Friday, August 26, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Fast Times in Video Land Day 2


In a place of darkness and death that is worlds yet seconds away from our own.

Professor Necro is watching a viewing portal. The portal is connected
to the Robo eye of a detached Necronoid skull. It has been following Zane "Mustang" Dresden around for the last forty eight hours.

Zane was chosen because the other Horse Power members would realize they
were being followed. His hopes were that Zane would lead him to the location of the Oblivorex crystal.

Instead he has watched a grown adult spend most of his free time eating junk food, reading the pulps and playing with some sort of wood and glass viewing portal. Many things have changed since Professor Necro was banished from the world of his birth.


"Well it appears my guest is stirring."

He looks at his latest creation, Braionic bound by the dark energies of the
Necromizone. A Horse Power ally had created a device that disabled Braionic's
psychic power. If Necro had not brought it to the Necromizone, the
thing would of surely been defeated.

He sees Braionic's body of energy light up in a bright orange hue. The
metallic brain begins flaring up. A blast of psionic energy hits the
Professor. But Braionic is surprised to see it has no effect.

"Simple creature, I created you. I brought you here because I knew your powers
would not function correctly in the Necromizone."

Necro looks the creature over.

"I can not allow an artificial mockery like you to attack me. Lets see how you handle some FEEDBACK!!!!!"

Necro raises his withered hand and pulls a portion of Braionic's
energy out of it. Then feeding the same energy back into it. The cry of Braionic would
shatter a normal human ear drum.

"Now lets see if Mr.Dresden is doing anything of note."

He watches as Dresden puts a cart of some sort into a device hooked to a crude
wood and glass Viewing Portal.

"Even with Oblivorex the Earth beings are unable to create a true
viewing portal. I'm not sure what use it has. The images are barely recognizable colored blobs. The only sound it omits are electronic beeps. Yet he understands them perfectly."

Professor Necro looks closer attempting to figure out what Zane Dresden is
communicating with. Not noticing the wounded Braionic has recovered.

"The relationship appears tenuous and unstable. At times he celebrates with the
beings in the portal. But others he curses them as if they were his enemy."

He knows what he must do now. He will uses sorcery to create a portal into the
dimension. First he must interface with the crude earth viewing
portal. He raises his hands and as a black energy comes from his fingers he hears an inhuman screech. Braionic has Professor Necro in his telekinetic grip.

"Let go of me monster!!!!"

Instinctively Necro blast Braionic with a surge of his black power.
Forgetting that he was connected to the Earther viewing portal.


Adventure Ed 3 is a lot harder than Zane expected. He has been playing
for hours and is just on level 4. He can handle the Komondos but he keeps getting roasted by the Clambakers. Even if he gets past them, one of the flower
children he is escorting die.

"I got a big meeting tomorrow, I should go to sleep. Sarge wants
to meet with the Science Bulbs to work on making his Laser Bayonet compatible with the Horse Power weapons. I'll play one more game then I gotta sleep."

As he presses start on his controller a black surge of energy hits him and the
television. A black door of light opens in front of the TV. It is
trying to pull him inside. Zane reaches for his Horse Collar.

"Horse Power Charge: MUSTAN.........."

Before he can finish his battle cry and transform into the Green Horse Power
Mustang, he is pulled into the black vortex. The vortex closes behind
him, as if it never existed.

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