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Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Fast Times in Video Land Day 5


Lord King Tymetrex of the Talon Tribe is better known by the title Dragonmace.
He obtained the title by winning a death tourney after the passing of Lord King Sinthor of the Claw People. He battled for days and nights before vanquishing his final foe. His prize for winning was the fabled Dragonmace. The weapon's origin is unknown.

The new Dragonmace's first act was to seize the Flower Kingdom. The previous Dragonmace's had been too timid to do this. For fear of arousing the ire of the other lands. He and his fellow Komondos had been forced to deal with the Flower People's condescending stares across the border for too long.

Within hours the Flower Kingdom was burning. They had little defense against the Komondo Armies and the Clambakers or the Ax Diggers of Dragonmace. He had the Flower Princess and was intent on making her his bride. By becoming their King, the Flower People would learn their place in the new social order.

The day of the wedding before he could make his final vows. The wedding was attacked by an outlander. He looked like an Ape had been partially saved. Wearing tan pants and jacket while wielding a hammer. He had smashed thru the Komondos with shocking ease. He took a rope and swung across the room and snatched the Flower Princess from Lord King Dragonmace's arms.

Dragonmace grabbed his weapon and a dark energy surrounded him. His eyes grew dark and he opened his mouth wide, shooting a stream of purple fire at the stranger and the flower princess. He could not let her return to the Flower Kingdom. But the stranger took the princess in his arms and jumped over the head of Dragonmace.

"Outlander tell me your name? For soon I will feast on your bones!!!!"

The Stranger preparing to leap out the window smiled.

"Oh the name's Adventure Ed. Don't count on eating my bones. Maybe you should snack on some beef jerk,y  a candybar or a nice pizza."

Adventure Ed vanished. It seems every two years he foils another of the Lord King Dragonmace's plans. But as he looks upon Adventure Ed bound and beaten. He knows that will not happen again. Still they were not able to grab the boy. The so called Commander 64. That worries Dragonmace. He will be contacted by Komondo Squads soon. They will have the boy and all will be set. The public execution of the G-Team will be in place.

"Um pardon me lord."

Its a Komondo and he looks terrified. He knows what the news is before the Komondo can say a word.

"Yes speak Komondo."

"We we we were unable to capture the Commander 64. He has a new ally. He he he comes from the same world as the Commander. He was a fierce fighter. He even commandeered a Clam Baker and destroyed a squadron. I....I....I am the only survivor."

Dragonmace's Mace turns a dark purple and fires a energy that incinerates the Komondo. Leaving only a pile of ashes.

"There were no survivors."

With that Dragonmace leaves the room.



The screams you hear are of Clydesdale, Bronco and the Grunt Patrol. The Psychic Jammer device of Jury Rig failed to work a second time on Braionic. Braionic somehow changed the frequency that his psionic powers operated on. Given time Jury Rig could have made the proper adjusments to the jammer. But the creature was learning and instintively took out Jury Rig first and smashed the jammer in the process.

Clydesdale blames himself. One of the first things you learn in combat is if something works once consider it a miracle. No excuses, its his fault for not preparing. He just hopes it does not get Bronco, Jury Rig and the Grunts killed.

Braionic is increasing the psychic voltage on the team. Clydesdale and Bronco are more protected than the Grunts and Jury Rig. Clydesdale summons his Horse Hammer. He pushes thru the Psionic field. He smashes at the brain of Braionic, the only part of of the creature that is not Psionic energy.

The creature releases its hold on the others. Focusing on Clydesdale. Clydesdale is determined not to stop until Braionic is defeated. With each swing of his hammer, Braionic increases his voltage. Clydesdale puts all of his energy into one last swing and put a dent in the brain of Braionic.


The creature unleashes a wave of energy that knocks out Clydesdale. Before the creature can finish off its red metallic enemy. It is hit with a sensation it has never experienced. A feeling that humans describe as freezing.

Before Braionic can adjust to this feeling it feels another sensation. Intense burning. Yes it knows this feeling. From its time in the Necromizone, being attacked by Professor Necro. Now it is being hit with both sensations simultaneously. It must focus and find the source of its pain.


Bronco was back to his feet. He could see the Grunts and Jury Rig were out. He looks across the street and sees Clydesdale collapsed in a heap. Bronco had a terrible thought.

"If Clydesdale is out, then who is fighting Braionic?"

He sees Cold Snap and Flash Fry taking the fight to Braionic.

"Sarge and Stallion need to find Zane and get back here."

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Fast Times in Video Land Day 4



Professor Necro needs to sit down. He summons a small portion of his dark power to create a chair out of Necromizone bedrock. His head is throbbing. He was attempting to create a viewing portal, when he was attacked by the Brain Beast Braionic. Necro instinctively defended himself.  Creating viewing portals while simple for a Necromantic of his skill level, is still a delicate procedure. Braionic's attack created a feedback responsible for his headache. Professor Necro looks at the subdued Braionic with contempt.

"Creature if I did not have use for you, I would torture you til the dark gods themselves did fall."

Before Professor Necro can finish his statement the air shifts and moans. Out of nowhere appears Xcision, High officer of the Darkizor organization. The Darkizors rule the Necromizone. When Professor Necro entered this dimension so many cycles ago, it was the Darkizors who mentored him and more importantly provided him with supplies.

