Monday, August 15, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power: Dawn of the Necronoid Day 6


The Liberty Corps labs are located underneath Liberty Corps HQ and
run the length of several football fields. Down here the Liberty Corps science team otherwise known as "Bulbs" do various experiments. Some related to weaponry but most dedicated to medicine and helping humanity. It was here that capsules were created to stretch one gallon of gasoline into five, that a practical means of using solar power in the average home was developed.

David Foster leads Zane Dresden, Brutus Roberts and Romero Sanchez
thru the lab. He pressed a button, that opened a door to a secret
department. Inside was a room that made the rest of Liberty Corps HQ
look like a village from the middle ages.

In the middle of the room was a station holding six computerized
metallic buckles, that resemble minature Horse Collars. As each of the E-Unit members grab the wrist buckle meant for them. Romero is the first one to speak.

"Is this a good idea David? We still have not found six members for this

"No Romero I don't think it's a good idea. But Sergent Sargent says it
is our only choice and he's in charge."

Zane Dresden quickly puts on the buckle.

"If you ask me, we've waited too long to use these. I know that battle
with Dread Watch in Atlantis would of ended a lot faster."

Brutus looks at his buckle thoughtfully.

"Yeah and it might of gave us a seizure, like when
Sarge tried to use his Buckle."

"No more discussion!!. Sarge, Spare Tire and Mess Hall need



As David Foster was saying that. Spare Tire was knocked unconscious by
one of the horrific creatures known as a Necronoid.

Sergent Sargent was exhausted. The Unit had only been gone for ten
minutes, but it felt like hours. Mess Hall was taken down first. One of
those things shot Hall in the shoulder with its blasted eye
beams. Spare Tire held back the Necronoids, as Sarge put Mess Hall in the Lunch Cart
and treated his wounds. When he returned Tire looked
exhausted and devastated. The creatures had tore apart Fat Lucy.

Seeing Tire go down filled Sergent Sargent with rage. He flipped his
Laser bayonet into sword mode and tore into the things. Slicing at
anything that moved.

But soon one punch gets by, then another. Soon
Sarge is pinned on the ground. One of the creatures opens part of
what it calls a mouth and speaks.


"Are you still going on about that?"

It is Brutus Roberts.  E-Unit has returned. David
Foster came to the front of the Unit and spoke.

"This is over. We're showing you the door. Unit grab your buckles.

David felt an energy surround him as his body transformed. Not with a
simple armor or costume. His body changed inside and out. His feet
changed into hooves and his head shifted into a metallic blue horse


Next was Zane Dresden. His body transformed into a green armor.
More sleek than the others. All of his nervous energy was brought out
to the surface. Zane feels like he can do anything. .


Romero Sanchez followed Zane as he activated his Horse Buckle.
Transforming into a yellow armor. His already tough exterior becomes


Brutus Roberts was last and his transformation was more extreme. His
body grows even larger. His skin turns to a metallic red armor.

Emotionally the transformation changed him. Bringing buried anger to
the surface.


The transformation gave them a humanoid form but just barely. They were all much larger than even the largest man. With a mohawk of real hair coming out of the helmets. On their chest was the black emblem of a Horse Shoe.

Together the four shout.


The Necronoids release Sergent Sargent and stare at the site of the four
armored fighters with horse heads. Sarge gets up off the ground and
dust himself off.

"You boys are in the soup now."

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