Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Fast Times in Video Land


Sergent Sargent narrowly avoids a blast of psionic energy. Yes it is one of those days. Chaotic and perilous even by Horse Power standards.  For the last several hours both Horse Power and their Liberty Corps allies have been battling the Braionic.

The only thing they know for sure about Braionic is it started out as an artificial brain built by Ivy Corp. A company specializing in super science experiments similar to Liberty Corps. But instead of using their discoveries to help the public, they use it for profit in the private sector.

Braionic was intended to help victims of severe brain trauma. Today was the going to be the first true test. The experiment went poorly and a black light appeared transforming the dying patient into Braionic. Unfortunately Ivy Corp security was not forth coming with details.

Braionic now has David Foster in its telekinetic grip. Even as Stallion he is unable to break out of it. Until Brutus Roberts (known to us as the armored behemoth Clydesdale) smashes Braionic with his Horse Hammer.

Stallion breaks free as Braioinc turns its attention to Clydesdale. Clydesdale was never one to show fear, and that was before he had the power to transform into a red humanoid horse robot. He charges into Braionic and swings his hammer only to have it stopped by a telekinetic fist. Clydesdale is pounded into the ground with his own hammer.

Before it can strike again, Braionic is fired upon by a pair of laser powered six shooters. They belong to Romero Sanchez otherwise known as the yellow armored Bronco. The blast hit the psionic monster in its chest. Or the mass of telekinetic energy that passes for a chest.

"Back away from Clydesdale now."

Braionic gives no expression beyond a crackling of energy interference across the area it's face should be.

Clydesdale pulls himself off of the ground and retrieves his hammer that Braionic dropped.

Sergent Sargent joins his team.

"Alright boys its time to fire the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster."

Stallion objects to the plan.

"Sarge we can't fired the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster without Mustang. We don't even know if we can  without his Mustang Daggers."

"We have to try something. This is a good time to see if my Laser Bayonet is compatible with your weapons systems."

While he is putting on a confident front, Sergent Sargent wonders where Zane Dresden (Mustang) could be.

Zane Dresden was a bundle of nerves. he had been waiting for this day for what feels like an eternity. Adventure Ed 3 was finally being released. Adventure Ed was the best video game ever made. He spent probably Seven Hundred dollars in quarters playing it at Burger Barn.

Finally Zane just bought a Parallax 64 video game system and Adventure Ed 1 and 2. Of course the second he got it hooked up, Dr.Mindfunk tried to turn the moon into a disco ball. So he had to delay helping Adventure Ed save Lady Tullip from the evil Dragonmace.

Now Adventure Ed 3 is out. He did not tell anybody where he was going. Sergent Sargent and his other Horse Power/Liberty Corps teammates don't get video games. They think its kids stuff. But like Sarge says "Whatever keeps you off the six o'clock news."

Zane has been in line for hours. He forgot his Horse Power communicator at the base. He thought of going to get it but was afraid of losing his place in line.

"Welcome to Gamesly, what can I do for you."

"One copy of Adventure Ed 3 please."

"That'll be sixty five dollars and 62 cents."

"Here ya go."

"Thank you for shopping at Gamesly, please shop again at Gamesly."

Sarge will be mad he forgot his communicator, but how mad can he get. Besides Zane thinks "What could of happened in a few hours?"


The last thing Sergent Sargent remembered was the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster backfiring. The Horse Power weapons rejecting his Laser Bayonet.

As he struggled to get off the ground, he watched Braoinc telekineticlly lift his Mangler tank off the ground and throw it at him. Sergent Sargent could have been killed. Instead he was covered by the 700 pound red metallic form of Clydesdale.

So instead of being killed he has a few broken ribs, a broken nose and a probable concussion.

Clydesdale (now back to his human form of Brutus Roberts) was very apologetic.

"Uh Sarge look I'm sorry I hurt you."

"Brutus don't be sorry. If not for you I would be a goner. I do wanna know where in the blue thunder Zane is."

"I was just out Sarge, whoa what the heck happened to you?"

It was Zane Dresden. Carrying a bag from Gamesly's. That store where he buys those electronic gizmos."

"Maybe you would know, if you had your blasted communicator with you!!!!"

"Sarge I'm sorry I forgot it."

"And why did you not return for it the second you knew it was missing?"

"Well I uh well.."

"Because you were scared of losing your place in line buying that blasted game!!!"

The look on Zane's face says it all. He hears the story of Braionic and how he nearly destroyed the Horse Power team. Til Jury Rig showed up with his Kinetic Block device. It was an old radio transmitter wrapped in aluminum foil.

It caused interference in Braionic. Preventing its cybernetic brain from sending proper signals to its psionic form. Before they could finish it off, that door of black light appeared and pulled Braionic away.
Zane takes his game and leaves. No punishment could make him feel any worse than he does right now.

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