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Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Fast Times in Video Land Day 4



Professor Necro needs to sit down. He summons a small portion of his dark power to create a chair out of Necromizone bedrock. His head is throbbing. He was attempting to create a viewing portal, when he was attacked by the Brain Beast Braionic. Necro instinctively defended himself.  Creating viewing portals while simple for a Necromantic of his skill level, is still a delicate procedure. Braionic's attack created a feedback responsible for his headache. Professor Necro looks at the subdued Braionic with contempt.

"Creature if I did not have use for you, I would torture you til the dark gods themselves did fall."

Before Professor Necro can finish his statement the air shifts and moans. Out of nowhere appears Xcision, High officer of the Darkizor organization. The Darkizors rule the Necromizone. When Professor Necro entered this dimension so many cycles ago, it was the Darkizors who mentored him and more importantly provided him with supplies.

It is the Darkizors from whom he got the Oblivorex cache from. That loan is due very soon. Hence why Professor Necro is invading the Earth dimension.. But still the loan will not be due for another cycle.

Professor Necro greets Xcision wearily.

"Xcision, what a pleasant surprise. Even if my Oblivorex loan is not due yet."

The Darkiziors are one of the native race of the Necromizone. They worship the Dark Ones who stand over all. They have no interest in Earth. Their goals involve communing with their deities. They are a combination of scales, flesh and feathers. Xcision snarls his peak, showing his sharp teeth.

"Necro...... What in the name of the dark gods are you doing here? I was in the middle of a procedure when suddenly all of our Zanthrix crystals exploded. We lost our connection with the Dark Ones. We traced the energy backlash to you."

"Xcision my apologies. I was creating a viewing portal when....."

"When you were attacked by one of your Earther creatures."

"Well yes and the Viewing Portal failed. I absorbed a good bit of feedback and am in quite a bit of pain."

"A Viewing Portal could not create an energy backlash powerful enough to destroy every Zanthrix crystal in our possession. The only procedure that could accomplish that would be trying to synthesize Oblivorex and we know you are not foolish enough to try that."

Professor Necro had considered attempting to counterfeit Oblivorex. But he knew the Darkizors would know and he shuddered to think of what they would do to him.

"Or creating a pocket dimension. Which in all due respect Professor is beyond your current skill set."

Professor Necro realized what happened. When he attacked Braionic he was in contact with that Earther Viewing Portal. The combination of his Necromantic energy, Braionic's psychic power and the Earther portal device created a pocket dimension."

Xcision studied Braionic before saying.

"One last thing Professor. Remove this creature from the Necromizone at once. its  presence is interfering with the reception on our lothix viewers."

"At once Xcizor."

Professor Necro would make the necessary adjustments and send Braionic back to Earth. While he finds out more about his Pocket Dimension.


Zane sits by a fire in the Lonely Forrest from the Mystery of Multh game. He is studying his new companion. He calls himself Commander 64 but the kid could not be more than 14.

"So kid er uh Commander, how did you get here?"

"I'm still not sure. I was playing this game called King's Ransom. I used the Parallax Reader to access a secret room in level 39. I saw a flash of light and woke up here. I still had my Parallax Blaster, Controller Glove and Reader. But now they were real weapons. Not that I would of lasted long enough to figure that out, if not for Adventure Ed."

"The Adventure Ed? He's real?"

"That was my reaction too. I was attacked by a bunch of Clambakers and Komondos. I would of been toast if Adventure Ed and the G Team did not save me."

"G Team?"

"Well the leader is Adventure Ed. The other members are game characters too. There's

Kung Fury: I'm sure you played Streets of Agony."

Zane certainly did. He almost spent more quarters on that than he did on Adventure Ed. Zen Tao was a cheaper boss than even Dragonmace.

"Then there is Annie Archer. I never played Annie Archer much. It was too difficult to control the bow and arrow controls."

Zane could not help feeling a childish pride at having beaten Annie Arrow:Revenge of the Tomb in an hour. Of course Zane has training in use of weapons even the Commander could not comprehend.

"Finally there is Multh the Mage. Multh like his game is a little on the dull side. But he evens the odds with his magic. Without him, Dragonmace and the Alliance would of found us a long time ago."

Zane liked playing Mystery of Multh. Not really exciting but it was a good way to unwind.

"So when do I meet Adventure Ed and the G Team."

"Well you don't. Dragonmace ambushed us at the weekly parade celebrating the most recent rescue of Lady Tulip. Usually he just kidnaps her. But this time he took Adventure Ed and the G Team. I only escaped thanks to the Parallax Reader. It showed me an underground tunnel nearby, I hid inside until the attack ended. I was on my way to rescue them when I saw you fighting the Komondos. "

Zane knew what the kid's next question was going to be.

"I've never seen anyone fight the Komondos like you. I'm scared to fight Dragonmace alone. Will you help me?"