It is the Darkizors from whom he got the Oblivorex cache from. That loan is due very soon. Hence why Professor Necro is invading the Earth dimension.. But still the loan will not be due for another cycle.

Professor Necro greets Xcision wearily.

"Xcision, what a pleasant surprise. Even if my Oblivorex loan is not due yet."

The Darkiziors are one of the native race of the Necromizone. They worship the Dark Ones who stand over all. They have no interest in Earth. Their goals involve communing with their deities. They are a combination of scales, flesh and feathers. Xcision snarls his peak, showing his sharp teeth.

"Necro...... What in the name of the dark gods are you doing here? I was in the middle of a procedure when suddenly all of our Zanthrix crystals exploded. We lost our connection with the Dark Ones. We traced the energy backlash to you."

"Xcision my apologies. I was creating a viewing portal when....."

"When you were attacked by one of your Earther creatures."

"Well yes and the Viewing Portal failed. I absorbed a good bit of feedback and am in quite a bit of pain."

"A Viewing Portal could not create an energy backlash powerful enough to destroy every Zanthrix crystal in our possession. The only procedure that could accomplish that would be trying to synthesize Oblivorex and we know you are not foolish enough to try that."

Professor Necro had considered attempting to counterfeit Oblivorex. But he knew the Darkizors would know and he shuddered to think of what they would do to him.

"Or creating a pocket dimension. Which in all due respect Professor is beyond your current skill set."

Professor Necro realized what happened. When he attacked Braionic he was in contact with that Earther Viewing Portal. The combination of his Necromantic energy, Braionic's psychic power and the Earther portal device created a pocket dimension."

Xcision studied Braionic before saying.

"One last thing Professor. Remove this creature from the Necromizone at once. its  presence is interfering with the reception on our lothix viewers."

"At once Xcizor."

Professor Necro would make the necessary adjustments and send Braionic back to Earth. While he finds out more about his Pocket Dimension.


Zane sits by a fire in the Lonely Forrest from the Mystery of Multh game. He is studying his new companion. He calls himself Commander 64 but the kid could not be more than 14.

"So kid er uh Commander, how did you get here?"

"I'm still not sure. I was playing this game called King's Ransom. I used the Parallax Reader to access a secret room in level 39. I saw a flash of light and woke up here. I still had my Parallax Blaster, Controller Glove and Reader. But now they were real weapons. Not that I would of lasted long enough to figure that out, if not for Adventure Ed."

"The Adventure Ed? He's real?"

"That was my reaction too. I was attacked by a bunch of Clambakers and Komondos. I would of been toast if Adventure Ed and the G Team did not save me."

"G Team?"

"Well the leader is Adventure Ed. The other members are game characters too. There's

Kung Fury: I'm sure you played Streets of Agony."

Zane certainly did. He almost spent more quarters on that than he did on Adventure Ed. Zen Tao was a cheaper boss than even Dragonmace.

"Then there is Annie Archer. I never played Annie Archer much. It was too difficult to control the bow and arrow controls."

Zane could not help feeling a childish pride at having beaten Annie Arrow:Revenge of the Tomb in an hour. Of course Zane has training in use of weapons even the Commander could not comprehend.

"Finally there is Multh the Mage. Multh like his game is a little on the dull side. But he evens the odds with his magic. Without him, Dragonmace and the Alliance would of found us a long time ago."

Zane liked playing Mystery of Multh. Not really exciting but it was a good way to unwind.

"So when do I meet Adventure Ed and the G Team."

"Well you don't. Dragonmace ambushed us at the weekly parade celebrating the most recent rescue of Lady Tulip. Usually he just kidnaps her. But this time he took Adventure Ed and the G Team. I only escaped thanks to the Parallax Reader. It showed me an underground tunnel nearby, I hid inside until the attack ended. I was on my way to rescue them when I saw you fighting the Komondos. "

Zane knew what the kid's next question was going to be.

"I've never seen anyone fight the Komondos like you. I'm scared to fight Dragonmace alone. Will you help me?"

A part of zane still thinks he is in a coma dream from eating the last Meatloaf Marshmallow surprise. But dream or not he can't turn down a kid asking for help.

"Sure kid, no problem."

"YES!!! Now I know I can kick Dragonmace's slimy butt!!!!"

With that Commander 64 starts running toward the castle of Dragonmace.

"Hey slow down, we need a plan!!!!!!"


Sergent Sargent does not know what he is looking at. The Tee Vee went from looking like the Adventure Ed game to something different.  Sarge does not know much about video games, but he knows this is not normal.

Co-Op on the other hand knows about video games and just about everything else in the world. It tends to make him insufferable.

"The screen keeps shifting to match the game even though the cart in the system is Adventure Ed 3. They have gone from Mystery of Multh to Streets of Agony to Pit Stop  and now its um a combination of games."

Sergent Sargent looks incredulously at Co-Op.

"And you're telling me that one of them doo dads on screen is Zane."

"Yeah I think he is the red and silver sprite."

"How can you tell?"

"He's the only one I don't recognize and he is not moving in a pattern. Well there is a tiny sprite I don't recognize but my instinct tells me that's not Zane."

Curt Hendrix returns to the room shouting.

