Monday, August 22, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:TRAPPED!!!! Day 3


Burger Barn is the oldest dining establishments in Lawnvale Ohio. The Burgers are greasy, the fries are overcooked, the drinks are watered down and it all cost too much. So why is it David Foster and Courtney Hendrix favorite restaurant? Because it is where they had there first date and later their first kiss. It helps that it is located near Liberty Corps HQ and has little waiting.

Tonight they are having their first night out in months.

"Courtney lets not talk about work tonight. I'm worn out."

"Isn't Horse Power making your job easier."

"Not really Courtney, In fact our work load has increased and this is work talk you sneak."

"Oops. You want a sup of my milkshake."

"You know I don't drink after anybody."

"I have an extra straw jerko."

Before David Foster can respond, he hears a scream come from the kitchen.


Dwight Couch got this job right out of high school. He told his then girlfriend Mindy that it was just for the summer. That was twelve years ago. He is still waiting for that promotion he was promised six years and two kids ago. Instead he has to work the fryers in the kitchen. It's okay mostly. The fryers are the only place he has any peace. No nagging Mindy, no bellowing teenage straw boss. Just Dwight and grease soaked fast food.

The grease has a sound all its own. All the pops and sizzles. after awhile it feels like it is talking to you. Looking down at the boiling grease it looks like it has eyes..... and a mouth.........

"OH MY GOD!!!!!!!"

Out of the fryer comes something. It looks like a man, a very large man made of grease.

"Surprised to see me Dwight!!!!!"


The monster grabs Dwight by the head and throws him into the dining room of the Burger Barn.

"Gonna die Dwight....."

"Horse Power Charge!!!!!"

For a man who suffered third degree burns and was transformed into a grease monster by a zombie wizard. John Harvey Bates is still shocked by what he sees. A man transformed into a blue humanoid horse robot.

"By the authority of the Liberty Corps, you are under arrest."

Stallion looks at the monster. It almost looks like it is grinning. The monster shoots a stream of grease at Stallion. Sending him crashing thru the Burger Barn window into the street. The monster then turns his feet into a platform of grease and flies at Stallion. He lifts one foot and stomps Stallion into the ground.

"Now you'll learn why they call me GREASETRAP:THE FRYING MAN!!!!!"


Courtney Hendrix does not scare easy. She has been a Science Bulb at Liberty Corps for nearly seven years now. She has been

Brainwashed by Dr.Mindfunk into being his Disco Diva.

Kidnapped by the Watermancer cult and offered as a sacrifice to Genkimaya.

Taken by Crime King and nearly made his Crime Queen.

Each time Courtney saved herself and foiled the bad guys bigger plan. Whether it be resurrecting a mad Water God, turning the moon into a giant mirror ball or simply stealing air time during the Super Bowl in an attempt to contact the Rulian Empire.

This was something different. David transformed into Stallion to save that cook from something that calls itself Greasetrap. Greasetrap has gotten the better of Stallion so far. Now he has his foot on Stallion's chest and has set himself to boil. This should not be possible. Courtney is a scientist she knows this should not be possible. But Horse Power should not be possible or any of the other Liberty Corps inventions.

The street is melting around Stallion. His eyes light up and the Stallion Sword appears in his hands. He stabs Greasetrap where his eyes should be and slices his head off. The monster staggers backwards. Then regenerates his head.


Greasetrap sets himself on fire. Suddenly he sees his arm go out. He looks behind him and sees a plain woman with brown hair holding a fire extinguisher.

"Ha.....Ha.....HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Fire Extingisher?"

"Courtney run!!!!!!!"

Stallion runs at Greasetrap only to be knocked down again.

Greasetrap walks toward Courtney Hendrix.

"Now where were we babe?"

Greasetrap splatters all over the street as a giant red hammer crashes on top of his head.

"You were busy falling apart."

It was Clydesdale, Mustang and Bronco. Bronco runs to Courtney.

"Court are you okay? We got your signal."

"Just a little shaken up Bronco. Where's Sergent Sargent?"

"Yeah we forgot to find him."

"How could you forget Sarge?"

Mustang speaks up.

"Look Courtney it happened really fast. Anyway we're the ones with super powers."

A giant mallet of grease drives Mustang into the ground.
Greasetrap has reformed.



Bronco fires his Bronco Shooters into Greasetrap's mid section. Only to watch the blast sink into him harmlessly. Greasetrap responds with a stream of boiling grease into Bronco's chest. Bronco is shocked to find he actually felt that and sinks to one knee. He thinks of his Sidewinder Cycle and how it could out maneuver anything.

Before it can follow up on his attack, Clydesdale swings his hammer. But this time Greasetrap catches Clydesdale's hammer and tosses it aside. Then puts Clydesdale into a bear hug. His strength is useless, as Greasetrap is too mushy to gain the right leverage.

Clydesdale felt the temperature increasing. He had never experienced heat like this. Portions of his armor are starting to melt. Mustang has recovered and charges at Greasetrap only to find himself slowed to a crawl because of a pool of grease surrounding his legs.

Clydesdale is trapped and Greaetrap was only getting hotter.

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