A part of zane still thinks he is in a coma dream from eating the last Meatloaf Marshmallow surprise. But dream or not he can't turn down a kid asking for help.

"Sure kid, no problem."

"YES!!! Now I know I can kick Dragonmace's slimy butt!!!!"

With that Commander 64 starts running toward the castle of Dragonmace.

"Hey slow down, we need a plan!!!!!!"


Sergent Sargent does not know what he is looking at. The Tee Vee went from looking like the Adventure Ed game to something different.  Sarge does not know much about video games, but he knows this is not normal.

Co-Op on the other hand knows about video games and just about everything else in the world. It tends to make him insufferable.

"The screen keeps shifting to match the game even though the cart in the system is Adventure Ed 3. They have gone from Mystery of Multh to Streets of Agony to Pit Stop  and now its um a combination of games."

Sergent Sargent looks incredulously at Co-Op.

"And you're telling me that one of them doo dads on screen is Zane."

"Yeah I think he is the red and silver sprite."

"How can you tell?"

"He's the only one I don't recognize and he is not moving in a pattern. Well there is a tiny sprite I don't recognize but my instinct tells me that's not Zane."

Curt Hendrix returns to the room shouting.

"I did it!!!!! I have created a means to rescue Zane from the other dimension."


Zane Dresden can't believe this kid. first he took off into the Lonely Woods on his own. Found a warp that took them to Killgrave City. Gets us into a brawl with the Raging Tigers gang then hops into another warp.

Zane decides against following him this time. Instead relying on his training and back tracking to the Lonely Woods.  He can't access his equipment or transform into Mustang, but he can at least study this place.  The Warp Tunnels are going to be vital to surviving here. Once he figures out how to utilize them properly. he can rescue Adventure Ed and the G-Team. Maybe Old Mage Multh can get him home.

"You are not going anywhere Out Lander. We will rend your flesh from bone and feed you to Grand Lord Dragonmace."

Oh boy its a squad of Komondos and Clambakers. Clambakers are flying clams that spit fire. Zane takes out a pair of Omniblades and throws them at the heads of two Komondos, causing them to blink away. This enrages the remaining Komondos and Clambakers.

Zane tumbles out of the way of a stream of fire. A Komondo swings a club at him but Zane leaps over its head stabbing it in the back with a Omniblade. As the Komondo blinks away, Zane grabs its club and hits another Komondo on the head. Its helmet cushioning the blow, the Komondo kicks Zane in the chest sending him flying into a  tree.

He takes advantage of this climbing up the tree. He sees the Clambaker making another sweep and jumps on its back. The Clambaker doing the only thing it knows starts shooting fire. Zane counted on this and aims it at a group of Komondos. Flash frying them in an instant and blinking them away. Zane feels validated at how well he is handling himself. Until the Clambaker drives his head into a low tree branch. He falls to the ground and is surrounded by the remaining Komondos.

Zane goes for an Omniblade but a Komondo stomps his hand.

"You will die here Out Lander. Grand Lord Dragonmace will understand."

Zane hopes this is a dream and he will be waking up soon. When he hears a roaring engine. A souped up race car burst thru the trees crushes the entire squadron of Komondos and Clambakers. Zane climbs back to his feet and sees Commander 64 behind the wheel.

"Look I'm sorry I ditched you. I wasn't playing around I just knew we needed some wheels if we were gonna tackle Dragonmace. Hop in."


"What part of no, don't you understand Hendrix!!!!!"

Brutus "Clydesdale" Roberts is listening to the same argument for what feels like the 100th time.

"We are out manned and I helped create the Horse Power tech. I deserve to be Pegasus. Physically I am a perfect match for that Horse Coller.'

"Yeah but on the Psych Test you were a big dud. Same as the Bedlam kid. You are not going to use the current crisis to get a spot on the Horse Power team."

Brutus has had heard enough.

"You two can finish this lovers quarrel later. Right now Braionic is back with a group of those Necronoid things that attacked the base last month. Me, Bronco and the others can fight while Sarge and Stallion rescue Zane."

Romero "Bronco" Sanchez has not heard Brutus get that angry in a long time. But he's glad he saved him the trouble of saying it.

"Now that this is settled. Horse Power Charge!!!!!!"

Brutus Roberts, Romero Sanchez and David Foster transform into their Horse Power alter egos.


Brutus Roberts transforms into the red armored Clydesdale.


Romero Sanchez is transformed into the yellow armored Bronco.


David Foster is surrounded by a bright light becoming the blue armored Stallion.

Curt Hendrix flips the switch to the portal generator. A bright door of light opens in front of the TV.

Stallion speaks.

"Bronco. Clydesdale, you take out Braionic once and for all. We're going to rescue Zane."

The team put their hands together and shout.

"Horse Power!!!!!!"

The door of light shuts behind Stallion and Sergent Sargent.


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