Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Horse Power:Dawn of the Necronoid Day 2


Sergent Sargent was happy to have  a day to rest. He and the rest of the E-Unit had shut down Crime King's latest operation in Tunica Mississippi. King along with his computerized partner Retro-9 had taken over the lovely Forked Tongue Resort and Casino.

They had been brainwashing gamblers with poker chips secreted in a mind control toxin. They were having the brainwashed gamblers complete work
on the Solar Converter. It would directly absorb radiation from the sun and convert it to energy to power a suit of armor. It had taken Sarge and his men a week to complete this operation. First developing an antidote to the toxin then finding the location of the converter.

The fight did not last long. Once his "Knights" were defeated, Crime King got desperate and put on the armor. The suit was only at 5% power. It shut down after walking across the room. At the moment he is stuck in the armor. Retro-9 escaped during the melee. This doesn't worry Sergent Sargent. He knows that eventually the robot will attempt to break Crime King out of prison. When that happens they can capture it.

As he watches two of his men load the armored Crime King onto the
Eagle's Claw air ship. He sees a distress signal coming in on
an emergency frequency that even the President did not know about..

"This is Sergent Sargent. Must be important to be contacting us
 on this frequency."

"Sarge? It's Laugh Track. The base has been attacked by, attacked by
these things. They are not human or any type of tech I've ever seen.
They mowed thru the Grunt Patrol and took out Boomer, Road Test and High Five.

"Were they killed?"

"No just wounded. These things don't seem interested in killing. It's
like they are looking for something. Me, Co-Opt and Jury Rig are
holding them back. But Sarge we are not gonna last much longer. We
need E-Unit and that is no joke."

Sergent Sargent had never heard Laugh Track sound so grim. The guy
was always able to crack wise no matter the situation. As he
prepared to gather the Unit he heard Crime King bellowing.

"You think any prison can hold the Crime King??? Soon I will be free
and you will bow!!!!"

"Sorry Your Majesty, you're going into cold storage."

Crime King looks shocked as Sergent Sargent puts him into stasis.


Sergent Sargent gathers the E-Unit inside the cock pit of the Eagle's Claw. The E stands for Elite. They were the best of the best before the Liberty Corps even existed. He met these men during the war. He trained all four of them right out of boot camp.

Romero Sanchez: Cowboy from Colorado. A simple man who enjoys writing songs in his spare time. His song "GI Jukebox" was a top forty hit for a month in 1981. He can take more punishment than anybody and keep moving forward. He uses two specially made laser six shooters and a shock lasso during fights.

Brutus Roberts: He is the muscle of the Unit. A hulking man at 6ft7 inches tall. He carries the Heavy Hitter into battle with one hand.The Heavy Hitter normally requires three soldiers to wield effectively. Brutus is a quiet man. Rarely says much outside of battle. Though he'll talk your ear off about model kits if given the chance.

Zane Dresden: Zane is the baby of the Unit. A real hothead, Sergent
Sargent saved his hide dozens of times over the years. But the kid is a
quick thinker and a fast learner. Which he has to be with the situations
he puts himself in. He uses specially made energy throwing knives in
battle. They can be set to stun or kill.

David Foster: If Zane is the baby then David is the big brother. He
looks out for the other three. A brilliant strategist and hand to hand
fighter. Rarely uses weapons during battle. David does most of the
heavy lifting commanding E-Unit. One of the finest men Sergent Sargent has ever known.

"Listen up men. Liberty Corps headquarters is being overrun by alien
creatures. According to the scanners on the Eagle's Claw, they don't resemble anything I've ever
seen before. The civilian personnel and scientist have been evacuated.
That means we go in with full fire power. No holding back."

"Sarge does this mean we might have to use?"

"I dunno David I just don't know."


Jury Rig finally found something to put these things on the ropes. After his laser rifle was crushed by those creatures he created a piecemeal chemical bomb using cleaning products. It did not damage the thing but
 it did mess with its sensors. He has no idea if these things are robots, cyborgs or some type of alien. Going haywire from the bleach bomb one creature attacked another. So Jury Rig heads to Corridor G where the cleaning supplies are located.

Thinking he finally has a means to neutralize these things. A third
creature simply blows the malfunctioning/insubordinate ones up with
its eye beam. As he prepares to make more of his cleaning concoction.
The same creature shoots out a support beam causing the roof to collapse
in on him. Jury Rig hopes Laugh Track was able to contact Sarge.

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