Sunday, August 28, 2011

Chronicles of the Crime King:Weekend Edition 2


Once Abrams exited the drain pipe he saw something crash to the earth. He knew he did not have much time. But he had to see what it was. What he saw was a robot. Or more accurately a sentient computer. It was silver and covered in flashing lights. He knew he needed to run, he heard the guards and the dogs making their way to his location. He could not leave this thing til he knew what it was.

He covered his hand with a strip of cloth from his prison jumpsuit and touched one of the lights. The robot's eyes flashed on and came to life.

"I am Retro-9 what are your instructions."


It was the guards. They had caught up to him.  Art Abrams knew what he needed from the robot.

"Retro-9 stop these men!!!!!"

"Cover your mouth and nose."

Art did just that and Retro-9 released a cloud of gas that paralyzed the guards and dogs.

"DONE. What are your new instructions?"

"Get us away from here!!"

The front section of Retro-9 opened revealing a section for Art Abrams to stand. He got into place and Retro-9 strapped him in. It then revealed thrusters on its undercarriage and back section then took flight.

Arthur Abrams had one safe house the authorities were unable to find. He had a cache of equipment. But decided the days of the Techno Baron were over. with his time in prison he had studied these costumed vigilantes. He knew if he wanted to be respected he had to be more. As far above normal criminals as the Brass Blizzard and Green Lama were above normal policemen. He was to be THE CRIME KING!!!!!!

What of his new computerized associate? What of Retro-9?

"Where are you from Retro-9?"

"I am from star system #@%*&^."

"Say that again."

"Star system #@%*&^."

"Those are just pops and clicks Retro-9."

"The name of my star system uses a numerical system that does not exist on this planet."

"Very well, why are you here?

"I am a Retroactive Continuity Collaborator of the 9th cycle. I was built by the Rulians of #@%&^. My purpose is classified."

"Why did you help me?"

"If dormant I am to obey the orders of whoever reactivates me."

This pleased the Crime King as a large smile crossed his lips.

"In that case Retro-9 prepare for a life of crime."

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