Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power: TRAPPED!!!! Day 1


In the world of mercenaries and assassins, Dread Watch are the elite.

If they are paid they deliver. The only group that couldslow them down was E-Unit. But E-Unit could only fight to a stalemate. But today something is different. Today they are no longer merely E-Unit. They had become more than human and
Dread Watch is on the verge of losing. Dread Watch is comprised of

Spearhead: Name unknown. He was a graduate/valedictorian from the
Trainer's Academy of the Assassination Arts. Field leader of Dread
Watch and an expert marksman. His weapon of choice is the spear.
Uses various spear heads from exploding to bubble gum.

Monocrule: A refined gentlemen. Uses his families wealth to fond a life of adventure as a mercenary. His weapon is a monocle capable of firing beams of energy ranging
from concussive to heat to electricity to freeze rays.The monocle also functions as a scouter.

ShuriStrike: Master of ninjitsu. Uses nunchuck, katana, sais and
shurikens. Has mastered other ninja arts such as shooting
poison mist and even teleporting.

Ramshackle: A legendary street fighter. Winner of the Great Lakes
Killathon four years running. Did not win a fifth as he blew up the
warehouse where the competition was held along with the other competitors and judges. Weapon is a hook and chain. He rides his Psycho Cycle called the Shackler.

Master Masters: The man who formed this team. He is an old enemy of
Sergent Sargent from the war. He was disfigured by him and
now wears a fencing mask to hide his face.

E-Unit had become more than human. Dread Watch are now fighting Horse Power. Four giants in metallic humanoid armor complete with Horse heads and hooves.

Dread Watch are being overwhelmed. They have been hired by the robot
Retro-9 to break Crime King out of prison, as he is  transferred to
another facility. Retro-9 calculated that this is a trap, to lure him out of hiding..

But Master Masters is unconcerned. Dread Watch has never been defeated by E-Unit. As Dread Watch surround the Prison Breaker carrier van. Ramshackle forces the van off of the road.

Next Shuristrike and Spearhead take down the guards.

Followed by Monocrule, who uses his monocle to melt the door on the van.

Master Masters was not surprised by what he saw but he was annoyed.
It is Sergent Sargent and E-Unit. Crime King is nowhere to be

Masters does not care if Crime King is freed or not, as they were paid
in advance. But the smug look on Sargent's face sickened him.

"Masters if you wanted to have a dinner date you should
of called."

Master Masters can't contain his anger and takes out his blaster.
But before he has the chance to fire, Sergent Sargent tackles him and the
battle begins. Things were even at first. Until Master Masters
heard two words that he would never forget.

"Horse Power Charge!!!!!"

The four members of E-Unit transform into humanoid metallic
horses. Now Dread Watch for the first time are going to be captured.

Shuristrike was fighting Clydesdale. Clydesdale was the largest
member of Horse Power and by far the strongest. Shuristrike hit him
with everything he had. His shurikens bounce off his red
metallic hide. He breaks his Katana on Clydesdale. Even his deadly black mist has
no effect.

"You know Shuri this has been fun. But it's time to turn of your

Clydesdale knocks Shuristrike out with a simple punch.


Ramshackle s fighting Bronco. The Shackler Psycho Cycle is
helping him keep up with Bronco. Avoiding his Bronco Blaster pistols.

Ramshackle takes his hook and chain and wraps it around Bronco. The
hook digging into his bright yellow armor.

"Got ya now Romero. No pretty pony suit will save you from


He hooks the chain to the wench on his Shackler Psycho Cycle and
starts reeling it in. Suddenly it stops. He sees sparks coming from
the wench. He thinks this is not possible. The Shackler is strong
enough to pull down entire buildings.  Bronco breaks the chain
wrapped around him.

"This is over Ramshackle."

"That's what you think!!!"

Ramshackle revs up the Shackler Psycho Cycle. And charges at full
speed into Bronco. Bronco starts running toward
Ramshackle. As they collide the Shackler is crushed like
tin foil. Ramshackle is fortunate to escape with only a concussion and
bruised ribs.


Monocruel is not use to missing. When he fires his monocle,
he hit what he is aiming for. But right now he is unable to get a
single hit on Mustang. Freeze beams, force beams, heat beams they all
miss. His monocle could not lock down on the green and black blur.

But Monocruel had a plan. He is going to crank up his monocle to full
power and spread out the shot as wide as he can. Mustang is going
on the attack and Monocruel has his chance and hits Mustang with a full
power force beam. Mustang is down on the ground.

"Heh nobody can get up from a full power beam. armor or no armor. Oh
no.... Oh no.......  NO!!!!!!!!"

Mustang stands up and dust himself off.

"Sorry to disappoint you old bean. But the rules have changed."

Monocruel prepares to fire another force beam when he remembers why he never fired at full power. It drains the monocles battery.

"Uh c'mon Zane old chap. Let talk about this."

Monocruel is slowly inching away when Mustang runs up to him
faster than Monocruel can blink. Mustang crushes the monocle


Spearhead was not like his teammates.

He knew this was not E-Unit dressed up for Halloween. He read the reports about what
happened at Liberty Corps HQ. About the invasion, about the transformation. He knows there is little chance of victory. But he is a professional.

He also knows Stallion (David Foster). He knows Stallion will not be
goaded into absorbing a hit from his dyno spear. He had hoped to fight
one of the others. But Stallion cut him off. He is unable to land
a hit on Stallion so he stopped trying. Instead he is throwing the spears
so they will land in a specific pattern.

Once the Triangle is formed he flips a switch and three wires spring from each spear and
trap Stallion as electricity surges into him.

"See David no amount of power can overcome true skill."

Suddenly the eyes of the blue horse armor light up and a sword
materializes in Stallion's hand. He quickly cuts himself free. Spearhead
is not prepared for this. Spearhead grabs another spear out of his
bag and Stallion cut it in two.

Professional or not it is time to run. He throws a smoke spearhead at Stallion and retreats into the sewer.


Sergent Sargent does not have any super powers. He has his laser
bayonet and is using it to battle Master Masters and his titanium rapier.

"What's wrong Sergent? Not man enough for the upgrade?"

"I'm man enough to knock you around Masters."

Sarge cuts thru Master Masters armor. Who quickly
retaliates with a slash of his own across Sergent Sargent's chest.

Surveying the battle, Masters sees every member of Dread Watch has been defeated.

Even if he does defeat Sergent Sargent, he can not defeat Horse
Power. Doing a back flip to escape the reach of Sergent Sargent. Master
Masters punches a code in on his wrist communicator. Summoning the
Dread Watch Lightning Air Mammoth. Another command fires a pulse beam at Horse Power.

A final command sends down a tractor beam that retrieves Masters and Dread Watch (sans Spearhead) back to the Sky Mammoth. Master Masters does not see this as a defeat. He views it as a paid learning experience.

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