Dr,Hendrix and
Private Bedlam and they are caring for the Xenomoths.

Stallion opens his mask and walks toward them.

"Dr,Hendrix what is the situation here?"

"I was able to find a cure for the Living Larva. When we
came up from the sub basement labs, we saw the cocoons had hatched. But luckily the creatures were  unconscious. So Private Bedlam and I began administering the vaccines."

The team hears a cracking sound. They see a large cocoon opening.

"Why did you not apply the vaccine to that cocoon?"

"I..I needed to run more test."

Sergent Sargent falls out of the cocoon. But he is unchanged.


Horse Power runs toward their fearless leader.

"So you boys stopped Madame Butterfly."

Mustang replies

"That's right Sarge. But why weren't you transformed?"

"Hmm.... just lucky you boys stopped Heterocera in time. Is that Thunder Thief
over there?"

"Its a long story Sarge. We can talk about it in the morning. Right now we just
want to get some sleep."

"Y'know Bronco I think I've had enough rest for one day."


                                      Horse Sense PSA

Billy and Jimmy are heading home when they see that a power cable has landed in
a swimming pool.

"Uh oh Billy somebody could get hurt. Lets get that power cable out of
Mrs.Nelly's swimming pool."

"Jimmy we could get hurt."

"Don't worry Billy we'll use these metal poles to fish it out."

As the boys near the cable. They see a horrific sight, It is a humanoid
moth. The creature collapses in a heap.


It is the head doctor of the Liberty Corps Medical Unit. She shot the
monster with a tranquilizer dart. Med Grunts load the creature into the Red
Alert Ambulance/Tank.

"Boys never try to fish a power line out of a swimming pool with a metal pole.
Instead inform your parents and have them call the Light Department."

"Wow thanks Triage."

"Know Better."

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Live and Larva Day 12

12. Heterocera looks at the human. He is covered in cuts, burns and crackles with electricity. It then looks at the Xenomoths, its babies laying on the ground broken and beaten. Instinctively it knows Thunder Thief is the one responsible.

The Heterocera is a creature of instinct. Its only goal is to create offspring. Transform the humans into higher lifeforms like itself. Every time a Xenomoth feels pain, the Heterocera feels pain. It aches deeply inside. It is why it abandoned the fight with the Horse Powers. It must protect its babies.

It stares at Thunder Thief with an intense focus. Distracted briefly by an unhatched cocoon created by the Xenomoths. It wonders why it feels no connection to this cocoon.

"So looks like I drew the attention of King Bug itself. Ugh,huff, grrr. Doesn't matter, You'll break as easily as your kids did."

Thunder Thief stomps a prone Xenomoth in the back causing it to howl in pain. This is enough for the Heterocera. An inhuman roar comes from its mandibles.

It flaps its enormous wings creating a hurricane wind in the Hangar. Clydesdale, Mustang and the Xenomoths are swept up in it. But Thunder Thief stands his ground. Drawing upon more power and putting himself in more agony.

The Heterocera flaps its wings even harder. Now Thunder Thief has dug his fingers into the Hangar's cement floor. The monster flies into Thunder Thief at full speed, sending them both crashing thru the Hangar wall.

With Thunder Thief in its claw it flies into the sky. Thunder Thief draws more electricity into himself and breaks the monster's grip. He leaps to the creatures face and punches it in what passes for an eye. The Heterocera screams and throws him to the ground from 500 feet in the air.

Thunder Thief is already in so much pain, he does not really feel it. He opens his eyes and sees the monster has continued flying higher and higher. It suddenly stops and begins to fly toward Thunder Thief at full speed.

The Heterocera gets closer and closer but before he can crash into Thunder Thief, he is hit by a tremendous volt of electricity. Greater than anything the Xenomoths felt. It knocks the monster down.

"Heh...Argh....Ugh.... Got you..."

The Heterocera leaps back to its feet and wraps Thunder Thief in a cocoon. If it were not a creature of instinct, The Heterocera would be cackling in triumph.


"What was that?!?"

"I do not know Private Bedlam. The base is on back up generators."

"I can't stay down here any longer. I have to go fight that Larva thing."


"I'm tired of you ordering me around sir. "

"Please Private... Mark I need you to be safe. You are so important to this organization. I can't risk you being killed at this juncture and you would be killed. I'm so close to finding an antidote to the Larva virus. But I can't finish if I have to worry about you."

"Alright Doctor, I'll trust your judgment."

Private Bedlam looks at the floor, feeling ashamed at his inaction and Dr.Hendrix returns to his work.


Clydesdale and Mustang have finally gotten to their feet. The tornado created by the Heterocera had nearly knocked them out. They survey the damage and check on the Xenomoths. These creatures are their friends and co workers. They are unconscious but not severely injured. At least the ones not attacked by Thunder Thief.

"Where are they Clydesdale?"

"Looking at this place maybe they destroyed each other."

"Sensors say they're about sixty miles away in the North Haven City limits."


Mustang runs toward the Blue and Yellow Horse Powers. They returned to Liberty Base in pursuit of the Heterocera.

"You got a plan to stop that monster Stallion?"

"Clydesdale for all we know, Thunder Thief killed the Heterocera. In any case I do have a plan."

"That's good because sensors say Heterocera is returning to Liberty Base."

"Alright team lets summon the Horse Power Hover Power Chariots and finish this battle."

Stallion, Bronco, Clydesdale and Mustang take to the Chariots and fly toward a final confrontation with the Heterocera.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Live and Larva Day 11


"What are you glue pots so upset about? I fried a couple of bug monsters. You
afraid I did it better than you could?"

Mustang charges into Thunder Thief. Hitting him with a series of punches.
Thunder Thief hits Mustang with a volt of electricity that gets thru his Green
Horse Power armor.

Clydesdale swings his hammer at Thunder Thief who catches the hammer with one
hand. With a crackle of electricity, he visibly winces as he throws
Clydesdale into the Hanger wall.

Clydesdale knows something has changed. Thunder Thief even at his strongest
has never been this powerful. Not powerful enough to run over two Horse Powers
at the same time. His power is not the only thing that has changed. He
is covered by severe electrical burns. His hair is fried and his costume in tatters.

Thunder Thief sends a volt of energy into Clydesdale. There is another thing.
Each time he uses his power, it puts him in visible pain. It is almost
like he is not immune to his own powers.

Clydesdale uses his hammer as a cane and pulls himself to his feet. He walks
toward Thunder Thief who increases the force of his energy beam. As Clydesdale
nears his foe, Thunder Thief screams as he unleashes a torrent of energy great
enough to power Lawnvale for five years.

Satisfied he has defeated the Red Horse Power he goes to finish him
off. Right now he does not care about finding the Oblivorex. Horse Power has
humiliated him one time too many. Tonight he'll make them pay one by one.


Thunder Thief feels a sharp pain in his lower back. Mustang hit him with his
daggers. Such a blow in the past would have been enough to finish him. But
Thunder Thief has changed in ways Mustang could never imagine. He swiftly turns
around and grabs the Green Horse Power's face. Sending millions of volts into
him. If not for his armor Mustang would be no more.

Thunder Thief is surprised when he sees the Xenomoths have recovered. They go
to attack again. Covering him in a swarm. If Thunder Thief were feeling like
himself he would fire another volt into the Xenomoths and escape. But he is not
feeling like himself. He is in agony. His head is throbbing, his skin
is burning and his limbs ache.

He smashes his fist into one Xenomoth, cracking what passes for a
skull. He sends twin bolts of thunder into a pair of Xenomoths charging him from each side. He breaks the wing of a moth that attacks him from behind.

He throws his hand into the air and begins collecting electricity. He
intends for his next attack to be his last. Each bit of power puts him in more pain which makes him more determined to do this. As he nears maximum capacity.


He is tackled by Clydesdale and Mustang.


The battle with Heterocera is near a stand still. The Stallion/Bronco
Sword/Shooter Combo Blaster failed. It has recovered and is now battering
Bronco and Stallion. It is taking every bit of power in their arsenal
to keep the Heterocera occupied.

