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Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:TRAPPED!!!! Day 5


Sergent Sargent is getting the burns on his forearm treated by head Liberty Corps field doctor, Triage.

"Sergent you're lucky these are only first degree burns."

"Don't I know it Triage. But right now we have bigger concerns. Greasetrap is still on the loose."

David Foster speaks up. He is still in his Horse Power armor but the mouth is opened revealing his face.

"Sarge I'm sorry about earlier. We have been too dependent on Horse Power. But we are ready to work as a team again."

"That's okay David. How is Clydesdale, I mean Brutus?"

"He's okay. Once he powered down the armor started auto repair."

"Good, because right now the important thing is finding Greasetrap."


Mess Hall has recovered from his injuries, suffered during the invasion the previous week. He returned to the kitchen in an arm sling, but that has not slow him down. He started on his meatloaf marshmallow balls and had found just the right amount of pineapple to add to it.

Oh the boys pretended not to like it. Well all the boys but Zane Dresden, who ate ten. But he knew they would come around once he added the almonds. He needs to wash his hands. They are covered in peanut butter and mushroom soup. He turn on the sink and nothing comes out.

"What in the blasted world. I just had this sink fixed. Dang Spare Tire, he was more concerned with the pie cart. "Oh a wheel is wobbly." Yeah why don't you remove one of those banana cream pies weighing it down. I tell ya I don't get paid enough......"

As he says this something comes out of the sink. But it is not water.
It is thick and lumpy. It is Greasetrap, Mess Hall turns around wrench in hand.

"What in the blamed......"

Greasetrap slams him into the lunch counter. Mess Hall takes out his
blaster and shoots him between the eyes, only to see the shots land harmlessly. Unfazed he bashes in Greasetrap's head with his wrench. Greasetrap grabs Mess Hall by the throat.

"Gonna ask one time bubby. Where is the Omniblex?"

"What in Sweet Hazel are you talking about?"

"Arrrrghhhhhh useless!!!!!"

Greasetrap throws Mess Hall into a wall. Before Mess Hall goes under he hits the alarm.


Zane Dresden is still in his Mustang armor. The mouth opened revealing his face. Along with Romero "Bronco" Sanchez. They are with Brutus"Clydesdale"Roberts. Who is being examined by one of the med bots. Seeing if the damage the Clydesdale armor received has effected him.

"Look I'm fine. We need to find Greasetrap."

The med bot speaks.

"Examination not completed. More test required."

Before Brutus can protest, the alarm sounds. All three know Greasetrap has returned. Brutus stands up and grips his horse buckle.


Brutus Roberts changes into the red metallic horse robot.

"Alright lets go get Greasetrap!!!"

Bronco and Mustang close the mouth hinges on their armor. Bronco speaks up.

"You guys go get Greasetrap. I have a plan, but I need to find somebody first."

"Fine it's a plan. Mustang lets move."

With that the Horse Power team goes into action.


The Fire Grunts are trying to hold back Greasetrap with their foam shooters. These shooters have put out forest fires. But are limited against something like Greasetrap.


The Fire Grunts are bewildered by this.

"Ignore it!!! It's just crazy alien talk like those things that attacked the headquarters!!!!"

"I am not an alien!!!"

He shoots a stream of hot grease at the Fire Grunts. There
burns would be fatal if their suits were not made to withstand extreme heat.

Greasetrap steps over their fallen bodies to continue his search.


Sergent Sargent and Stallion have joined the search for Greasetrap.
This time the Earthmauler would not help since the monster is sticking to confined spaces.

"Stallion I just got a call from the Fire Grunts. They were taken down
by Greasetrap in Corridor Y."

"Sarge that's right above...."

"The Chamber.... Could be a coincidence, but I'm not taking a chance on lard lord finding it. Let's move."


Greasetrap is frustrated. Something inside him can feel he is at
the right place. But all he sees is the same blasted rooms and halls.

"Since when do soldiers need classes? It's all point and click."

"I dunno some of the boys like to learn. Whether it be history,
science, math or not becoming a stupid pile of lard who has passed the same room six times in a row. "

"You..... I'll finish the job I started on your arm."

"Let me guess you heard about the Liberty Corps charity fish fry and wanted to offer your services."

"Only thing I'm gonna fry is the flesh off your face."

Stallion comes out of the door next to Greasetrap, Sword in hand.

"Where's your lady friend? Wanted to give her a make over."

"Oh you know women. She went out shopping."

Clydesdale burst thru the wall.

