Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power: Dawn of the Necronoid Day 7


Clydesdale charges into the Necronoids. He punches, claws and kicks at anything that moves. He removes a Necronoid's head as easily as a child would tear the head off a gingerbread man.

"C'MON!!!! I thought you freaks were tougher than this!!!!"

Moving so fast, even a Necronoid robo eye can not follow his movements.
Mustang ran behind one of them and grabbed its head before it could
fire an eye beam. Instead forcing the Necronoid to fire at its partners.

Before the Necronoids can rebuild, Bronco leaps thru the air and
crushes their remains.

The other Necronoids were fleeing when Stallion leaped in front of

"Leaving so soon?"

Even the inhuman Necronoids can feel fear and begin backing away
,before realizing they are surrounded by Horse Power and Sergent

"A good guest should help in the clean up after a party. Lets get em some brooms boys."


Professor Necro watched events from the Necromizone and was in
shock. Those annoying soldiers that had been fighting his Necronoids
had suddenly transformed. Necro knew the humans had exploited the
potential of the Oblivorex crystal to jump start technology. But not to
this degree. For the first time he is growing anxious about this operation.

"Necro we must have words."

"Xcision what a.surprise....."

"Why are you surprised Necro? You know the Oblivorex loan is

"Xcision, I have the utmost respect for the Darkizors. I would not
dream of forgetting my payment. But we have a full cycle. before I
have to pay."

"Just a reminder Necro. We will be paid one way or another."

Xcution leaves, but in a way no mere human could perceive.

Necro looks at his viewing window again and saw his Necronoids surrounded
and cowering in fear.

Professor Necro lifts his hands and chanted.


A black energy leaves Professor Necro's hands and goes into the
viewing window.


Sergent Sargent and the Horse Power team have the Necronoids
surrounded. They summon their weapons.

Clydesdale has a sledgehammer.

Stallion a broad sword.

Bronco a pair of pistols

Mustang a pair of daggers.

Before Horse Power can finish off the Necronoids, a bolt of
lightning comes from the sky and hits the cowering group. The creatures
start making a grinding noise as they start merging. Slowly
one group forms the legs. Another group forms the torso and arms.

Finally the heads all merged into one sickening skull with hundreds of
robo eyes. Once formed this Necronaut unleashes a grinding


Sergent Sargent is the first to speak.

"...... Lets finish em!!!!"

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