It has Bronco it its grip. The creature is frustrated that Horse Power seems
immune to being cocooned. They can be entangled by the silk that creates
the cocoon, but they will not transform. It has a new strategy and that is to tear
the protective armor off of them. Stallion charges at the Heterocera only to be
pinned to a wall by cocoon silk.

Bronco struggles more and more but it is to no effect. Suddenly the Heterocera
starts howling in pain. It drops the Yellow Horse Power and drops to one knee. It looks to the sky and flies off in a blur. Stallion uses his sword to free himself.

"Bronco did you see where he is heading?"

"Liberty Base..."


Thunder Thief throws Mustang and Clydesdale off of him. As he stands up,
he kicks a prone Xenomoth in the side. Clydesdale hits Thunder Thief
in the stomach with his hammer. He follows with a right cross only for it to be caught. Mustang mule kicks Thunder Thief in the back of the head. Knocking him

Thunder Thief responds by dispersing the electricity he collected in every
direction. Even dispersed the energy overwhelms Clydesdale and Mustang.

"Huff.....Huff......Huff ...Grrr......ugh.,.... There that is the end of it. I'll find Stallion and Bronco.....Huff.....argh..... After I find the Oblivorex and get my powers fixed."

Before he can begin his search, the Heterocera crashes thru another
section of the ceiling. It knows immediately Thunder Thief is the
source of his pain.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Live and Larva Day 10


Thunder Thief walks the Liberty Base grounds. Each step puts him in a
great deal of pain. Instinctively he knows this is how he will find the Oblivorex Crystal. The closer he gets to the crystal, the more pain he is in. He wonders why he keeps searching.

"I will tell you why you continue searching."

"Necro? How are you talking to me?"

"Thunder Thief you should know not to question my power. Communicating with
you psychically is a mere parlor trick."

"How bout you explain why every time I use my powers, it feels like I'm being

"I've been betrayed in the past by Earthers. You are particularly strong willed. Your powers will put you in intense pain with each usage. The only cure is the Oblivorex crystal. Once you find it, you will be immune to your powers again."

"You double crossing little..... ARGGHHHHH!!!!!!"

"Find the Oblivorex, then you can exact your vengance."

Professor Necro's astral form disappears and Thunder Thief continues his search.


Stallion and Bronco fly their Horse Power Hover Chariots at full
speed. Being far away from Liberty Base the Heterocera is easier to find. It has
attacked the High Plaza district of Lawnvale.

"Stallion why is the Heterocera attacking High Plaza?"

"The lights..."

"I get you, the Heterocera is still a moth. So it went
to the biggest light it could find."

"The problem is lots of civilians are out shopping."

As they near High Plaza, they see the Heterocera is wrapping people in cocoons.

Each Xenomoth hatched increases its power. The Lawnvale Swat Team is
attempting to subdue the creature. But unsurprisingly even the highest caliber
bullets are having no effect.

The Heterocera tears a wall off of the High Plaza Pizza Putz and throws it
at the brave officers. That would be the end of them, if not for a yellow beam of
energy fired by Bronco's Horse Power Hover Chariot. Stallion's chariot hovers above the Lawnvale Policemen.

"This is a Liberty Corps Operation. Remove the non cocooned civilians from the
scene immediately."

As the officers round up the civilians. Stallion and
Bronco attack the Heterocera.


Clydesdale and Mustang have reached Liberty Base. Thunder Thief has left a
path of destruction.

"Should I go scout ahead Clydesdale?"

"No we need to stick together. We have no idea what has happened to Thunder
Thief. Those cocoons were hatching when we left. I don't think
Sarge could survive a fight with whatever came out of them."

Mustang takes that as a cue to go, but with surprising speed, Clydesdale stops

"Look I'm worried about Sarge too. But you running ahead and getting beat up
will not help. Go ahead and get your brains beat in, but I'm not going
into this fight alone."


Stallion and Bronco launch their attack upon the Heterocera. Bronco
dives out of the Horse Power Hover Chariot on top of the monster. This time they are going to keep the fight close to the ground. The giant monster tosses Bronco aside.

Bronco takes out his Bronco shooters and joins them together in Horse Shoe
mode. Firing several shots at the creatures wings. Stallion follows by
slashing the face of the Heterocera. It howls in pain and attempts to escape. But The Horse Power Hover Chariots on autopilot block its path.

Cornered it attacks Stallion and Bronco. Scooping them up in each hand, it
smashes the Blue and Yellow Horse Powers together. Falling to the ground,
Bronco goes for his Bronco Shooter only to be stomped into the pavement.

Stallion leaps at the Heterocera's face, only to be caught by a fresh stream of
cocoon silk.

"Not again"

The creature has Stallion trapped and prepares to bite his head off,
only for a blue laser beam to scorch his hand. It is Stallion's Horse Power Hover Craft. Stallion scrambles to meet Bronco and form a new strategy.

"We cannot take this thing alone."

"Remember how you and Clydesdale took out Braionic?"

"The Bronco/Clydesdale Hammer/Shooter Blaster?"

Bronco takes out his Bronco Shooter already in Horse Shoe mode.


Stallion places his Stallion Sword on top of the Bronco Shooter.



A powerful bolt of energy is fired at the Heterocera. The creature is
compelled to meet the energy head on. They collide sending it into High Plaza Tower.

They see the creature laying on the ground unconscious and covered in rubble..

"I think we got it."

The creature burst free of the rubble and howls.

"Of course we didn't."


Thunder Thief has entered what he thinks is the Liberty Corps Hanger.
It is very dark and covered in what looks like cob webs or white cotton candy.

With each flash of electricity he sees something that would be horrifying for a
normal man.

He sees what looks like a tribe of humanoid butterflies. They surround a giant
cocoon. Almost like they are expecting their first child. Obviously
something bad has happened at Liberty Base. But that is not Thunder Thief's problem.

He begins to exit the hanger when three of the moths block his path. He turns
around and sees the rest have surrounded him.

"Heh they won't let me leave. I'm the world's sexiest bug zapper."

He powers up and the Xenomoths attack.

He uses brute force on three of them. Smashing them into the ground. The rest
decide to attack as a unit.

"I don't.....Grrrr have time for this."

He releases a charge of electricity that drops the remaining Xenomoths.

"You better pray they are still alive."

It is the Green and Red Horse Powers.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Live and Larva Day 8


The Horse Power Air Chariots were created for situations like this. During the
testing stages of Project Horse Power, it became readily apparent that Horse
Power would not be capable of using much of Liberty Corps arsenal of
vehicles and weapons.

So quickly Dr.Hendrix and his team started developing vehicles to accommodate the
Horse Powers added size and density. The Horse Power Air Chariots were
created. They are capable of traveling in the sky, on land and
on/under water. Now they have their first true test chasing the Heterocera.

Mustang as is his nature has gone on the attack. Firing a green laser
beam at the Heterocera's right wing. The creature yelps in pain as if it is
surprised it can feel pain.

Mustang fires another round but this time the creature avoids it. He
is surprised at the agility of the Heterocera. The monster fires a stream of cocoon

Mustang fires another beam at the silk stream. But the cocoon silk was a misdirection. As the
Heterocera strikes the Chariot from above.

Before it can follow up with another attack, Stallion slashes it with
his sword.

Clydesdale throws his Horse Hammer at its head. Next Bronco fires his Bronco Blasters in Horse Shoe mode at the creature. Stallion gives the command.

"Okay Horse Power lets form Super Chariot and finish this."

The Heterocera understands what is happening. It looks down and sees Mustang
finally regaining control of his Chariot. It senses this is the weak
link of the team.

At incredible speed it swoops down and dismounts Mustang from his chariot and
throws the Green Horse Power into Stallion. Now that the Blue Horse Power is
concerned with saving his friend, it strikes.

It wrapps both of them in it's cocoon. Bronco and Clydesdale go to check
on their teammates, allowing the Heterocera
to escape.


Thunder Thief steps out of the black door of light. He recognizes this as the
Liberty Corps base.  Within seconds he feels an intense sensation. His powers,
they are going haywire. What did that troll do to him? He remembers what Necro
had told him. He changed his powers. Now in addition to absorbing
electricity, he generates it.

"Arrrggghhh!!!! This is going to take some getting use to."

He rips the gate out of the ground.