"I did it!!!!! I have created a means to rescue Zane from the other dimension."


Zane Dresden can't believe this kid. first he took off into the Lonely Woods on his own. Found a warp that took them to Killgrave City. Gets us into a brawl with the Raging Tigers gang then hops into another warp.

Zane decides against following him this time. Instead relying on his training and back tracking to the Lonely Woods.  He can't access his equipment or transform into Mustang, but he can at least study this place.  The Warp Tunnels are going to be vital to surviving here. Once he figures out how to utilize them properly. he can rescue Adventure Ed and the G-Team. Maybe Old Mage Multh can get him home.

"You are not going anywhere Out Lander. We will rend your flesh from bone and feed you to Grand Lord Dragonmace."

Oh boy its a squad of Komondos and Clambakers. Clambakers are flying clams that spit fire. Zane takes out a pair of Omniblades and throws them at the heads of two Komondos, causing them to blink away. This enrages the remaining Komondos and Clambakers.

Zane tumbles out of the way of a stream of fire. A Komondo swings a club at him but Zane leaps over its head stabbing it in the back with a Omniblade. As the Komondo blinks away, Zane grabs its club and hits another Komondo on the head. Its helmet cushioning the blow, the Komondo kicks Zane in the chest sending him flying into a  tree.

He takes advantage of this climbing up the tree. He sees the Clambaker making another sweep and jumps on its back. The Clambaker doing the only thing it knows starts shooting fire. Zane counted on this and aims it at a group of Komondos. Flash frying them in an instant and blinking them away. Zane feels validated at how well he is handling himself. Until the Clambaker drives his head into a low tree branch. He falls to the ground and is surrounded by the remaining Komondos.

Zane goes for an Omniblade but a Komondo stomps his hand.

"You will die here Out Lander. Grand Lord Dragonmace will understand."

Zane hopes this is a dream and he will be waking up soon. When he hears a roaring engine. A souped up race car burst thru the trees crushes the entire squadron of Komondos and Clambakers. Zane climbs back to his feet and sees Commander 64 behind the wheel.

"Look I'm sorry I ditched you. I wasn't playing around I just knew we needed some wheels if we were gonna tackle Dragonmace. Hop in."


"What part of no, don't you understand Hendrix!!!!!"

Brutus "Clydesdale" Roberts is listening to the same argument for what feels like the 100th time.

"We are out manned and I helped create the Horse Power tech. I deserve to be Pegasus. Physically I am a perfect match for that Horse Coller.'

"Yeah but on the Psych Test you were a big dud. Same as the Bedlam kid. You are not going to use the current crisis to get a spot on the Horse Power team."

Brutus has had heard enough.

"You two can finish this lovers quarrel later. Right now Braionic is back with a group of those Necronoid things that attacked the base last month. Me, Bronco and the others can fight while Sarge and Stallion rescue Zane."

Romero "Bronco" Sanchez has not heard Brutus get that angry in a long time. But he's glad he saved him the trouble of saying it.

"Now that this is settled. Horse Power Charge!!!!!!"

Brutus Roberts, Romero Sanchez and David Foster transform into their Horse Power alter egos.


Brutus Roberts transforms into the red armored Clydesdale.


Romero Sanchez is transformed into the yellow armored Bronco.


David Foster is surrounded by a bright light becoming the blue armored Stallion.

Curt Hendrix flips the switch to the portal generator. A bright door of light opens in front of the TV.

Stallion speaks.

"Bronco. Clydesdale, you take out Braionic once and for all. We're going to rescue Zane."

The team put their hands together and shout.

"Horse Power!!!!!!"

The door of light shuts behind Stallion and Sergent Sargent.


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Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Fast Times in Video Land Day 3

                                                                       Komondo Warrior

                                                                          Zane Dresden


Sergent Sargent is not a man quick to anger. But right now he is angry.

"ZANE!!!!! ZANE!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!"

Zane Dresden was not in the lab at 1100 hours like he was suppose to be. They were going to meet with the Science Bulbs about making his Laser Bayonet compatible with the Horse Power weapon system. Specifically due to Zane being awol during their battle with the brain monster Braionic. Sarge attempted to merge his Laser Bayonet into the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster (Minus the Mustang Daggers) it back fired and sent him flying. If not for Jury Rig and his brain damager psychic scrambler, they would of been killed.

But Zane (otherwise known as the green Horse Power Mustang) did not show. Sarge knows what happened. He stayed up all night playing that new TEE VEE game he bought. Sergent Sargent is not out of touch. He understands the boys need to unwind. Heck during the war he was addicted to a Green Acres pinball game. He probably spent half his paycheck feeding it quarters. but darn it when it is time for battle you put that aside.

"ZANE!!! Boy open the door!!!!"

Sarge has been knocking for ten minutes. Now he's worried , Zane might oversleep but he would not ignore a his Sergent.  Sarge takes out his Laser Bayonet and blast the door open. He looks in the room and it is empty. It looks like a struggle took place. The TV is still on.


Zane Dresden feels a little dizzy. He has had some strange experiences as a member of E-Unit and now as a Horse Power. Why last week he fought a man made out of grease. Heck he reguarly transforms into a green humonoid horse robot. But when his TV opened up a door of light and sucked him in. Well lets just say that was a new experience.