"Well Big Red. Looks like I get to finish what I started on you too."

Mustang runs to the side of Sergent Sargent in a green blur.

"And you never even got to me."

"That'll change Green Bean. That'll change."

The fight begins.


Sergent Sargent realizes he does not have super powers. He is staying in the background. Allowing Stallion, Mustang and Clydesdale to fight. The arm that was burned is the one he uses to fire his bayonet. Now is not the time to test out fighting leftie.

The team is faring much better this time. Fighting as a unit. Stallion cuts Greasetrap in half with his sword. Next Clydesdale splatters the halves to pieces with his hammer. Now Mustang is scrambling the pieces with his super speed.

A good strategy but not a finisher. They need time, time for the
bulbs to do their work.

The pieces of Greasetrap consolidate around the feet of Mustang
Greasetrap grabs Mustang and drives his head into the floor.

"Glue Factory time horsies!!!!!"

Greasetrap brings himself to an intense boil and explodes in every direction.


Clydesdale steps in front of Sergent Sargent. Saving him from being burned again. The team are down and at the mercy of the Frying Man .

"Look at me. Late to the party and I even brought an uninvited guest."

It is Bronco and with him is a beautiful woman with strawberry blond hair wearing goggles, a brown jump suit with a metal back pack. Sarge recognizes her instantly.

"Sandblast!!! Had no idea you were back already."

"Just got in last night. I was able to stop Desert Rose from killing
the Shah of Mybackahurt."

Greasetrap is angry.

"Hey BIMBO!!!! I'm in the middle of something."

Sandblast calmly lowers her goggles to cover her eyes. She lifts the cannon attached to her pack and fires. The cannon shoots pressurized sand. It covers Greasetrap from head to toe.

"Interrupting people is rude Mr.Trap. Say why don't you boys finish your game."

Greasetrap tries to boil but it is not working. The sand puts the fire out before it can start. He tackles Sandblast and they both crash thru a wall to the grounds of Liberty Corps headquarters.

"Not so tough now bimbo."

Sandblast is hurt but chuckles slightly. She hits a button on a remote that summons the Sandstormer. The Sandstormer is a sleek hover tank. Designed for desert combat. It's cannons serve the same purpose as Sandblast sand pack does. The Sandstormer's cannon fires a barrage of sand at Greasetrap.

The Horse Power team land on the ground surrounding Greasetrap. The Horse Power Combination Power Blaster already formed. Together they scream


Greasetrap is shattered to pieces. The pieces attempt to reform when they are sucked into a canister. The canister is held by Courtney Hendrix. Stallion gives her a hug then speaks to the canister.

"See Greasetrap just like a woman. We're out working while she is getting a shiny new toy.



The Necronoids are unaffected by Professor Necro's outburst. They continue welding, sewing and carving.

"It is my fault for relying on humans. Powers or no powers they are weak and stupid. But soon I will have new soldiers. Soon my Necborgs will rise!!!!!!!!"


The Liberty Corps cafeteria. Horse Power, Courtney Hendrix, Sandblast and Sergent Sargent are eating Mess Hall's Meatloaf marshmallow balls.

"Well boys I'm proud of you. You learned a lesson and became a better team because of it. Especially you Bronco. You showed good initiative."

"Worth nothing Sarge. You bringing in Gravel Pit and the Earth Mauler, reminded me Sandblast was in town."

"That was some quality work Sandy. How long are you staying this time?"

"Desert Rose is still on the loose. So me and Sandstormer will have to
take off."

Sarge turns to David Foster and Courtney Hendrix.

"Good work on building the Greasetrapper. You must have started the second we got back."

"Not much to it Sarge. We just built a stronger version of a normal
grease trap. Like the one in the cafeteria."

Sarge takes another bite and speaks to Mess Hall.

"Mess Hall I gotta admit, I was wrong, these Meatloaf Marshmallow balls are delicious."

"Thanks Sarge. I used parts of Greasetrap for the secret ingredient."

Everyone looks disgusted but swallow politely. Except Zane Dresden who scoops up three more.


                                       Horse Sense

"Hey Jimmy want some chicken fingers?"

"But you can't you cook Billy."

"No problem I watched my dad use the deep fryer a billion times."

Billy goes to plug the deep fryer in, when a figure in white arctic
armor burst in.

Both kids exclaim.


"Kids never try to cook when your parents are not present. Especially not a deep fryer. Not everyone has a custom snow gun to put out fires."

"Thanks Coldsnap!!!!"

"Know better."

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