"This base is on lock down. Back away from the gate or face the consequences."

Gravel Pit likely does not recognize Thunder Thief. He has never
encountered him in person. Not to mention the file photos on Thunder
Thief were not of him covered in electrical burns and flashing an x-ray every few seconds.

"Really and what consequences are those?"

Gravel Pit and his Dirt Napper Grunts takes out their shovel lasers and fire. Before Thunder Thief would have happily absorbed the energy and went on the attack. Now it puts him in pain. But he still goes on the attack.

First he melts the shovel lasers. Next using his newly increased strength he
dismantles the Dirt Nappers. Gravel Pit hits Thunder Thief with a
series of strikes that would cripple a normal man. Thunder Thief does not even
flinch. Casually tossing Gravel Pit into the wall surrounding Liberty Base.

He steps thru the dismantled gate and Pit puts in an emergency call to Horse


Stallion's sword cuts thru the cocoon. He opens the hinge on his armor
to expose his face.

"Why did you two not follow the Heterocera?"

"We had to abandon Sarge at the base, we were not losing you and Mustang too."

Stallion is receiving a call on the Emergency Line.

"Stallion it's Gravel Pit. Someone broke into the base. Took me and the Dirt
Nappers apart. I'm in pretty bad shape. I think its Thunder Thief."

"Don't try to fight him again Pit. I'm calling a local hospital to
send an ambulance for you. We'll be right there."

"We still need to catch the Heterocera."

"Clydesdale, you and Mustang go back to the base and stop Thunder
Thief, or whoever he is. Me and Bronco will try to catch up to the
Heterocera, before it can do any more damage."

With that the Horse Power team splits up.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Live and Larva Day 7


High Five is waiting for Liberty Corps base to go off lock down. He needs to
return the Sky Lynx to the Hangar. Fuel is not really a problem.

Thanks to the technologies discovered by Liberty Corps Science Bulbs, the ship could fly at optimum power for days without needing to recharge.

But he is concerned about the others. He knows some monster is attacking the
base. That it was dangerous enough to put the base on lock down. He can't even
radio the base for updates. So for now High Five and the squadron of Liberty
Corps Hatchets are in the dark.

"High........ High Five...%$^$"

Sergent Sargent is trying to contact him. It sounds like something is
interfering with the signal.

"Flying moth.....^&%^%^ Stand^%$$.."

Before High Five can wonder what Sarge is trying to say, he sees what looks like
some type of burnt up moth/butterfly turned inside out. It is heading straight for him.

He flips some switches sending Sky Lynx into battle mode. Sky Lynx is the most
advanced helicopter ever created. Silver and Blue it is hard to spot without sensors. It avoids the creatures first charge.

"Alright Hatchet Team we need to box this thing down. Maneuver F6G."

The Hatchets quickly get into formation. With two to each side of the monster.

Next they fire grappling hooks into each of its limbs. They pull back
but find the monster is too strong and pulls them along. The Heterocera crashes into the two Hatchets in its path causing them to explode.

High Five freezes.  He does not want to lead these men to their doom. He thinks
about Road Test. How he was was...... He can't even think it. But
maybe if he had been smarter or faster he could of saved him from Braoinic.

"High Five what do we do?!? That thing just took out four Hatchets. I
think I saw them eject but its circling around. It is coming back for us."
High Five snaps out of it. You can only be responsible for yourself.

"You men leave. The Hatchets are not cut out for this battle. Me and the Lynx here
can handle things."

He fires a barrage of missiles at the Heterocera. They do not slow it down. But
High Five expected that. Next he fires the Chain Lasers on it at full power and
goes higher into the air. The Lynx weapon systems seems to be having
little effect.

The Heterocera is under the Sky Lynx and digs its claws into both sides of the


The thrusters underneath the Sky Lynx ignite. Setting the Heterocera
on fire. The creature releases a human sounding howl. High Five hits the eject button as the infuriated Hetrocera dismantles the Sky Lynx. It is alive and burnt
but still alive.

As the only Horse Power with true super speed, Mustang is giving chase to the
Heterocera. Thankfully the flying abomination is staying close to the ground.
Mustang is running over, thru and between buildings. On the roof of "Sherman's
Grill" he leaps at the Heterocera. Who swats him back down..

Inside the Simon family is celebrating 15 year old Carl's birthday.
Carl is not happy about having his birthday dinner at Sherman's Grill.

"Look Carl there is nothing wrong with Sherman's Grill. I don't wanna hear one
more crack about the quality of the beef."

Mustang shatters the Simon families table.

"Alright we'll go to Smiths Steakhouse."


As the cocoons hatch, Sergent Sargent recognizes each newly born Xenomoth. Be
it Mess Hall, Courtney Hendrix, Spare Tire or even Grunt 5X9. The Xenomoths
are already stronger and faster than Sergent Sargent. But as an added handicap,
he knows he can not fight at full force.

His Laser Bayonet is set to stun. The Courtney Moth tries to take his
head off. He catches her in the stomach with the Bayonet. The Spare Tire moth is next. Followed by Mess Hall. He catches each one with a stun swipe of the Bayonet.

But it seems they are growing immune to the stun blast. He switches to fighting
them hand to hand. It is a seemingly inhuman feat by a seemingly human man. But he is fighting off the Xenomoths with his bare hands. He is hit from behind by a new Xenomoth.

He swears he heard it chuckle. The Laugh Track moth has escaped from his cocoon. The
Xenomoths swarm on him. Soon Sergent Sargent is in a cocoon.


Bronco rides up to Sherman's Grill in his new Bronco Breaker Motorcycle. He had
Stallion on the back and Clydesdale in the side cart.

They go in and see an apologetic Mustang talking to the manager.

"Sir please give your bill to Liberty Corps. They will fix everything
and heck even build an arcade if you like."

Stallion approaches Mustang.

"What happened?"

"I was able to keep up with the Heterocera. But when I leaped up to try to knock
him out of the sky, he swatted me aside."

Bronco speaks

"Look even the Bronco Breaker can't follow that thing. We need to hit the sky."

"We get the Eagle's Talon?"

"No  I don't think the Talon has the power. We need to summon the Air Chariots.
This is as good a time as any for a field test."

Outside they are ready.

"Horse Power Air Chariots!!!!"

Out of the sky comes red, blue, green and yellow chariots.

Mustang takes the Green.

Bronco the Yellow

Clydesdale the Red

Stallion the Blue.

"Alright Horse Power lets go get Heterocera."


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Live and Larva Day 6


It has been hours since Sergent Sargent, Laugh Track and Horse Power last
encountered the Living Larva. As far as they know they are the only ones still
alive on Liberty Base.

Sergent Sargent removes his beret. He is very frustrated.

"Stallion can your sensors pick up the Larva's energy signature?"

"I could have hours ago. But now the signature is all over the base. It's like trying
to find water in the ocean."

"Laugh Track anything else you can do?"

"Sarge I used up every Injun Stalking Trick left in my Papoose. Heck I even made a up few new ones."


"What is it Clydesdale?"

"We have been searching all the top secret sub basements, since Dr.Howard had Z
Level Clearance......"


"Well I was thinking. The Larva was much bigger when we encountered it than it
was on the Security Footage."

"I got ya Clydesdale. These sub basements aren't exactly roomy. He needs some
place to keep those cocoons."

"Right Bronco. So I think we need to go back up to the surface. I think I know
exactly where the Living Larva is."


In the Necromizone, Professor Necro continues his work. Reshaping the internal
organs of Thunder Thief and changing his electrical powers. Necronoids watch
blankly as brown blobs of electricity float thru the air.

Necro lowers his arms. If he could sweat he would wipe his brow.

"It is done Thunder Thief. You are reborn."

Thunder Thief stands up. He looks down at his singed body as it crackles with

"I feel the same."

"Oh you are different. Before you were essentially an energy lamprey. The more
electricity or energy you absorbed the more powerful you became. Now you are a
generator. Your body now continuously generates power."

"And what do you want from me?"


"You don't exactly look like the altruistic type, so tell me what you want."

"I want you to destroy Horse Power."

"That all?"

"No I need you to find a meteor made of this substance."

Professor Necro takes a small piece of Oblivorex from his pocket.