"Ugh where am I?"

This was a strange place. It looks like he is inside of a drawing. He looks up at the sun and it has a face. Big angry eyes and a scowl. Looking at the ground he sees flowers with lion heads singing happily. He takes out his commuicator.

"Liberty Corps HQ this is Zane, over."

"Beep, Beep, Beep........"

"Great can't pick up a signal."

Before Zane can attempt to try again he hears screaming. He looks over and sees humonoid flowers running in terror from lizards carrying clubs and wearing army helmets. Zane says to himself.

"Wait I know this. Those are the Flower Children and Komondos from Adventure Ed. This is crazy but I think sane left awhile back. Either way I'm not letting the Flower Children get hurt. HORSE POWER CHARGE!!!!!"

Instead of transforming nothing happens. That will not stop Zane. Before he had super powers he was a soldier. He runs into battle, drop kicking one of the Komondos in the back of the head. The lizard soldier swings his club at Zane, who ducks. He takes out his omni blade and slashes the Komondo. As quickly as he
puts one Komondo down another attacks.  Zane grabs its thick scaley arms and monkey flips it into two others.

"You guys aren't as tough as you look."

As if on que, a Komondo hits Zane in the head with its club.

"Another interloper intefering in our conquest of the Flower Realm. We must inform King Dragonmace. Shackle the interloper and destroy the flower scum!!!"

Before the Komondo can obey the order, a blast of energy hits it and it blinks out of existence. 

Zane looks up and sees what appears to be a teenager in a hooded green sweatshirt that was too big for him. He has a Parallax 64 controller attached to a glove on his left hand. In his other hand is the Parrallax 64 Blaster gun. He even has the Parrallax reader scope on the right side of his face.

"Don't you Komorons ever learn? The Flower Kids are under the protection of Commander 64!!!!!"

Zane thinks this must be a dream. He fell asleep playing Adventure Ed 3. any second now he was going to be woken up by Sergent Sargent, and yelled at for over sleeping. The Komondos forget about Zane and attacked Commander 64.

As three of the Komondos attack, The Commander grabs the joy stick on his glove and shifts right. He moves as fast as Zane in his Mustang armor. Appearing behind the Komondos, he taps a button on the Parralax Reader scope. A purple light tags each of the remaining Komondos. The Commander takes out his blaster and zaps the Komondos simutaneously. They blink out of existence in a pixellated blur.

The victorious Commander 64 runs up to Zane excitedly.

"You're from the real world!!!!!"


Jury Rig, Co-Opt, Brutus "Clydesdale" Roberts, David "Stallion" Foster, Romero "Bronco" Sanchez and assorted Science Bulbs were crowded into Zane's room. 

Curt Hendrix head Liberty Corp Science Bulb and younger brother of David Foster's girlfriend Courtney Hendrix approaches Sergent Sargent in the hall way outside of Zane Dresden's room.

"Sergent you used very good judgment not turning off the television or the game system. Otherwise I might of lost the energy trail."

"Energy trail?"

"You see, since your recent encounters with the black door of light. I have been studying dimensional door ways. I believe a vortex opened up and took Zane. The energy frequencies are similar to the black light that your team has encountered."

"Can we get Zane back Dr.Hendrix?"

'We're working on it. studying a dimensional portal and creating one are two seperate things."

Before Sergent Sargent can ask another question. Brutus Roberts shouts out.

"Sarge get in here!!! Something is happening to the TEE VEE!!!!"


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Chronicles of the Crime King:Weekend Edition 2


Once Abrams exited the drain pipe he saw something crash to the earth. He knew he did not have much time. But he had to see what it was. What he saw was a robot. Or more accurately a sentient computer. It was silver and covered in flashing lights. He knew he needed to run, he heard the guards and the dogs making their way to his location. He could not leave this thing til he knew what it was.

He covered his hand with a strip of cloth from his prison jumpsuit and touched one of the lights. The robot's eyes flashed on and came to life.

"I am Retro-9 what are your instructions."


It was the guards. They had caught up to him.  Art Abrams knew what he needed from the robot.

"Retro-9 stop these men!!!!!"

"Cover your mouth and nose."

Art did just that and Retro-9 released a cloud of gas that paralyzed the guards and dogs.

"DONE. What are your new instructions?"

"Get us away from here!!"

The front section of Retro-9 opened revealing a section for Art Abrams to stand. He got into place and Retro-9 strapped him in. It then revealed thrusters on its undercarriage and back section then took flight.

Arthur Abrams had one safe house the authorities were unable to find. He had a cache of equipment. But decided the days of the Techno Baron were over. with his time in prison he had studied these costumed vigilantes. He knew if he wanted to be respected he had to be more. As far above normal criminals as the Brass Blizzard and Green Lama were above normal policemen. He was to be THE CRIME KING!!!!!!

What of his new computerized associate? What of Retro-9?

"Where are you from Retro-9?"

"I am from star system #@%*&^."

"Say that again."

"Star system #@%*&^."

"Those are just pops and clicks Retro-9."

"The name of my star system uses a numerical system that does not exist on this planet."

"Very well, why are you here?

"I am a Retroactive Continuity Collaborator of the 9th cycle. I was built by the Rulians of #@%&^. My purpose is classified."

