Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power: Dawn of the Necronoid Day 8


The newly created Necronaut, comprised of the fallen Necronoids
stomps the ground and lets out a mechanical howl.


The Necronaut is twenty feet tall and several thousand pounds.

The Horse Power team scatter. Bronco was the first to attack wrapping his new and improved lariat around the Necronauts wrist. Even with his enhanced strength Bronco could not topple it. Instead the creature pulls Bronco into the air. Bronco quickly changes tactics and starts firing his Bronco Shooters at the Necronaut's arm and leg joints.

Sergent Sargent while not having super powers is still clearly the leader.

Giving out directions. He directs Mustang to follow Bronco's lead and attack the Necronauts joints. Mustang uses his newly acquired super speed and runs up the Necronauts back and using his Mustang Daggers stabs at the
seams connecting its arms and legs to its torso.

Next Clydesdale is sent after the Necronaut. Using his hammer, Clydesdale takes two mighty swings to the Necronauts ankles.

Stallion takes his turn to attack but would need Clydesdale's help.

Clydesdale takes Stallion in his arms and throws him at the
Necronauts head. Stallion takes out his sword and stabs the Necronaut
in the face and drags the sword down the middle of its body.

The Necronaut does not bleed but it is in pain. The robo eyes scattered
about its piecemeal skull, start shifting forming one giant robo eye.

The eye lights up and fires. The team is shaken up.

Stallion approaches Sergent Sargent.

"Sarge get out of here."

"Look soldier just because you got some fancy new toys does not make
Ole Sarge obsolete,"

"It's not that. This fight is going to get nastier and we can't fight
while worrying about Spare Tire and Mess Hall. Get in the Lunch Cart
and get them as far away as possible."


The Necronaut was ready to fire again.

"Alright David this is your call. But as soon as I get these men off base
I'm running back here."

"Counting on it."

Sergent Sargent gets in the Lunch Cart and drives away.

The team has regrouped and are preparing for the Necronaut's
approach. Stallion gives the order..

"Guys you remember the simulations we ran in the training for Project: Horse Power. Time to execute Tactic 7284."

Clydesdale speaks

"Horse Hammer!!!!"

He places his Hammer's handle on the ground forming the base.

Stallion follows

"Stallion Sword!!!"

He places his sword on top of the head of Clydesdale's hammer.

Bronco is next
"Bronco Shooters!!!!!"

He connects his Bronco Shooters at the handles and places it atop of Stallion's Sword.

Mustang is last.

"Mustang Daggers!!!"

Finally the team screams at once.

"Horse Power Combination Power Blaster Fire!!!!!!"

The Necronaut disoriented from transforming howls and lunges for the Horse Power team. The blast from the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster tears a hole thru the Necronaut.

Causing it to fall apart into the individual Necronoids that formed it.

The Necronoids on the ground damaged and burning. They
suddenly sink into a black light. Gone as quickly as they


In the Necromizone Professor Necro is in shock as he looks at his
damaged Necronoids.

"No...... I have not lost. I will reclaim the Oblivorex and rule both the
Earth plane and the Necromizone. You have not heard the last ofme Horse Power!!!"


Zane Dresden loves ice cream. He loves food in general. Likely because
he needs to replace the energy he burned off.

"Give it a rest Zane. first you eat everything in the Lunch Cart now you
wanna eat my hospital dinner."

"Sorry Mess Hall. Just transforming into a metal horse robot to fight
cyborg zombie monsters gave me an appetite."

Sergent Sargent looks at Mess Hall and Spare Tire. Two of his oldest
friends. This nearly finished them, but aside from some bruises
you would not know it.

"Tire, I'm sorry about Fat Lucy. I know how hard you worked on her."

"Aww forget it. I'll have her up and running in no time
and putting even niftier gadgets on her."

David Foster is looking out the window before he speaks.

"Sarge do we know anything else about this attack?"

"We're still in the dark David. The Bulbs are working on tracing
where that lightning bolt came from and the wave length of the portal
those things escaped into."

Brutus raises his head from the magazine he is reading.

"With Horse Power we'll trample over anything that gets in our way."

Sergent Sargent looks displeased.

"Brutus a good soldier depends on tactics, not weapons."

Zane Dresden finally speaks up.

"Hey Mess Hall you gonna eat that Salisbury steak?"

This causes Sergent Sargent and the others to burst into laughter.

"No seriously can I have your Salisbury steak I'm still hungry."


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