"It is inside of the Liberty Corp base. Your powers should lead you to it. It
has a unique energy signature."

"I can swing that. But once you got your crystal, our business is done. I don't
want to see you in ten years demanding my first born if I can't guess your real

Professor Necro narrows his eyes. He does not like this man. It bothers him he
must depend on these Earthers to carry out his work. 

He raises his hands in a threatening gesture as a black energy pulls itself from his


With that Thunder Thief disappears in a fading light. Like an old television being
turned off after a long night.


Sergent Sargent knew exactly where Clydesdale was thinking of. The Liberty
Base Hanger. It is the length of ten football fields. Even with all the Liberty Corps
vehicles it has plenty of room.

Sarge takes out his laser Bayonet and melts the lock. Next Clydesdale punches
the door open.

Mustang goes in first. His hooves sticks to the floor. The eyes on his helmet light up
and he looks down. He sees his feet are covered in something that looks like
vanilla cotton candy.

The six men walk into the hanger. What they see relieves them because their
search is over, but horrifies them because it is what they expected. It is the Living
Larva hanging up a cocoon.

Laugh Track takes out his Rubber Chicken Tomahawk. Never one to give into
fear or depression he opens with a joke.

"Gotta say Larva, I like what you're doing with the place. But don't you know its a
bad idea to renovate property you don't own?"

Before he can throw his Chickenhawk, the Larva shoots a stream of cocoon silk that
engulfs Laugh Track.

"Track!!! Alright Horse Power CHARGE!!!!"

Stallion begins directing the battle.

"Alright men remember the battle with the Necronaut? Go with that!!!!!"

Mustang runs up the monsters back at super speed. He stabs it with his Daggers
but the creature has hardened its cocoon. Before he can try again the cocoon
softens causing Mustang's feet to sink inside of it. He tries to pull out but the
cocoon hardens again.

"Aw c'mon this is embarrassing. I'm the Lonely Hero of Legend!!!"

The Living Larva is unimpressed. He shoots a string of cocoon silk at the ceiling and
leaps back first crushing Mustang. Before crashing to the floor back
first. Mustang is trapped ankle deep in the back of the Living Larva.

Sergent Sargent is a veteran and has formulated a strategy.

"Clydesdale take your hammer and attack it head on."

He does as ordered and takes a broad swing at the Larva. The Larva softens
hoping to ensnare Clydesdale as he did Mustang.

"Bronco now free Mustang!!!!"

Bronco in a matter of seconds has his teammate.

"Stallion I'm setting my Bayonet past its limit. That means it will start to over

"Sarge what are you thinking?"

"At such a high level of intensity, I bet the Larva softens. When he does that you
fire the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster."

"What about Dr.Howard?"

"He made his choice when he ingested that serum. We have to think of the world."

With that Sergent Sargent charges into battle. Laser
Bayonet in hand. As anticipated it softens its cocoon.

Clydesdale places his Hammer to the floor as a base.

Bronco links the handles of his blasters and places it on top of the Horse Hammer.

Stallion puts his sword on top of the Bronco Blasters.

Mustang places his Daggers on each side of the Stallion Sword.

Together they shout.


A  multicolored wave of energy is fired at the Living Larva.

With almost super human agility, Sergent Sargent avoids the blast as it hits the creature chest
first. Sending it into the hanger wall.

The Horse Power team runs over, unlocking the hinges on their helmets.

Before the team can celebrate they see the Larva stand up. Its shell cracking and

A fist burst thru one of the Larva's tendrils. It does not resemble anything
belonging to a human. Next a pair of wings shatter the back of its shell. The wings
look like something belonging to a deformed moth.

With one final motion the new creature shatters the remains of the Living Larva. It
glances at the Horse Power team and unleashes an inhuman shriek. Then flies thru
the Hanger Ceiling.

"Follow that thing now!!!"

"But Sarge??"

"I'll stay here and watch over the cocoons. NOW GO!!! THAT'S AN ORDER!!!!!"

As the team goes after the newly born Heterocera, Sergent Sargent sees
dozens of cocoons hatching.

The expression on his face remains the same as he switches his Laser Bayonet on.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Live and Larva Day 5


Sergent Sargent just received a distress call from Laugh Track. They encountered the monster that is attacking the base. With the base on lock down, the Horse Power team split up. So Sergent Sargent has only three Grunts with him.

He kicks in the door to F Sector and sees the Cocoon creature encasing Laugh Track. Sergent Sargent and the Grunts fire full power blast at the creature, severing its connection to Laugh Track.

Grunt 4574 throws a Heat Grenade at the Living Larva. It generates intense heat without creating fire. Now Grunts 334 and 443 set their Pulse rifles on rapid fire and back the Larva against a wall. Sergent Sargent cuts Laugh Track free from his cocoon.

"You okay Track?"

"Yeah if you consider being the world's first Indian burrito "Okay".

"Where is BoomeRanger and the Grunts?"

"Inside of that thing."


"You heard me. He wrapped them into cocoons and absorbed them into himself.  He was not this big when we encountered him."

Sergent Sargent sees the Larva throw two thick blobs of cocoon silk at the Grunts. Sarge takes out his Laser Bayonet and slashes open the Larva. Only for it to harden around the Bayonet.

"Blue Thunder!!! It's stuckt."

The Larva throws Sergent Sargent into the ceiling. Laugh Track takes out his trusty retractable Rubber Chicken Tomahawk, and throws it at the back of the Larva. But it bounces off the monster's hardened shell. He did accomplish one thing. Laugh Track has its full attention.

"That's my big problem. I'm too big a sweet heart."


In a room that few people are aware of. Curt Hendrix is working in a lab. Studying the sample of the Living Larva he obtained after his sister was attacked. With him is Private Mark Bedlam.

"Dr.Hendrix I should be helping search for the Living Larva with Horse Power and the Grunts. I can't accomplish much hiding here with you."

Curt Hendrix glasses are slipping from his nose. He quickly fixes them.

"I am not hiding. I am working on a way to neutralize the creature. Being an expert in many fields. It is difficult to admit I am not the Bio Chemist that Dr.Howard was. But I think with enough time, I can create an antidote."

"Still doesn't explain why I'm down here. I'm not a scientist,"

"Private Bedlam... You are vital to the future of this organization. I simply cannot risk anything happening to you. Now please be quiet. I have work to do."


Romero Sanchez heard Laugh Track's transmission as well. He immediately takes out his Horse Buckle.

"Horse Power Charge!!!! BRONCO!!!"

Romero Sanchez transforms into the yellow armored Horse Power known as Bronco. He dashes to F Sector with great speed. He sees Sergent Sargent getting to his feet, as Laugh Track is being pummeled by the Living Larva.

He quickly summons his Bronco Blasters and fires a full power blast at the Larva. The Bronco Blasters are far more powerful than the strongest Grunt Patrol Pulse Rifle. The Monster is sent crashing into a wall.

Sergent Sargent runs over to Bronco.

"Bronco be careful. That thing has some of our men inside of him. We can't risk hurting them."

The Larva has already recovered and moves to attack Bronco. But a Green Blur enters the room. Attacking the Larva with a flurry of punches. it is the Horse Power known as Mustang. The monster spits a string of cocoon silk at the ground and rips it out from under the Green Horse Power's feet.

It quickly grabs Mustang and hurls him at Laugh Track, Sergent Sargent and Bronco. Before jumping into the hole in the floor and escaping.

Sergent Sargent looks over at Mustang with a look of bitter amusement.

"Hello Mustang. Maybe next time you can wait to be briefed on the situation, before you go on the attack."

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chronicles of the Crime King:Weekend Edition 7


Things are not going well for Crime King. Thunder Thief has taken out
half of his Squires. He was going to outfit them with insulated bodysuits, but the
recruits irregular sizes made equipping them difficult.

His Crime Knight is holding his own. He has the remaining Squires surround
Thunder Thief. They take out their lances and shoot him with a non
conductive line of cable.

"Excellent work my Squires."

Crime King approaches the ensnared Thunder Thief. Before he can get close,
Thunder Thief starts crackling and snaps the line. He grabs two of the
cables and pulls the squires into each other. Four of the others took off running. Thunder Thief drops them with a discharge.