"Why did you help me?"

"If dormant I am to obey the orders of whoever reactivates me."

This pleased the Crime King as a large smile crossed his lips.

"In that case Retro-9 prepare for a life of crime."

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Chronicles of the Crime King:Weekend Edition 1

All characters and concepts are the copyright of Victor Rodgers

                                                      Foreword by Matt D

When talking about Vic's Crime King stuff, a logical starting point would be contrasting Despicable Me or Megamind. It's the tale of a villain, his motivations, and his competition with his peers and the world around him, not unlike last years' movies. The thing is... I know for a fact that Vic hasn't seen them. What about Venture Bros then? That's something he's gone on record as having enjoyed. There are certainly elements of that sort of self-awareness and humor to Crime King's tale. It's not quite comprable, however. Crime King fits into the Horse Power world. He's more fleshed out and slightly more earnest than a villain from that genre of storytelling might be, but he still fits more definitively than the Mighty Monarch might. All that said, he's not Cobra Commander either.

If I won't use any of  those to compare, then what? I think that this is the first element of the Horse Power universe, and Vic's fictional works as of yet, where the primary source, as much as there is a primary source, is comics. It'd be easy to say that due to the inclusion of public domain characters such as the Green Lama or the sheer pulp nature of the Crime King, but I think there's something else. These tales serve as something of a prologue to Horse Power. It shows what the world was like before the introduction of the Horse Buckles and the Necronoids, a world that perhaps surprisingly, wasn't mundane in the least. It feels like the Saturday Morning and Sentai elements are overlaid upon this fully formulated comic book world.

One source for Horse Power is obviously Gi Joe. The creative history of the people who designed most of the Gi Joe concepts was primarily in superhero comics. The Crime King stories, with their fleshed out villain protagonist, serves as more than a prologue to the beginning of Horse Power. It works quite well as an actualization of this creative shift between the Liberty Corps world and what will become the Horse Power Universe.

Art Abrams was an electrician. As a child he was a prodigy. He was tested as having a 700 IQ in the 6th grade. The world should of been his oyster. But a drunken mother and schizophrenic father guaranteed the Ivy League was not in his future. Instead he coasted thru high school and became an electrician. One day in 1975, Art quit his job. His parents died in a tragic accident. Mother drowned when she went swimming drunk and father drowned trying to save her.

Art decided he wanted to be a criminal. Not some run of the mill thief or killer. He wanted to have style and finesse. His brilliance with electronics allowed him to create various gadgets. Whether it be an electric net ball, exo arms, clamp foam or the jet belt. He could make more than one fortune selling these inventions. But he does not do this for money. He does it for fame and recognition.

Which he was achieving at first. He was in all the papers and magazines as the Tech Baron. A name given to him by the media. He was not using a name yet.

Then one day as he was stealing the Moaning Viper statue from the Philadelphia museum of art. He encountered a man in a green cloak. He recognized him as the Green Lama. Art had assumed people like Lama and the Black Terror were tabloid creations. Or greatly exaggerated at the very least.

Art threw his electric net ball only to see it stop short of the Lama's face  and bounce back and hit Art. It smarted something fierce but he thought that could happen and wore a insulated body suit. He tore the net off of him using his exo arms. He shot the clamp foam at Green Lama. Lama simply levitated above it.

Art Abrams knew it was time to flee. But his exit was blocked by a green flame. When he woke up he was in a jail cell. He bided his time and once he had gathered the proper supplies escaped. He used a bowl of stew, a clock radio and a pen to make a time displacement device. It gave him a five minute window to escape. When he crawled out of the sewer he saw something that would change everything.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Fast Times in Video Land Day 2


In a place of darkness and death that is worlds yet seconds away from our own.

Professor Necro is watching a viewing portal. The portal is connected
to the Robo eye of a detached Necronoid skull. It has been following Zane "Mustang" Dresden around for the last forty eight hours.

Zane was chosen because the other Horse Power members would realize they
were being followed. His hopes were that Zane would lead him to the location of the Oblivorex crystal.

Instead he has watched a grown adult spend most of his free time eating junk food, reading the pulps and playing with some sort of wood and glass viewing portal. Many things have changed since Professor Necro was banished from the world of his birth.


"Well it appears my guest is stirring."

He looks at his latest creation, Braionic bound by the dark energies of the
Necromizone. A Horse Power ally had created a device that disabled Braionic's
psychic power. If Necro had not brought it to the Necromizone, the
thing would of surely been defeated.

He sees Braionic's body of energy light up in a bright orange hue. The
metallic brain begins flaring up. A blast of psionic energy hits the
Professor. But Braionic is surprised to see it has no effect.

"Simple creature, I created you. I brought you here because I knew your powers
would not function correctly in the Necromizone."

Necro looks the creature over.

"I can not allow an artificial mockery like you to attack me. Lets see how you handle some FEEDBACK!!!!!"

Necro raises his withered hand and pulls a portion of Braionic's
energy out of it. Then feeding the same energy back into it. The cry of Braionic would
shatter a normal human ear drum.

"Now lets see if Mr.Dresden is doing anything of note."

He watches as Dresden puts a cart of some sort into a device hooked to a crude
wood and glass Viewing Portal.

