Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Fast Times in Video Land Day 5


Lord King Tymetrex of the Talon Tribe is better known by the title Dragonmace.
He obtained the title by winning a death tourney after the passing of Lord King Sinthor of the Claw People. He battled for days and nights before vanquishing his final foe. His prize for winning was the fabled Dragonmace. The weapon's origin is unknown.

The new Dragonmace's first act was to seize the Flower Kingdom. The previous Dragonmace's had been too timid to do this. For fear of arousing the ire of the other lands. He and his fellow Komondos had been forced to deal with the Flower People's condescending stares across the border for too long.

Within hours the Flower Kingdom was burning. They had little defense against the Komondo Armies and the Clambakers or the Ax Diggers of Dragonmace. He had the Flower Princess and was intent on making her his bride. By becoming their King, the Flower People would learn their place in the new social order.

The day of the wedding before he could make his final vows. The wedding was attacked by an outlander. He looked like an Ape had been partially saved. Wearing tan pants and jacket while wielding a hammer. He had smashed thru the Komondos with shocking ease. He took a rope and swung across the room and snatched the Flower Princess from Lord King Dragonmace's arms.

Dragonmace grabbed his weapon and a dark energy surrounded him. His eyes grew dark and he opened his mouth wide, shooting a stream of purple fire at the stranger and the flower princess. He could not let her return to the Flower Kingdom. But the stranger took the princess in his arms and jumped over the head of Dragonmace.

"Outlander tell me your name? For soon I will feast on your bones!!!!"

The Stranger preparing to leap out the window smiled.

"Oh the name's Adventure Ed. Don't count on eating my bones. Maybe you should snack on some beef jerk,y  a candybar or a nice pizza."

Adventure Ed vanished. It seems every two years he foils another of the Lord King Dragonmace's plans. But as he looks upon Adventure Ed bound and beaten. He knows that will not happen again. Still they were not able to grab the boy. The so called Commander 64. That worries Dragonmace. He will be contacted by Komondo Squads soon. They will have the boy and all will be set. The public execution of the G-Team will be in place.

"Um pardon me lord."

Its a Komondo and he looks terrified. He knows what the news is before the Komondo can say a word.

"Yes speak Komondo."

"We we we were unable to capture the Commander 64. He has a new ally. He he he comes from the same world as the Commander. He was a fierce fighter. He even commandeered a Clam Baker and destroyed a squadron. I....I....I am the only survivor."

Dragonmace's Mace turns a dark purple and fires a energy that incinerates the Komondo. Leaving only a pile of ashes.

"There were no survivors."

With that Dragonmace leaves the room.



The screams you hear are of Clydesdale, Bronco and the Grunt Patrol. The Psychic Jammer device of Jury Rig failed to work a second time on Braionic. Braionic somehow changed the frequency that his psionic powers operated on. Given time Jury Rig could have made the proper adjusments to the jammer. But the creature was learning and instintively took out Jury Rig first and smashed the jammer in the process.

Clydesdale blames himself. One of the first things you learn in combat is if something works once consider it a miracle. No excuses, its his fault for not preparing. He just hopes it does not get Bronco, Jury Rig and the Grunts killed.

Braionic is increasing the psychic voltage on the team. Clydesdale and Bronco are more protected than the Grunts and Jury Rig. Clydesdale summons his Horse Hammer. He pushes thru the Psionic field. He smashes at the brain of Braionic, the only part of of the creature that is not Psionic energy.

The creature releases its hold on the others. Focusing on Clydesdale. Clydesdale is determined not to stop until Braionic is defeated. With each swing of his hammer, Braionic increases his voltage. Clydesdale puts all of his energy into one last swing and put a dent in the brain of Braionic.


The creature unleashes a wave of energy that knocks out Clydesdale. Before the creature can finish off its red metallic enemy. It is hit with a sensation it has never experienced. A feeling that humans describe as freezing.

Before Braionic can adjust to this feeling it feels another sensation. Intense burning. Yes it knows this feeling. From its time in the Necromizone, being attacked by Professor Necro. Now it is being hit with both sensations simultaneously. It must focus and find the source of its pain.


Bronco was back to his feet. He could see the Grunts and Jury Rig were out. He looks across the street and sees Clydesdale collapsed in a heap. Bronco had a terrible thought.

"If Clydesdale is out, then who is fighting Braionic?"

He sees Cold Snap and Flash Fry taking the fight to Braionic.

"Sarge and Stallion need to find Zane and get back here."

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