Crime Knight takes out his broad sword and charges into the battle.
Knight takes a swing, which Thunder Thief ducks. Then grabs Knight by the face and electrocutes him.

Crime Knight is dead. Thunder Thief is caught up in the moment. This is
Crime King's chance. The main jewel in his crown unleashes a confusion wave. It is a high pitched squeal. It disrupts the victims inner ear.

"Now Thunder Thief you are coming with me. Once I am finished, you will be free to leave. Perhaps then you will recognize who your King is."

Thunder Thief is on his knees. Trying to get back to his feet.

"My you're already bowing. Heh shouldn't a lady curtsy?"

Thunder Thief  unleashes an electrical discharge aimed at Crime King's
crown. The jewel melts. Freeing Thunder Thief of the confusion wave.

"Now what was that you were saying, my liege."

Thunder Thief rarely got angry. But he had to admit he was fairly peeved. Crime
King takes out his scepter and fires the clamp foam. It wraps around Thunder
Thief like a python. It will keep squeezing til he is unconscious and then

At least in theory. In practice the Clamp Foam had never been tested on
someone like Thunder Thief. Who continues increasing his voltage until the foam

Crime King swung his scepter but Thunder Thief caught it in his hand.
Promptly crushing it. He then knocks Crime King down with an
electrically charged right cross.

"Well your majesty. It looks like I missed my chance to get the hostages. But
there are still ways I can get in the paper. Like bringing in the clown who
robbed Fort Knox."

Thunder Thief kicks Crime King in the ribs. Sending him flying across
the field. He knows Crime King is wearing an insulated bodysuit that protects him from being electrocuted. But he can still break his back.

Before Thunder Thief can act on this thought, a flying metal fist hits him in the jaw. It is Retro-9, what the media dubs "The Crimeputer."  A smile comes to his face, as he gets up rubbing his chin.

"The Robot!!!! I was hoping you would turn up. You know to be honest, I was
running low on juice. Draining you is just what I need."

Retro-9 fires several missiles from his chest, which Thunder Thief
detonates with discharges before they get near him. Thief leaps toward Retro-9. Rips off a section of the robot's shoulder. He plunges his hand in and begins
draining the robot' energy.

Crime King tackles him from behind. He still has his exo arms. That should make him a match
strength wise for Thunder Thief. Super charged with Retro-9's power
source, Thief shorts out the exo arms after tearing open Crime King's bodysuit.

"YES!!!! This is working out better than I hoped. Whatever powers
that robot, it's nothing found on earth. I feel so good, I think I'm gonna kill
E-Unit for fun........

wait........ whats........ happening to me............. "

Thunder Thief collapses to his knees.

" the robot..... something....... about......that energy......."

Crime King kicks Thunder Thief in the face, knocking him unconscious.


Crime King's plan worked to perfection. Aside from the broken ribs. He knew
Thunder Thief could not resist attempting to steal power from Retro-9. That's why he added a false compartment to Retro-9. Inside he put in a mini generator that would briefly super charge Thunder Thief. Until that energy  counter acted with Thunder Thief's power. Essentially drugging him.

Crime King used Thunder Thief to power the Rulian Contact device. He was only able to send a brief message. It turned out that being a living battery did not kill him.  Crime King left Thunder Thief at FBI headquarter with a note attached.

"All imitators will fall to the true king."

Unfortunately Crime King was not prepared for the headline in America Daily.

"Crime King brings Most Wanted to justice."

They wanted to give him a parade. It sickened Crime King. But they would
fear him, once he became Rulian Vice Roy of Earth. That is if they ever returned his message.

As he checkes the inbox to see if he has a reply. His Crime
Castle begins shaking. A blue light took over the room blinding him briefly. When
his sight returned, he sees a neon multicolored armor. It it a Rulian!!!

"Master I am your humble servant. When shall our conquest begin?"

Retro-9's eyes lit up.

"Observation: That is an empty Ruler Class Fighter Suit. Included is a
holo note."

Crime King touches a button on the Fighter Suit. A hologram comes on. It is a
note. But he can not read the alien language.

"Retro-9 translate the letter."

"Translating: Thank you for your interest in the Rulian Empire. At this time we
feel your planet (Earth) is not right for Rulian Conquest. Please
accept one Rulian Fighter Suit (preworn).

The Ruler."

Crime King feels disappointed. But then he imagines what he can do with the
Rulian Fighter Suit. Yes with its power, Crime King will be a true force. The
Brass Blizzards and Green Lama's of the world, will tremble before him.
He walks over to the Fighter Suit.

"How do you put this thing on?"

The End

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chronicles of the Crime King:Weekend Edition 6


Retro-9 was computing the information given to him by Crime King.

"It's very simple Retro-9. Thunder Thief is essentially an energy vampire.

Primarily electrical energy. The more he absorbs the greater his electrical
discharges. We capture him, hook him up to the communicator and we have a
living battery. Powerful enough to charge the communicator to send a
brief request to the Rulian Empire."

"Observation:  This could potentially kill Thunder Thief."

"Not my problem."

"Query: How will you locate Thunder Thief. He has proven elusive to both law
enforcement agencies and vigilantes."

"Very simple Retro-9. Thunder Thief has an obvious weakness. He loves the
spotlight. Look at the other big story in the Daily Answer."

"Scanning: American hostages freed from Irathawait."

"Thunder Thief will not miss this opportunity to steal the spotlight.
We prepare an ambush for him and we have our battery."


Thunder Thief lived for this. He loved taking the spotlight. He just
hates having things forced down his throat. Always some Super Bowl or Academy Awards show or concert. If something has to be the center of attention it might as
well be him. The latest thing annoying him are the Irathawait hostages.

"Oh lets throw you a parade because you were stupid and weak enough to be
captured." He thinks to himself. He plans on kidnapping the hostages. Oh he
would release them later. But after he was in the news. Nobody would
think of the hostage crisis without thinking of Thunder Thief.

He scouts the landing site and The Liberty Corps is out in full force. Lead of
course by Sergent Sargent and E-Unit. They had been on his tail non stop since the Super Bowl heist. But they could not handle THE THUNDER THIEF!!!!

Thunder Thief thinks to himself.

"Getting rid of E-Unit will be tricky. Need to make it look like I'm
trying to hurt the president."

Thunder Thief would never kill the president of the United States. Not
because he is particularly noble. But because it would pigeon hole him. No matter how spectacular the crime he would be "That guy who killed the president."

He was going to send a power surge into a seemingly harmless antenna. The
electrical bolt will be timed just right so that a Secret Service member will save the president at the last second. Thunder Thief prepares to send the bolt when.

"You're coming with me Thunder Thief."

Thunder Thief turns around thinking Green Lama or the Brass Blizzard had
figured out his plan. What he saw surprised him.

"Crime King???"

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Live and Larva Day 4


Spare Tire is in the Liberty Base Hangar, working on repairing Fat Lucy. When he hears the alarm, he begins thinking out loud.

"I swear its a wonder I get any work done. Either I'm fightin those Necraknobs or some lard monster. Heck last week the base was attacked by a buncha walkin flowers and lizards. Its no wonder I ain't got Fat Lucy back to workin order."

When he punches in the security code to lock up the hanger. He hears something rustling above his head.

"Now what in burnt rubber is that noise?"

Before Spare Tire can scream, he is wrapped in a cocoon by the Living Larva.


Laugh Track and BoomeRanger are hunting down the creature that took Courtney Hendrix and just now Spare Tire.

Laugh Track's real name is Roger Standing Rain. He is a Native American from the Karankawa Tribe. As a boy the Tribe Expected great things from him. At the age of twelve he was a great hunter and tracker. In addition to being a fantastic athlete. But Roger had little interest in being either an athlete or leading the tribe.

His heart was in comedy. As a boy he memorized Jack Benny Radio shows. He wanted to be a stand up comedian. This love lead him to working at Indian Casino's in the North East. He was Chief Ha Ha and he was fairly popular with the tourist.

He was content with his life, until he met the Crime King and his robotic partner Retro-9. Seems they were obsessed with obtaining a root that grew on the land near the Casino. The root was worthless. Its why the Sanpo had stopped farming in the first place. But Crime King was convinced the roots were some source of mystic energy.