"Even with Oblivorex the Earth beings are unable to create a true
viewing portal. I'm not sure what use it has. The images are barely recognizable colored blobs. The only sound it omits are electronic beeps. Yet he understands them perfectly."

Professor Necro looks closer attempting to figure out what Zane Dresden is
communicating with. Not noticing the wounded Braionic has recovered.

"The relationship appears tenuous and unstable. At times he celebrates with the
beings in the portal. But others he curses them as if they were his enemy."

He knows what he must do now. He will uses sorcery to create a portal into the
dimension. First he must interface with the crude earth viewing
portal. He raises his hands and as a black energy comes from his fingers he hears an inhuman screech. Braionic has Professor Necro in his telekinetic grip.

"Let go of me monster!!!!"

Instinctively Necro blast Braionic with a surge of his black power.
Forgetting that he was connected to the Earther viewing portal.


Adventure Ed 3 is a lot harder than Zane expected. He has been playing
for hours and is just on level 4. He can handle the Komondos but he keeps getting roasted by the Clambakers. Even if he gets past them, one of the flower
children he is escorting die.

"I got a big meeting tomorrow, I should go to sleep. Sarge wants
to meet with the Science Bulbs to work on making his Laser Bayonet compatible with the Horse Power weapons. I'll play one more game then I gotta sleep."

As he presses start on his controller a black surge of energy hits him and the
television. A black door of light opens in front of the TV. It is
trying to pull him inside. Zane reaches for his Horse Collar.

"Horse Power Charge: MUSTAN.........."

Before he can finish his battle cry and transform into the Green Horse Power
Mustang, he is pulled into the black vortex. The vortex closes behind
him, as if it never existed.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:Fast Times in Video Land


Sergent Sargent narrowly avoids a blast of psionic energy. Yes it is one of those days. Chaotic and perilous even by Horse Power standards.  For the last several hours both Horse Power and their Liberty Corps allies have been battling the Braionic.

The only thing they know for sure about Braionic is it started out as an artificial brain built by Ivy Corp. A company specializing in super science experiments similar to Liberty Corps. But instead of using their discoveries to help the public, they use it for profit in the private sector.

Braionic was intended to help victims of severe brain trauma. Today was the going to be the first true test. The experiment went poorly and a black light appeared transforming the dying patient into Braionic. Unfortunately Ivy Corp security was not forth coming with details.

Braionic now has David Foster in its telekinetic grip. Even as Stallion he is unable to break out of it. Until Brutus Roberts (known to us as the armored behemoth Clydesdale) smashes Braionic with his Horse Hammer.

Stallion breaks free as Braioinc turns its attention to Clydesdale. Clydesdale was never one to show fear, and that was before he had the power to transform into a red humanoid horse robot. He charges into Braionic and swings his hammer only to have it stopped by a telekinetic fist. Clydesdale is pounded into the ground with his own hammer.

Before it can strike again, Braionic is fired upon by a pair of laser powered six shooters. They belong to Romero Sanchez otherwise known as the yellow armored Bronco. The blast hit the psionic monster in its chest. Or the mass of telekinetic energy that passes for a chest.

"Back away from Clydesdale now."

Braionic gives no expression beyond a crackling of energy interference across the area it's face should be.

Clydesdale pulls himself off of the ground and retrieves his hammer that Braionic dropped.

Sergent Sargent joins his team.

"Alright boys its time to fire the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster."

Stallion objects to the plan.

"Sarge we can't fired the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster without Mustang. We don't even know if we can  without his Mustang Daggers."

"We have to try something. This is a good time to see if my Laser Bayonet is compatible with your weapons systems."

While he is putting on a confident front, Sergent Sargent wonders where Zane Dresden (Mustang) could be.

Zane Dresden was a bundle of nerves. he had been waiting for this day for what feels like an eternity. Adventure Ed 3 was finally being released. Adventure Ed was the best video game ever made. He spent probably Seven Hundred dollars in quarters playing it at Burger Barn.

Finally Zane just bought a Parallax 64 video game system and Adventure Ed 1 and 2. Of course the second he got it hooked up, Dr.Mindfunk tried to turn the moon into a disco ball. So he had to delay helping Adventure Ed save Lady Tullip from the evil Dragonmace.

Now Adventure Ed 3 is out. He did not tell anybody where he was going. Sergent Sargent and his other Horse Power/Liberty Corps teammates don't get video games. They think its kids stuff. But like Sarge says "Whatever keeps you off the six o'clock news."

Zane has been in line for hours. He forgot his Horse Power communicator at the base. He thought of going to get it but was afraid of losing his place in line.

"Welcome to Gamesly, what can I do for you."

"One copy of Adventure Ed 3 please."

"That'll be sixty five dollars and 62 cents."

"Here ya go."

"Thank you for shopping at Gamesly, please shop again at Gamesly."

Sarge will be mad he forgot his communicator, but how mad can he get. Besides Zane thinks "What could of happened in a few hours?"


The last thing Sergent Sargent remembered was the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster backfiring. The Horse Power weapons rejecting his Laser Bayonet.

As he struggled to get off the ground, he watched Braoinc telekineticlly lift his Mangler tank off the ground and throw it at him. Sergent Sargent could have been killed. Instead he was covered by the 700 pound red metallic form of Clydesdale.

