Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:TRAPPED!!!! Day 4

Greasetrap tightened his grip on Clydesdale and increased his
temperature further. Clydesdale can feel the life support systems in his
armor kick in. He thinks of the Grunts he sparred with today.
He imagined they felt as helpless as he feels right now.

He struggles to break the grip of Greasetrap, but he is unable to get any
leverage against its mushy form..

"Ha....Ha.....Hahahahaha!!!! Horsie melts in my hands not in my

Before he can become any hotter Stallion slashes him in two
with his sword.

"Mustang get Clydesdale away from here now!!!!!! I'll hold off

Greasetrap quickly pulls himself back together.

"You and what army?"

Greasetrap is ran over by the Earth Mauler
driven by Sergent Sargent.

"The Liberty Corps mush mouth!!!!!"

The Earth Mauler is a tank/earth mover/bulldozer. Used in
environments with urban decay. Here Sarge is making an exception.

"Gonna pay for that jarhead."

Greasetrap starts to boil and moves toward the Earth Mauler. Sergent
Sargent leaps at him, Laser Bayonet in hand. Greasetrap catches
Sergent Sargent's arm in his grip and burns him..As he lays on the
ground in pain, he gives the order.

"Now Gravel Pit!!!!"

Gravel Pit is the driver of the Earth Mauler normally. But tonight he is
manning the shovels. He drops a ton of dirt and gravel onto Greasetrap. Putting out his grease fire. Greasetrap is trying to ooze out of the dirt.

Stallion gives the next order.

"Alright lets bring out the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster!!!!!"

Clydesdale with one gauntlet melted gets up to his feet.


He sets the Hammer up as the base.

Bronco is next

"Bronco Shooters!!"

Bronco links the shooters by their handles and puts it on top of the
Stallion Sword.

Followed by Stallion

"Stallion Sword"

Stallion places his sword atop of the connected Bronco Shooters

Finally Mustang

"Mustang daggers!!!!"

He places the daggers on each side of the Stallion Sword.

Together they surround the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster.


In the blink of an eye the mysterious black light appears and takes
Greasetrap away.

Sergent Sargent gets to his feet, his burned arm wrapped in his vest.

"What in blue thunder??"


The last thing Greasetrap remembers is a ton of gravel and dirt
being dropped on his head. As he comes together he feels fear. He has
never seen anything like the Necromizone. The sky is a glowing
black light. The ground looks and feels like it is made of flesh, bone
and dirt. Over the mountains appeared long shadows of giants. One with the head of a bird. The other a dog?


It is the robed man from the hospital. He thought he had imagined him
when he was dying. He was a smallish man wearing a brown robe with
symbols he did not recognize. His face was rotting in places.

"W...what do you mean?"

"I did not give you this power to attack a fry cook."

"I have my reasons."

"Yes yes John Harvey Bates. You wanted revenge on the man who
burned you. You were a law enforcement officer who was corrupt."

"Hey you don't know what its like out there."

"You liked to get protection money from restaurants.Usually from greasy spoons.What was it you would do to the ones who refused to pay? Dip their hands in the grease fryer. That is until a man named Dwight Couch gave you a taste of your own medicine."

"Its not like that......"

"I DO NOT CARE!!!!!!!"

Professor Necro regains his composure.

"Greasetrap your only job is to take the Oblivorex crystal"


"You'll know it when you see it. I have found the general location to be
in the Liberty Corps headquarters. I need you to get to the base and find
it. Once you find it, I will return it to the rightful owner."

"Well if you're so tough why don't you go take it yourself."

"A splendid idea but I am unable to leave this place longer than a few
minutes at a time. Thus I must use agents such as yourself. NOW

With that Professor Necro raised his hand and sent Greasetrap back to
earth in a black light.

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