The Sanpo chief had offered Crime King as much of the root as they had. But it was not enough for him. He wanted to tear the Casino down and use a plant accelerator to make a massive quantity of the root.

That was when Laugh Track's life changed. It was when he met Sergent Sargent and the E-Unit. They destroyed the plant accelerator before it could do any harm. Crime King made a run for it.

Even with their advanced technology, they could not find him. But Laugh Track found him within an hour. After that Sergent Sargent asked him to join the team.

It has been a rocky relationship. Laugh Track still follows the beat of his own drummer. Which sometimes puts him at odds with his friends.

But despite his joking demeanor, he is series about his work. He looked at a sample of the cocoon Sergent Sargent took from the infirmary. It appears to be something resembling the cocoon of a butterfly or moth.

"Eh Laugh Track, you get a bead on this booger yet. I want to cut it down before the Horse Power boys can claim the glory."

"Yeah Boomer, we'll save up all the glory for you. What do you want me to write on your body cast?"

"What's that suppose to mean Track?"

"It means I saw the security tape and I'm not anxious to end up tucked in by that thing. If I see it. I'm calling Horse Power, before you can blink. Now shut up."

"Fine then more glory for BoomeRanger."

BoomeRanger was fidgeting with his razor-e-rangs. Sharp enough to cut thru most material. BoomeRanger was born Tyler Breeds, he started off as an infantryman who............


Something snatched one of the Grunts.

Laugh Track takes out his communicator.

"We are in F Sector. Need Horse Power now. We just got invited to a Slumber party."

Before Laugh Track can sign off, a fist that feels like a hardened cocoon knocks him into the trash receptacle.

He climbs out with a banana peel on his head.

"I've heard of going to the dumps but this ridiculous."

BoomeRanger sends two Razor-e-rangs at the Living Larva. The creature spits a fine line of cocoon at the boomerangs taking their momentum.

Two of the remaining Grunts fire their pulse rifles. But the Larva's speed is deceptive. It sends a line of cocoon to the roof and pulls itself out of the way. Before the Grunts can fire again, the Larva catapults itself at them. They are quickly wrapped in personal cocoons.

But the Larva has forgotten Boomeranger. Who tosses a Bomberang at the creature's face. BoomeRanger leaps onto the Larva with a new Razor-e-rang in hand. He looks down, seeing he managed to crack its shell.

"Oh my oh my......."

As BoomeRanger takes in the horrific sight, the Living Larva captures him in a cocoon.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Live and Larva Day 3


Sergent Sargent and the Horse Power team are talking to the injured Grunts, as
they fly back to Liberty Base in the Eagle's Claw.

"I know you boys got knocked loopy, but we need to know who it was that
snatched Thunder Thief."

"Uh Sarge...... Sorry my head is killing me. He he was um he was wearing this
tattered brown robe with these weird symbols. Got a look at um uh his face. Looked like it had been in the ground rotting. Owwwww my head feels like it is trying to crack open. "

"Go lay down soldier. Alright Grunt 498 can you add anything to what Grunt
006 said?"

"Me and 006 pulled out our pulse rifles and fired. Usually with Powered
Miscreants they deflect the blast, move or simply absorb it. This guy
was different.

This guy split himself in two and pulled himself together like a piece
of ground beef. Then he had tendrils of smoke escape his nose and attacked us."

"Did you visors pick up any unusual energy signatures from him?"

"Yeah it was similar to the Necronoids, And he was cold."

"What do you mean soldier?"

"It was forty degrees colder than a living human body should be."

Zane Dresden speaks on the intercom.

"Sarge we're approaching Liberty Base. Dr.Hendrix is waiting in the
base hanger.  Said he needs to speak to Stallion er David."


In a world that is only seconds away, if one knows the right path to

Thunder Thief lies on a slab made of bone and rock. His injuries are being
attended to by strange looking creatures. Their skulls are a combination of metal and bone. Or rather half of it looks like a human skull and the other like a robot of some sort. He pulls himself up. Sitting on the slab wearily.

"Good you're already recovering. You're a remarkable specimen."

He sees a man in a tattered brown robe covered with arcane symbols. His hands
and face appear to be rotting flesh. It is unsettling, but Thunder
Thief has been in this game for awhile. You learn to adjust.

"What happened to me? Last thing I remember is Sergent Sargent throwing some
kinda claw at me."

"That claw was a device to block off your powers. But you are a
fighter and refused to go quietly. The more you fought the device, the more your
electrical powers backed up.  Essentially you cooked all of your
internal organs."

"So why am I not croaked?"

"You have me to thank. I grabbed you as you were on the verge of oblivion and
brought you here. In the Necromizone death has no meaning. I am free to repair
you and make you greater than you were."

Thunder Thief looks down at his singed body and then at Professor Necro.

"I suppose I should lay back down and let you finish working."


"Where is Courtney!?!?!"

"I don't know David. I looked at the security tapes and I don't know
what happened."

"Where were you? Why did you let your sister go in that room alone?"

"David my sister is a grown woman. I could not stop her if I wanted to. I was
unarmed and its not like I have a Horse Buckle."

"What about you Private Bedlam?! Why did you let a Science Bulb go into a
 Stage 3 situation alone?!? As a Drone that is one of your only jobs!!!"

"Sir I was ordered by Dr.Hendrix to hang back. I am not afraid of anyone or
anything. That goes for you. With all due respect."

This was all David Foster needed to hear. He grabs Private Bedlam by
the collar. Romero Sanchez gets between them.

"DAVID!!!!! This is not helping!!! Private Bedlam return to your post. We
will talk to you later."

Sergent Sargent looks at a piece of the Cocoon taken from the Infirmary.

"Liberty Base is on Lock Down. Zane who do we have on base?"

"Laugh Track, BoomeRanger, Spare Tire and Mess Hall."

"Okay you contact the agents on the outside and have them ready to form a
second front. Lets move out."

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Live and Larva Day 2


Courtney Hendrix is fuming. She watched her brother Curt Hendrix, rise thru the
Liberty Corps Bulb ranks very quickly. Until he became the head of Research and Development.

Ever since Project Horse Power launched, Curt has been drunk with power.

Now Martin Howard is in the infirmary. No one really knows what he ingested. If
Curt had taken the time to to get permission to transfer Martin, they could have taken precautions.

Courtney sees her brother at the entrance to the infirmary with Pvt.Bedlam. Curt  has been spending a lot of time with him lately. The only thing Courtney knows is Bedlam was an early candidate for the Horse Power program. But was rejected for some reason.

"Curt how could you end Project:Lepidos, without consulting the other Bulbs?"

"Courtney I respect you as my sister and as a colleague, but this is my
division and all decisions end with me."

"We'll see what Director Powers thinks of your attitude."

"Courtney there is no need to involve the Director in this
squabble. I'm broken up by what happened to Dr.Howard.
I'm taking time out of my busy day to make sure he is recovering."

"Well aren't you sweet Curt. I think......"

The brother and sister hear a scream emanating from Martin Howard's room.

Courtney with no thought to her own safety, runs to the room. What she sees is shocking. Even for a person who recently saw Greasetrap:The Frying Man up close and personal.  Standing by Martin Howard's bed was something that looked like a walking cocoon.

Two of the Med Kit robots were smashed to pieces. Courtney quickly takes out
her pistol.

Before she can fire off one sho,t this Living Larva knocks her unconscious and
covers her in a thick layer of something resembling a spider's web.


Sergent Sargent and Horse Power are standing around the body of Thunder Thief,
as they prepare him for transport. Before he can be loaded into the
rubber lined van, a familiar door of black light appears. Out of it steps a dozen Necronoids.

Stallion closes the mouth hinge on his armor, covering his face.

"Alright team take the Necronoids down cleanly and quickly. We need to capture
at least one for study. Grunt Patrol guards Thunder Thief."

Stallion and Clydesdale attack six of the Necronoids, as Sergent
Sargent, Mustang and Bronco attack the other six.

The Horse Power team do not summon their weapons. Choosing to fight the
Necronoids hand to hand. Clydesdale clotheslines two of them. Grabbing another by the arm and driving its body into the fallen pair of Necronoids.

