Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Horse Power:Dawn of the Necronoid Day 3


The Liberty Corps Eagle's Claw is one of the fastest air ships on Earth.

So it made the trip from Tunica Mississippi to Lawnvale Ohio in
minutes. As it hovered above the Patriot Corps base, Sergent Sargent
laid out an attack plan with the E-Unit.

"Let's blow em up real good."


As Romero Sanchez mounts his Sidewinder cycle, he thinks of how at ease he was jumping out of an airship riding on a souped up motorcycle. Maybe it goes back to his childhood on the Ranch. Romero had competed in close to fifty rodeos before he was seventeen years old, and has the scars to prove it.

"Alright Sanchez hatch is opening. You ready?"

"You know it David."

As the hatch opens Romero starts up the sidewinder and drives out of
the Eagle's Claw. He is the lead off man in the attack.  He has the element of surprise on his side. The cycle hits the ground and Romero charges a group of ten creatures. They look like they are robots but made out of flesh and bone.

He takes out his laser six shooters and fires. The six shooters are even
more powerful than the standard issue laser pistols issued by the
Liberty Corps. It takes down five of the creatures.

The Sidewinder cycle avoids the eye beams shot by the remaining
creatures. He takes out his shock lariat and wraps it around three of
them. He is pulled off the Sidewinder suddenly. The ensnared
creatures would not move. Before they can pull him closer he activates
the lariats electrical pulse. The things collapse and he reels in the


Next up is David Foster. He jumps out of the Eagle's Claw and opens
his parachute. He sees a group of the creatures trying to get into the test lab. Where the Bulbs test new weapons, vehicles, medicines and other materials. This would be his first chance to use "the Mud Ball". The Mud Ball once it hits the ground, creates a wave that seemingly slows down time. David stands just outside of the Mud Balls effects and takes out a laser rifle and begins firing.

The trickiest part of the Mud Ball's development was figuring out how
to make it so Liberty Corps own laser pistols and rifles were immune to
the effects. The Bulbs (Liberty Corp Scientists) figured out a
way around that. Unfortunately it meant all energy blast are immune,

As David realizes when he sees a creature use an eye beam to destroy the
Mud Ball. As the fields effects wear off, David knows he has to make his
next move a good one.


"Zane listen to me. Follow my lead and do not go into this in your
normal half cocked attitude. These things are dangerous and the
margin of error is lower than normal."

"C'mon Sarge have I ever done that when it really counts?"

"Oh I dunno how bout when you were doing re continence at the
Trainer's Academy and you decided to ambush the Trainer during a
lunch break?"

"Aw Sarge we still shut down his operation."

"We were suppose to capture him!! Instead he got away and has not
been seen aside from the rare mercenary work overseas."

"But Sarge...."

"No listen Zane, you are to man the canon on my Mangler Tank and
take out as many of these things as possible.."

"Got it Sarge."

Sergent Sargent's Mangler Tank is a one of a kind Liberty Corps tank. The tank has two
canons. One controlled by Sergent Sargent in the Driver's seat and the
other by a passenger on the roof. It is possible for Sarge to control both
but it makes driving more difficult.

Sarge takes the Mangler and mows down a row of the creatures. The
scanners on the Eagle's Claw did not do them justice. Ugly and creepy
looking. Pieces of metal intertwined with flesh and bone.

A group of the creatures were melting a wall of the vehicle hangar. Sarge
steps on the throttle and charges toward them. Then he realizes that
Zane has hopped out of the Mangler to fight alone. One thought comes
to Sergent Sargent's mind.

"This flippin kid......"


Brutus Roberts is the clean up man of E-Unit.  The Eagle's Claw
has landed and Brutus steps out with his Heavy Hitter blaster in
tow. The Heavy Hitter fires only energy blast and the intensity can be
set to whatever level Brutus needs it to be. In this case he wants to
make a big boom.

One blast from the Heavy Hitter scattered the uglies. A second blast
blows them to bits. Brutus knew the reports and knew the things would
start reforming and fired another blast. The pieces are still intact. So
Brutus fires again.

He notices one creature was still intact. A head, part of a torso and two
legs. He knows the things can fire beams from their robo eyes and
he prepares to fire again. But the Heavy Hitter is not a rapid fire weapon.
It has never needed to be til now. In an instant the Heavy Hitter is
melted to slag in Brutus Roberts hands.

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