Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power: Dawn of the Necronoid Day 4


In a place that is only seconds while simultaneously worlds away from
our own. A hooded man stands watching a dimensional window. He is
watching Brutus Roberts be pummeled by his Necronoids.

"Yes crush him my Necronoids. Then continue your search. Find the
Oblivorex crystal!!!"

The hooded man's name is Professor Necro. He was born as Mortimer Plummer in 1920. He had an unhealthy interest in the black arts. Becoming a Necromantic. His goal was to become ruler of the planet. Those plans never came to fruition, when during an attempted conquest, he was sent into a portal of his own creation.

He ended up in the Necromizone. A strange land where decomposition
and death rule above all. Over time he learned the rules of this new
land. He mastered their magic and their technology. His goal was to
return to the plane of his birth and rule.

But he needed a means to reopen the portal. Eventually he built a
device that would do this. It required power it required Oblivorex. A
very powerful material in the Necromizone. To get such a large amount
he had to strike up a deal with the Darkaizors.

He thought once he made his escape he could forget his debt. He knew
they could not exist on the Earth plane for long. He did not count on the
device malfunctioning. Opening the portal but sending the Oblivorex to
Earth. Now he must get the crystal back, before his debt is due.

That is why he created a portal for the Nerconoids (his bio
mechanical soldiers) to go to earth and seize the Oblivorex.

Being not quite alive the Necronoids are under different rules than he
or the Darkaziors. His Necronoids are far beyond anything the
earthlings can deal with. Even with their Oblivorex powered weaponry.


David Foster tagged one of the creatures with a carefully
timed thrust kick. Everything has a weak point if you look hard
enough. The displacement effects of the Mud Ball had worn off. He
damaged the creatures who faced him with a laser rifle. But the rifle
was destroyed in the fight.

Now he is fighting them hand to hand. The only advantage of being out
numbered is no matter what direction one strikes you are guaranteed
to connect with something. These creatures certainly are not fighting as
a team. But their strength and durability make them
formidable. He thinks this as one strikes him in the back of the head
and throws him into a fence. He sees his wing emblem flashing, must
be Sergent Sargent checking in.

"Foster here, how are you doing?"

"These things are no match for the Mangler. But the reports are accurate, they do keep pulling themselves back together. How are you soldier?"

"Been better Sarge."

"About to disengage from the Mangler. Be careful David."

"Will do Sarge."


Zane Dresden knew Sarge would be angry. But Sarge needs to understand, he had a feeling he was needed. These things are no match for his omniblades. He remembers the oldest rule of fighting and aims for the creatures robo eye. It makes the head explode.

"Cmon I thought you fellas were dangerous. How'd you run thru the
Corps so easy?"

As he tosses another Omniblade he sees the creature catch and crush
it in its bare hand. Before Zane can react the creature fires a beam from
it's robo eye into Zane's left leg.


The creature slowly walks toward Zane and its robo eye lights up.


Sarge has exited the Mangler and is going thru the Liberty Corps
Hanger. Passing vehicles, that he only could have dreamed of when he
was a child.

Whether it be the Rampage truck with its nine wheels, three treads and dual grappling canons that can pull down a mountain. the Skyrunner, a sleek jet with three wings and a fin and the ability to travel into space with no modifications. As he passes the Earth Mauler a bulldozer/tank capable of burrowing to the Earth's core without a scratch. Sergent Sargent hears a familiar voice.

"You plug uglies ain't taking down Spare Tire without a fight!!!!"

Sarge sees a creature about to kill Spare Tire, when
he pulls out his laser bayonet and blows the things head off.

"Spare Tire why are you still on the base? You were suppose to evacuate
with Laugh Track and the others."

"Sarge I just couldn't leave Fat Lucy to get busted up by these uglies, no
sir I couldn't."

Fat Lucy is not Spare Tire's girlfriend or sister. It is a vehicle he has been working on for as long as Sergent Sargent has known him. It is made out of various spare parts. With appropriately various spare tires surrounding it.

"No better time for Lucy's maiden voyage."

As Sarge hops into the bum seat, his wing emblem starts flashing.

"This is Sarge, talk."

"It's me Brutus. I can't hold these things off anymore, I need back......."

"Let's roll Tire!!!"


David is in trouble. He was just thrown thru a fence. He recognizes this as the old weapons graveyard. At least there are lots of things to hide behind. He thinks this as he hops behind a busted tank to avoid an eye beam. He can't keep running. They are not human and will not get tired. Even if they go back to searching, he knows that finding what they are looking for would be a very bad thing.

He needs to run. The Unit needs to pull together. That way they can
fight as a team. As one of the creatures corners David, he focuses all
his strength and punches in the robo eye.

The things begins making an obnoxious whine like a smoke detector. It
begins to fire another eye beam but David leaps behind it and aims it at
more of the creatures. With the robo eye disabled it continues firing at
its partners. David quickly retreats..


Zane knows this is it. He took one too many stupid risk and is now
going to pay for it. As he watches the creatures robo eye light up he
thinks of his mom and dad. He also thought of Sarge, who told him to
stay in the Mangler. Then he smells something. Something that
smells bad. It smells like.

"Mess Hall's Cream Cheese Onion Loaf Chilli surprise."

"Well be a shame to throws it out kid."

Mess Hall was the cook for the Liberty Corps. A first rate soldier and cook (when he makes conventional food) Mess Hall is in charge of giving the Liberty Corps proper nutrition. When the alarm sounded he refused to leave his Cream Cheese Onion Loaf Chilli Surprise unfinished. As he was loading up the Lunch Cart he heard Zane fighting the creatures. Mess Hall lobs a grenade at the recovering creature..

"Look kid we need to get you back with E-Unit. Hop in the Lunch Cart."

The Lunch Cart being a modified lunch truck with chain guns and
rocket launchers. Zane jumps in with no argument.


Things were not going good for Romero Sanchez.
He caught them off guard with his six shooters and Shock Lariat. He tried ensnaring two more with the lariat, but the creatures snapped the lasso in two.

Now he is surrounded and getting beat up. He can't win this fight
and knows he need to run. He looks at the Sidewinder Cycle. He had
been dismounted from it on his first attempt to lasso the creatures. It
was his ticket out of here. He re looped his Shock Lariat, wrapped it
around a flag pole and reeled in. Flying over the creatures heads. He
hopped on the Sidewinder cycle and took off as he notices his emblem

"Romero this is Sergent Sargent, we're regrouping. Head to Brutus's

"On my way."

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