"Blast it Clydesdale, I told you to avoid damaging them!!!"

One Necronoid is trying to hit Stallion with a force beam from its robo eye, but
Stallion nimbly avoids it. Leap froging over the blast and kicking the
Necronoids head off.

Clydesdale holding two broken Necronoids down takes the time to say.

"Oh but Stallion we aren't suppose to damage them."

A slightly irritated Stallion concedes the point.

Meanwhile Sergent Sargent is holding his own.  Avoiding the
robo beams while hitting well timed zaps with his laser bayonet. Since the
Necronoids are not alive, he does not have to hold back.

Mustang has two of the Necronoids in a speed generated vortex. Using his speed
he whips one of them into the Necronoids fighting Sergent Sargent.
Next he drives the other one into the waiting fist of Bronco.

"That is some fancy fighting Mustang. But Stallion said to keep em in
one piece."

As the fighting continues, out of another door of black light steps
Professor Necro. Two of the Grunts fire their rifles at the robed
figure. Necro splits himself in two to dodge the blast. Grabs the two
Grunts with twin tendrils of smoke and slam their heads into the ground.

He leans down at the near death Thunder Thief. Whispering into his ear.

"Your time upon this plane nears its end.
But I will make you more, than you were before."

The black light envelops Professor Necro and Thunder Thief. As if they were never there to begin with. Sergent Sargent and the Horse Power team are bewildered, as the Necronoids vanish as quickly as they appeared.

"Thunder Thief is gone,"

"Say that again Mustang?"

"Thunder Thief is gone and the Grunts guarding him are knocked out.
Looks like they took a nasty fall."

"Lets get back to the base."

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Live and Larva Day 1


Martin Howard has been a Liberty Corps Bulb for three years now. His main line of research involves caterpillars, butterflies and cocoons. So far his research has not returned anything useful.

He has been testing out a way for a human being to be wrapped in a cocoon. A injured or sick person could wrap themselves in the cocoon, and emerge healthy. It seemed a dead end until last week. That was when a severely burned mouse emerged from a cocoon, fully healed. It did not even have a scar. Yes Martin was sure this was his chance at greatness.

"Martin I need to speak to you."

It was Dr.Curt Hendrix. He was the head Bulb in the Liberty Corps and Martin's
boss. He had never been thrilled with Martin's line of research. Curt seemed to
dislike any research that did not work toward building weapons.

"What can I do for you Dr.Hendrix?"

"We're shutting you down Martin."

"My research is finally showing results. I have a presentation

"I'm afraid you don't Martin. You shouldn't worry. You still have a
job here, but this butterfly division is finished. Private Bedlam escort Dr.Howard
to his new lab."

Martin cannot bear to watch his life's work thrown away. Before Private Bedlam
can get to him. Martin Howard grabs his Chrysalis Mixture and ingest it. The
formula burns Martin Howard's insides. He begins to thrash about his small work

He begins to move toward Curt Hendrix, when Private Mark Bedlam takes him
down using a judo throw, and presses his standard issue baton against Martin
Howard's throat.

"We need medics in here right now."

Curt Hendrix walks over to Mark Bedlam, and places his hand on his shoulder.

"Very impressive work Private Bedlam."

"Thank you Sir."

"How is it you have not been promoted?"


This was Thunder Thief's big night. Horse Power has almost ruined his career. a
few years ago Thunder Thief was the talk of the Nation.

"Jerk ruins Super Bowl, Raiders forfeit."

"Grammy Ceremony ends in chaos. Three Dog Night down to Two."

"Final Episode of MASH ends prematurely, as nation experiences mysterious
black out."

Even E-Unit could not stop him. He was too powerful, then Horse Power appeared.

He remembers the week he encountered them for the first time. He was in a fabulous mood,
because his "rival" Crime King had been arrested by E-Unit.

That sniveling little worm has managed to elude the wrath of Thunder Thief for
years. So it did him good to see Crime King captured. Rumor has it he
is trapped in his own Battle Armor.

That did not matter though. Thunder Thief was preparing for his
biggest crime yet.

He was going to kidnap the President of the United States. He had
taken down the Secret Service agents with ease. One well placed volt fell twenty agents.

As he ran toward the President, a green blur appeared before him. It
looked like a Green Horse robot. Thunder Thief had encountered super powered vigilantes
before. But nothing as strange or overwhelmingly powerful as Horse Power.

Before he could prepare a strategy, the Green Horse had been joined by three
teammates. Red,Yellow and Blue Horse robots with that blasted Sergent Sargent.
Knowing he was over matched, Thunder Thief created a massive electrical fire in
the White House. Heroes that they are, Horse Power put their energy into saving
people instead of capturing him.

The next day Thunder Thief was sickened by what he read.

"Horse Power foils super villain."

His picture was not included in the paper, and the article did not even
mention him by name. It was like that for the next six months. He attempted to commit a
spotlight stealing crime, and Horse Power stopped him. His only advantage was
their energy weapons super charged him.

Tonight is different. The Kids Cable Channel Awards aired tonight. The Boy
Band Mierda are performing.

When the curtain raises, he is going to attack. He'll only spare the precocious
performers, if he is given Five Million dollars in gold.

The curtain is raises and Mierda's backs are facing the audience. Thunder Thiefshort circuits the stage lights causing an explosion. Always important to make a proper entrance.

"I'm sorry children, but Mierda will not be "Digging into your hearts"
tonight. So says Thunder Thief........"

Thunder Thief does not remember the members of Mierda being so large. He
certainly does not remember Micky Escobar being 6 foot 6 and having a beard.

The center boy standing well over six feet tall turns toward Thunder Thief and
removes his fedora. It is that blasted Sergent Sargent.

"Thunder Thief we don't know any of Mierda's songs. But we know one song that's number one with a bullet."

Together the Team takes out devices that resemble miniature
horse collars.

With big grins across their faces, they simultaneously shout.


A flash of light goes across the stage, as the four members of E-Unit transform into
Horse Power. Stallion,Bronco, Clydesdale and Mustang.

Thunder Thief knows what to do. He will endanger the audience.  He
fires a bolt of electricity into the crowd. He can't believe Horse Power did nothing to stop him. Then he takes a closer look. The arena is empty.

Sergent Sargent begins to speak.

"This has been a long time coming Thunder Thief. You were at the top
of our most wanted list. We took a portion of Liberty Corps profits and started a
cable network and record label. We put a lot of energy into making Mierda the hottest band on earth. We knew the awards show, and a live Mierda performance would draw you out into the open."

"Well Sergent you certainly outsmarted me. But I just realized

Thunder Thief hits Sergent Sargent in the jaw with a super charged
fist. Sending him flying into the set of the award show. In addition to allowing him to discharge volts of electricity, Thunder Thief's energy absorbing powers, grant him limited super strength and speed depending on the amount of power absorbed.

He punches a hole thru the floor and makes a run for it.

Horse Power checks on Sergent Sargent.

"Forget me!!! Go get Thunder Thief!!!"

Thunder Thief had studied a map of the cities sewer system, before this
job started. He was confident he could escape. The Red Horse Power Clydesdale burst thru a
wall in front of Thunder Thief.

Thunder Thief sends a volt of energy into the ceiling above Clydesdale. Causing
him to be buried under debris.

When he turns around, he sees the Blue, Green and Yellow Horse Powers waiting
for him. He runs at his would be captors and attacks them. He connects
with a right cross to the head of Stallion (the Blue Horse Power), a spin kick to
the torso of Bronco (the Yellow Horse Power) and tackles Mustang (The Green Horse Power) into a wall.

Thunder Thief has underestimated Sergent Sargent. Who is now blocking his path, he is holding something that resembles the claw in a crane game.

"Sorry to break it to you Sarge, but I just took out your boys. What hope do you have?"

"My boys are just fine. They've already recovered and are behind you."

Thunder Thief turns his head briefly, and sees the Sergent is telling
the truth.

"But you can still get away, if you can get past me."

Sergent Sargent flips a switch on the crane claw and it begins to
hum. The claw flies toward Thunder Thief and clamps onto him.