So instead of being killed he has a few broken ribs, a broken nose and a probable concussion.

Clydesdale (now back to his human form of Brutus Roberts) was very apologetic.

"Uh Sarge look I'm sorry I hurt you."

"Brutus don't be sorry. If not for you I would be a goner. I do wanna know where in the blue thunder Zane is."

"I was just out Sarge, whoa what the heck happened to you?"

It was Zane Dresden. Carrying a bag from Gamesly's. That store where he buys those electronic gizmos."

"Maybe you would know, if you had your blasted communicator with you!!!!"

"Sarge I'm sorry I forgot it."

"And why did you not return for it the second you knew it was missing?"

"Well I uh well.."

"Because you were scared of losing your place in line buying that blasted game!!!"

The look on Zane's face says it all. He hears the story of Braionic and how he nearly destroyed the Horse Power team. Til Jury Rig showed up with his Kinetic Block device. It was an old radio transmitter wrapped in aluminum foil.

It caused interference in Braionic. Preventing its cybernetic brain from sending proper signals to its psionic form. Before they could finish it off, that door of black light appeared and pulled Braionic away.
Zane takes his game and leaves. No punishment could make him feel any worse than he does right now.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:TRAPPED!!!! Day 5


Sergent Sargent is getting the burns on his forearm treated by head Liberty Corps field doctor, Triage.

"Sergent you're lucky these are only first degree burns."

"Don't I know it Triage. But right now we have bigger concerns. Greasetrap is still on the loose."

David Foster speaks up. He is still in his Horse Power armor but the mouth is opened revealing his face.

"Sarge I'm sorry about earlier. We have been too dependent on Horse Power. But we are ready to work as a team again."

"That's okay David. How is Clydesdale, I mean Brutus?"

"He's okay. Once he powered down the armor started auto repair."

"Good, because right now the important thing is finding Greasetrap."


Mess Hall has recovered from his injuries, suffered during the invasion the previous week. He returned to the kitchen in an arm sling, but that has not slow him down. He started on his meatloaf marshmallow balls and had found just the right amount of pineapple to add to it.

Oh the boys pretended not to like it. Well all the boys but Zane Dresden, who ate ten. But he knew they would come around once he added the almonds. He needs to wash his hands. They are covered in peanut butter and mushroom soup. He turn on the sink and nothing comes out.

"What in the blasted world. I just had this sink fixed. Dang Spare Tire, he was more concerned with the pie cart. "Oh a wheel is wobbly." Yeah why don't you remove one of those banana cream pies weighing it down. I tell ya I don't get paid enough......"

As he says this something comes out of the sink. But it is not water.
It is thick and lumpy. It is Greasetrap, Mess Hall turns around wrench in hand.

"What in the blamed......"

Greasetrap slams him into the lunch counter. Mess Hall takes out his
blaster and shoots him between the eyes, only to see the shots land harmlessly. Unfazed he bashes in Greasetrap's head with his wrench. Greasetrap grabs Mess Hall by the throat.

"Gonna ask one time bubby. Where is the Omniblex?"

"What in Sweet Hazel are you talking about?"

"Arrrrghhhhhh useless!!!!!"

Greasetrap throws Mess Hall into a wall. Before Mess Hall goes under he hits the alarm.


Zane Dresden is still in his Mustang armor. The mouth opened revealing his face. Along with Romero "Bronco" Sanchez. They are with Brutus"Clydesdale"Roberts. Who is being examined by one of the med bots. Seeing if the damage the Clydesdale armor received has effected him.

"Look I'm fine. We need to find Greasetrap."

The med bot speaks.

"Examination not completed. More test required."

Before Brutus can protest, the alarm sounds. All three know Greasetrap has returned. Brutus stands up and grips his horse buckle.


Brutus Roberts changes into the red metallic horse robot.

"Alright lets go get Greasetrap!!!"

Bronco and Mustang close the mouth hinges on their armor. Bronco speaks up.

"You guys go get Greasetrap. I have a plan, but I need to find somebody first."

"Fine it's a plan. Mustang lets move."

With that the Horse Power team goes into action.


The Fire Grunts are trying to hold back Greasetrap with their foam shooters. These shooters have put out forest fires. But are limited against something like Greasetrap.


The Fire Grunts are bewildered by this.

"Ignore it!!! It's just crazy alien talk like those things that attacked the headquarters!!!!"

"I am not an alien!!!"

He shoots a stream of hot grease at the Fire Grunts. There
burns would be fatal if their suits were not made to withstand extreme heat.

Greasetrap steps over their fallen bodies to continue his search.


Sergent Sargent and Stallion have joined the search for Greasetrap.
This time the Earthmauler would not help since the monster is sticking to confined spaces.

"Stallion I just got a call from the Fire Grunts. They were taken down
by Greasetrap in Corridor Y."

"Sarge that's right above...."

"The Chamber.... Could be a coincidence, but I'm not taking a chance on lard lord finding it. Let's move."


Greasetrap is frustrated. Something inside him can feel he is at
the right place. But all he sees is the same blasted rooms and halls.

"Since when do soldiers need classes? It's all point and click."

