Friday, August 19, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power: TRAPPED!!!! Day 2

"Okay so Monocruel is firing off his monocle but I'm just
too fast. So he thinks he can hit me at full power with a spread shot.

"Zane I am trying to teach a class. It would not hurt you to pay
attention. You have not done any training drills since Project:Horse
Power started."

"Gimme a break Co-Opt. I'm Mustang, the fastest man alive. I'm only here to give the Grunt Patrol something to shoot for."

"Well in that case, GET OUT!!! The grunts do need to train."

"Thrill ya later Co-Opt."


Zane Dresden is not the only member of Horse Power
suffering from a swelled head. In the Liberty Corps hanger. Romero
Sanchez is helping Spare Tire work on the Sidewinder Cycle.

"This feels like a waste of time Tire."

"What makes ya say that Sanchez?"

"You saw me as Bronco. When am I going to need the Sidewinder again.
 I turned Ramshackle's Shackler Psycho Cycle to scrap metal."

"Yeah I know Sanchez, Jury Rig is studying it to figure out how to
augment the Sidewinder, using whats left of the Shackler."

"That's what I mean Tire. Why do I need to bulk up the Sidewinder
Cycle with a bike I crushed as Bronco."

"Because you can't just rely on some blasted armor to save your bacon."

"Maybe you're right Tire. I'm going out to the firing range
for target practice. Horse Power Charge......"

Spare Tire watches as Romero Sanchez transforms into Bronco for
routine target practice.


The Liberty Corps gym. Brutus Roberts is sparring in the ring. He
takes one cadet and slams him to the mat.

"I need more competition. Hey!! You three Grunts, yeah you.
Get in here and attack me."

These are three of the most dangerous soldiers in the world. They would not be in the Liberty Corps if they were not. They quickly take Brutus Roberts down. One going for
his knees, another his head..

But they are finding keeping Brutus Roberts down is difficult. Roberts grabs the Grunt holding his head and throws him at the one holding his legs. The third Grunt takes a swing but Brutus ducks and headbutts him.

"That wasn't even a challenge."

With that Brutus leaves the gym as the three grunts attempt to regain
their senses.


David Foster was spending his time in the lab talking to his favorite

"Any chance you'll be able to find Spearhead?"

"Hard to say Courtney. We sent Laugh Track and the Grunt Patrol to
search for him. Laugh Track is good but it will be difficult to find him in
the sewer."

"Since Dread Watch MIA, your schedule should be cleared up and I owe you a dinner."

"Burger Barn?"

"I know it's your favorite."

Before the young couple can finalize their plans they are interrupted by
Sergent Sargent.

"Well pardon me for interrupting you love bugs but I need to speak to

"What's up Sarge?"

" Why did a group of Grunts tell me they don't need to train with Mustang around?"

"News to me Sarge."

"Or why Brutus beat up three Grunts during a routine workout?"


"Or Romero saying that he doesn't need to do
maintenance on his vehicles anymore?

"The boys are just a bit overwhelmed by having
super powers. They need an adjustment period."

"David you are field commander of E-Unit. You need
to nip this thing in the bud now. Before some new enemy teaches them
the hard way."

"Not to sound arrogant Sarge, but I doubt that will happen. Can this wait?
Me and Courtney are making dinner plans."



"We're losing him!!!!"

"C'mon keep him out of shock."

"The man just got dumped in a vat of boiling grease. We're doing our

A door of black light opens in the emergency room. Out of it steps a
man who looks like he expired years before. Or parts of him at the
very least.

"John Harvey Bates these humans will not save you. But I Professor
Necro can give you new life and power."

Security runs into the room to take down the robed individual.
Professor Necro does not acknowledge their presence.
Instead he lifts a finger and fires a bolt of black energy that takes
down every human in the room.

He looks down at the burned and tortured form of law
enforcement agent John Harvey Bates. He sees the hatred in his eyes and
knows he is ready to serve the cause of Professor Necro.                                             

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