"This is a little toy our Liberty Corps Bulbs whipped up. They
nicknamed it "the Sarge Protector". See it is absorbing your kinetic energy, and strengthening its hold on you."


Thunder Thief fights "The Sarge Protector". Gathering more and more energy.

Stallion opens the hinges on the mouth of his armor.

"Thunder Thief stop struggling. You are just going to hurt yourself."


A blue light fills the sewer,s as "The Sarge Protector" fell off of
Thunder Thief. Horse Power prepare for an attack, only to see Thunder Thief's charred body collapse to the ground.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Fast Times in Video Land Day 13

                                                                Mustang sprite


The end is near for Co-Op and Spare Tire. Even after being joined by Mess Hall,
they are still being overwhelmed by the Komondos.  As they stand in a corner,
preparing to launch one final attack, they make peace with one another.

"Mess Hall, I was the one who wrote that scathing review of your Raisin Salmon
Peanut Sandies."

"That's okay Co-Op, I knew it was you because a your flowery writing."

"And Spare Tire I did not really invent the Zone Racer X606. I only created the
prototype that became the Zone Racer X606."

"That's still pretty impressive."

As they lift their weapons and head into battle, the Komondos and Thorn Troopers

"What in the bloomin onion?"


"Now Jury Rig!!!!!!"

Jury Rig switches on the Feedback Fighter. It absorbs the Psionic energy of
Braionic and sends it back into the creature.

"Bronco lets finish him."

Clydesdale plants his Horse Hammer handle into the ground. Bronco takes
his Bronco Shooters and connects them at the handles. Then connects it
to the head of the hammer.

"Bronco/Clydesdale Combo HAMMER/SHOOTER FIRE!!!!!!!!"

The blast connects with the weakened Braionic. Blasting the creature to pieces
while blowing up the Feedback Fighter.



Stallion and Mustang have transformed back to David Foster and Zane Dresden.

"Are you going to join us Commander 64?"

"No Zane, I'm staying here. Multh says I'm still needed since the
prophecy has not been fulfilled."

Multh raises his head from the scroll.

"With Dragonmace gone a power vacumn has been created. Zulth was not
destroyed. He and the Raging Tigers will wage a bloody war over the Komondo

"So Multh what do I do with the Lonely Sword. I guess since I was the
chosen one I take it with me?"

Before Multh can answer, Zane drops the Lonely Sword. He goes to pick it up, but
can not even lift the handle.

"Hey what give GRRRRR........   COME ON......

"Ah yes I see. You were only able to draw the Lonely Sword, due to an incredible
need and extraordinary circumstances. Under normal conditions you are
not worthy."

"What? Then how the heck are you gonna get the sword back to that rock?"

The sword begins to glow and flies away. Its
destination the bedrock it was drawn from.

"Sergent must you leave? You saved us from the bad General. We're not done
thanking you."

"Uh another time ladies."

Multh would look amused if one could see his face.

"Gather in the circle as I do the incantation. Atari, Coleco, Midgard, AGES!!!!"

Commander 64 waves goodbye

"Bye Zane, I won't forget you!!!!!"

As Zane, David and Sarge wave good bye they disappear in a pixellated
wave as if they never existed.

The Native American ladies come up to Multh.

"Are you really the Great Mage of all worlds?"

"Um yes you see."

"Is that your staff?"

"Um oh my...."


Sergent Sargent, Zane Dresden and David Foster appear in Zane's living quarters at Liberty Corps HQ. They see crews of Grunts cleaning up the damage.

Multh had told them a swarm of Komondos and Thorn Troopers escaped during
the battle with Dragonmace.

Upon seeing the condition of his room.

"Aw what happened. No my Van Halen albums are ruined. Could this day get
any worse."

He looks over and sees Brutus Roberts and Romero Sanchez sitting on whats left
of his couch looking at the floor.

"Guys I can buy more Van Halen records. I still have the casette tapes."

Co-Op walks over and explains about what has occurred this day. Zane,
David and Sergent Sargent look sick.

"Road Test?"


"Come on Jimmy, lets play some basketball!!!!"

"Its too hot outside, I'm gonna play some Video Hockey."

"Hey that's a poor attitude for a kid to have!!!"

"Spare Tire!"

"That's right kids and I'm here to tell you that exercise is
important. Oh you mind if I sit down? I walked all the way over here.
Yeah that's the stuff. So where was I?"

"You were saying exercise was important."

"Yeah yeah go play outside. You can't spend all day playing these fun
vidya games. Hey you kids got any pretzels and soda pop?"

"Yeah here you go."

"Know better."

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chronicles of the Crime King:Weekend Edition 6


The first thing Crime King realizes looking at his newly gathered army is he is
not going to overtake the Washington Monument. E-Unit would take them down
before he could blink. The recruits varied greatly in height and weight. He never gave proper credit to the Trainer for having recruits of the same basic build. Certainly made equipping and clothing them easier.

Looking them over some of them are very fat, others merely pudgy,some short
others tall and skinny. One recruit stood out. He was the army corporal.

"Squire what is your name?"

"Ron Mitch my liege."

"Mitch you are now my top squire. From this day forward you are Crime Knight."

"Thank you Crime King."

With that the training began. The ragtag group...... Remained a
ragtag group. But they took basic instruction well and Crime Knight had turned them into a competent team. Still nothing that could handle E-Unit. But Retro-9 had found a work around.

"We can build a much smaller version of the device....."

"Why did you not mention this earlier?"

"It would require a great power source. Looking at a map of the
continental United States I have located three places that could provide the power
required. One is the Hoover Dam, the other two are nuclear energy plants."

"Retro-9 that puts us right back where we started!!! I swear the Rulians
should of stopped........."

Crime King sees a newspaper being read by one of the Squires. the
headline caught his eye.

"Thunder Thief robs Super Bowl, Raiders forfeit."

Crime King has found his power source and it won't even draw the ire of local

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Chronicles of the Crime King:Weekend Edition 5

Unfortunately for Crime King, there was more to video games than "bleeps, bloops and bright colors."  In addition to the poor quality of King's Ransom,  the distributor did not have the resources he claimed. The game was released into few stores. Those that bought it did not play very long.

"One hundred and thirty six? One hundred and thirty six?!? ONE HUNDRED
AND THIRTY SIX!!!!!!!!!!  King's Ransom only sold One hundred and thirty six

Crime King was upset by this development. He needed his army to take the
Washington Monument to contact the Rulian Empire. Retro-9's lights begin

"Crime King there are other plans. You spoke of releasing a musical album."

"Bah why would the hip hop album, sale any better than the video game."

"Perhaps country and or western."

"No Retro-9 this was the plan. I grow weary of entrusting my dwindling
capital to some fly by night music producer. For now I am going to relax and watch Happy Days. Though I grow weary of recent cast changes."

"Tonight on Third Page we take a look at the video game industry."

"This is not Tom Bosley or even Linda Purl!!!!"

"Our children spend hours every day playing these games but what do we know
about them. Is there any harm to playing Donkey Kong, Dragon Mace, Burger
Time or Kung Fury? There is debate among experts, on whether these
games hurt a child's intellectual development.

But recent reports have been released that some people suffered
brain damage and seizures after playing these games. Corporal Ron Mitch went AWOL after playing a game called King's Ransom."

"Retro-9 did you hear that? He was playing King's Ransom."

"Then the tragic story of Timmy Tribune. A solid C student and first
alternate on his lacrosse team. Timmy had a bright future ahead of him. We talked to his mother.

"Oh my Timmy was such a good boy. Always did his chores with only needing to be asked twice. I worried about him playing, too many of those video games. But he told me they helped with his homework. He said Custer's Revenge was for his history report, so naturally I bought it for him."

"But things changed Mrs.Tribune?"

"Yes he bought King's Ransom. Now he goes into trances and talks of
building a transmitter, to contact something called the Rulian Empire. 'SOB'..."

"Parents groups have organized a rally, to burn copies of King's Ransom."

"Do you know what this means Retro-9?"

"That you will receive a much larger royalty check than initially expected."

"No. It means....."

Before Crime King can finish his statement there is a knock on his
door. He looks out to see fifteen men and one girl.

"Hail Crime King!!!!!"

Crime King thinks to himself.

"Well this is a start."