Monday, August 29, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Fast Times in Video Land Day 3

                                                                       Komondo Warrior

                                                                          Zane Dresden


Sergent Sargent is not a man quick to anger. But right now he is angry.

"ZANE!!!!! ZANE!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!"

Zane Dresden was not in the lab at 1100 hours like he was suppose to be. They were going to meet with the Science Bulbs about making his Laser Bayonet compatible with the Horse Power weapon system. Specifically due to Zane being awol during their battle with the brain monster Braionic. Sarge attempted to merge his Laser Bayonet into the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster (Minus the Mustang Daggers) it back fired and sent him flying. If not for Jury Rig and his brain damager psychic scrambler, they would of been killed.

But Zane (otherwise known as the green Horse Power Mustang) did not show. Sarge knows what happened. He stayed up all night playing that new TEE VEE game he bought. Sergent Sargent is not out of touch. He understands the boys need to unwind. Heck during the war he was addicted to a Green Acres pinball game. He probably spent half his paycheck feeding it quarters. but darn it when it is time for battle you put that aside.

"ZANE!!! Boy open the door!!!!"

Sarge has been knocking for ten minutes. Now he's worried , Zane might oversleep but he would not ignore a his Sergent.  Sarge takes out his Laser Bayonet and blast the door open. He looks in the room and it is empty. It looks like a struggle took place. The TV is still on.


Zane Dresden feels a little dizzy. He has had some strange experiences as a member of E-Unit and now as a Horse Power. Why last week he fought a man made out of grease. Heck he reguarly transforms into a green humonoid horse robot. But when his TV opened up a door of light and sucked him in. Well lets just say that was a new experience.

"Ugh where am I?"

This was a strange place. It looks like he is inside of a drawing. He looks up at the sun and it has a face. Big angry eyes and a scowl. Looking at the ground he sees flowers with lion heads singing happily. He takes out his commuicator.

"Liberty Corps HQ this is Zane, over."

"Beep, Beep, Beep........"

"Great can't pick up a signal."

Before Zane can attempt to try again he hears screaming. He looks over and sees humonoid flowers running in terror from lizards carrying clubs and wearing army helmets. Zane says to himself.

"Wait I know this. Those are the Flower Children and Komondos from Adventure Ed. This is crazy but I think sane left awhile back. Either way I'm not letting the Flower Children get hurt. HORSE POWER CHARGE!!!!!"

Instead of transforming nothing happens. That will not stop Zane. Before he had super powers he was a soldier. He runs into battle, drop kicking one of the Komondos in the back of the head. The lizard soldier swings his club at Zane, who ducks. He takes out his omni blade and slashes the Komondo. As quickly as he
puts one Komondo down another attacks.  Zane grabs its thick scaley arms and monkey flips it into two others.

"You guys aren't as tough as you look."

As if on que, a Komondo hits Zane in the head with its club.

"Another interloper intefering in our conquest of the Flower Realm. We must inform King Dragonmace. Shackle the interloper and destroy the flower scum!!!"

Before the Komondo can obey the order, a blast of energy hits it and it blinks out of existence. 

Zane looks up and sees what appears to be a teenager in a hooded green sweatshirt that was too big for him. He has a Parallax 64 controller attached to a glove on his left hand. In his other hand is the Parrallax 64 Blaster gun. He even has the Parrallax reader scope on the right side of his face.

"Don't you Komorons ever learn? The Flower Kids are under the protection of Commander 64!!!!!"

Zane thinks this must be a dream. He fell asleep playing Adventure Ed 3. any second now he was going to be woken up by Sergent Sargent, and yelled at for over sleeping. The Komondos forget about Zane and attacked Commander 64.

As three of the Komondos attack, The Commander grabs the joy stick on his glove and shifts right. He moves as fast as Zane in his Mustang armor. Appearing behind the Komondos, he taps a button on the Parralax Reader scope. A purple light tags each of the remaining Komondos. The Commander takes out his blaster and zaps the Komondos simutaneously. They blink out of existence in a pixellated blur.

The victorious Commander 64 runs up to Zane excitedly.

"You're from the real world!!!!!"


Jury Rig, Co-Opt, Brutus "Clydesdale" Roberts, David "Stallion" Foster, Romero "Bronco" Sanchez and assorted Science Bulbs were crowded into Zane's room. 

Curt Hendrix head Liberty Corp Science Bulb and younger brother of David Foster's girlfriend Courtney Hendrix approaches Sergent Sargent in the hall way outside of Zane Dresden's room.

"Sergent you used very good judgment not turning off the television or the game system. Otherwise I might of lost the energy trail."

"Energy trail?"

"You see, since your recent encounters with the black door of light. I have been studying dimensional door ways. I believe a vortex opened up and took Zane. The energy frequencies are similar to the black light that your team has encountered."

"Can we get Zane back Dr.Hendrix?"

'We're working on it. studying a dimensional portal and creating one are two seperate things."

Before Sergent Sargent can ask another question. Brutus Roberts shouts out.

"Sarge get in here!!! Something is happening to the TEE VEE!!!!"


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