Friday, August 12, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power: Dawn of the Necronoid Day 5


Brutus Roberts lifts a large piece of debris and bashes in the bone half of the creatures skull. Brutus prepared to follow up with a hay maker punch, when another creature grabs his arm and throws him to the ground. The creature kicks Brutus in the ribs.

Brutus has survived many fights, that would have killed a normal man. There was the incident when he was brainwashed by Doctor Mindfunk and had to battle Sergent Sargent in the Doctor's Disco of Doom. The battle in South America with the Water Mancers. He had been submerged in a living sphere of water for five minutes. He was sure that was the end. But he kept fighting and turned the tide on the Water Mancers.

But this? This feels different, these things are not human. You can tear them apart and they simply reform. They do not talk, they just make an irritating grinding noise. Like a knife being sharpened on a wet stone. As he thinks this, the creature picks him up by the throat and speaks.




The creatures robo eye lights up, when a harpoon goes thru its skull.

"Atta girl Fat Lucy!!!! I knew taking that harpoon gun off the Lion Shark and slapping it on ya was a great idea."

It was Spare Tire and Sergent Sargent. They were riding in Fat Lucy, Spare Tire's pride and joy. Made up of spare parts from various Liberty Corps vehicles. It has parts from everything from tanks to trucks to jets to boats. Only a mechanical genius like Spare Tire could build a thing like this.

Another creature was ready to attack Brutus, when Sergent Sargent cut it in two with his Laser Bayonet.

"Brutus you okay?".

"Been better Sarge. But I can fight."

"That's good because we don't have any other options."

Sergent Sargent, Brutus Rodgers and Spare Tire continue to fight the creatures. The creatures reform and renew their attack.


Romero Sanchez races across Liberty Corps HQ on his Sidewinder Cycle. On his way he spots a familiar sight running. It is David Foster. He is bloody, bruised and looks as like he has been thru the wringer.

"David? Are you okay."

"Do I look okay Romero? I have to get to Brutus. He can't last much longer."

"C'mon David you can get their faster riding with me."

David and Romero have had a strained relationship over the years. Going back to when E-Unit was formed and David was made second in command to Sergent Sargent. Later they had a rivalry over Courtney Hendrix, a Liberty Corps Bulb. But those wounds were long healed.

Now their only concern was saving Brutus Roberts. As David mounts the Sidewinder, he sees a modified camouflage lunch truck drive by. Simultaneously David and Romero exclaim.

"Is that Zane?"


"Goodness boy how can you eat at a time like this? That's your fifth ice cream sammich and third cheesy dog."

"I spent a lot of energy fighting Mess Hall. Can I eat this triple thrill burger?"

"Blast it boy we gotta a fight to focus on. You man the chain guns. We gotta blast those things to ping pong go. Unless you don't care what happens to Brutus."

"Just keep driving Mess Hall...... I found some cookies to munch on."

Mess Hall quietly groans, as they near Brutus's location.


Sergent Sargent was legendary for his stamina. Alone he held off an opposing army for two hours, til reinforcements arrived. That was before he had a laser bayonet. But now he was getting tired. Every time he cut one of these things down, another rebuilt itself. Sometimes using its fallen partners for spare parts.

Brutus was using a canon he ripped off of Fat Lucy. Normally Spare Tire would complain, but he understands this is a fight. These things were encircling the three men. It seems they are slowly learning strategy. A camouflage lunch cart runs over the creatures.

"Hey Sarge, heard you moved the party somewhere else."

"Zane you idiot. I ought a throttle you for leaving the Mangler."

"Aw Sarge I was getting you a present."

 Zane throws an Omniblade into the robo eye of a creature, that was about to ambush Sergent Sargent.

"We'll talk about this after we wipe out these creeps."

Sarge hears a revving motorcycle engine and a hellacious yelp. It's David Foster and Romero Sanchez. Romero takes out his six shooters and shoots two of the creatures. David knocks two down with a flying dropkick.

"Boys glad you made it. We are not going to win like this. You four go to the lab and grab our secret weapon."

"Sarge we have not tested this in the field."

"Blast it David I know that. But right now that is our only option. Move it!!!"

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