"I dunno some of the boys like to learn. Whether it be history,
science, math or not becoming a stupid pile of lard who has passed the same room six times in a row. "

"You..... I'll finish the job I started on your arm."

"Let me guess you heard about the Liberty Corps charity fish fry and wanted to offer your services."

"Only thing I'm gonna fry is the flesh off your face."

Stallion comes out of the door next to Greasetrap, Sword in hand.

"Where's your lady friend? Wanted to give her a make over."

"Oh you know women. She went out shopping."

Clydesdale burst thru the wall.

"Well Big Red. Looks like I get to finish what I started on you too."

Mustang runs to the side of Sergent Sargent in a green blur.

"And you never even got to me."

"That'll change Green Bean. That'll change."

The fight begins.


Sergent Sargent realizes he does not have super powers. He is staying in the background. Allowing Stallion, Mustang and Clydesdale to fight. The arm that was burned is the one he uses to fire his bayonet. Now is not the time to test out fighting leftie.

The team is faring much better this time. Fighting as a unit. Stallion cuts Greasetrap in half with his sword. Next Clydesdale splatters the halves to pieces with his hammer. Now Mustang is scrambling the pieces with his super speed.

A good strategy but not a finisher. They need time, time for the
bulbs to do their work.

The pieces of Greasetrap consolidate around the feet of Mustang
Greasetrap grabs Mustang and drives his head into the floor.

"Glue Factory time horsies!!!!!"

Greasetrap brings himself to an intense boil and explodes in every direction.


Clydesdale steps in front of Sergent Sargent. Saving him from being burned again. The team are down and at the mercy of the Frying Man .

"Look at me. Late to the party and I even brought an uninvited guest."

It is Bronco and with him is a beautiful woman with strawberry blond hair wearing goggles, a brown jump suit with a metal back pack. Sarge recognizes her instantly.

"Sandblast!!! Had no idea you were back already."

"Just got in last night. I was able to stop Desert Rose from killing
the Shah of Mybackahurt."

Greasetrap is angry.

"Hey BIMBO!!!! I'm in the middle of something."

Sandblast calmly lowers her goggles to cover her eyes. She lifts the cannon attached to her pack and fires. The cannon shoots pressurized sand. It covers Greasetrap from head to toe.

"Interrupting people is rude Mr.Trap. Say why don't you boys finish your game."

Greasetrap tries to boil but it is not working. The sand puts the fire out before it can start. He tackles Sandblast and they both crash thru a wall to the grounds of Liberty Corps headquarters.

"Not so tough now bimbo."

Sandblast is hurt but chuckles slightly. She hits a button on a remote that summons the Sandstormer. The Sandstormer is a sleek hover tank. Designed for desert combat. It's cannons serve the same purpose as Sandblast sand pack does. The Sandstormer's cannon fires a barrage of sand at Greasetrap.

The Horse Power team land on the ground surrounding Greasetrap. The Horse Power Combination Power Blaster already formed. Together they scream


Greasetrap is shattered to pieces. The pieces attempt to reform when they are sucked into a canister. The canister is held by Courtney Hendrix. Stallion gives her a hug then speaks to the canister.

"See Greasetrap just like a woman. We're out working while she is getting a shiny new toy.



The Necronoids are unaffected by Professor Necro's outburst. They continue welding, sewing and carving.

"It is my fault for relying on humans. Powers or no powers they are weak and stupid. But soon I will have new soldiers. Soon my Necborgs will rise!!!!!!!!"


The Liberty Corps cafeteria. Horse Power, Courtney Hendrix, Sandblast and Sergent Sargent are eating Mess Hall's Meatloaf marshmallow balls.

"Well boys I'm proud of you. You learned a lesson and became a better team because of it. Especially you Bronco. You showed good initiative."

"Worth nothing Sarge. You bringing in Gravel Pit and the Earth Mauler, reminded me Sandblast was in town."

"That was some quality work Sandy. How long are you staying this time?"

"Desert Rose is still on the loose. So me and Sandstormer will have to
take off."

Sarge turns to David Foster and Courtney Hendrix.

"Good work on building the Greasetrapper. You must have started the second we got back."

"Not much to it Sarge. We just built a stronger version of a normal
grease trap. Like the one in the cafeteria."

Sarge takes another bite and speaks to Mess Hall.

"Mess Hall I gotta admit, I was wrong, these Meatloaf Marshmallow balls are delicious."

"Thanks Sarge. I used parts of Greasetrap for the secret ingredient."

Everyone looks disgusted but swallow politely. Except Zane Dresden who scoops up three more.


                                       Horse Sense

"Hey Jimmy want some chicken fingers?"

"But you can't you cook Billy."

"No problem I watched my dad use the deep fryer a billion times."

Billy goes to plug the deep fryer in, when a figure in white arctic
armor burst in.

Both kids exclaim.


"Kids never try to cook when your parents are not present. Especially not a deep fryer. Not everyone has a custom snow gun to put out fires."

"Thanks Coldsnap!!!!"

"Know better."

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:TRAPPED!!!! Day 4

Greasetrap tightened his grip on Clydesdale and increased his
temperature further. Clydesdale can feel the life support systems in his
armor kick in. He thinks of the Grunts he sparred with today.
He imagined they felt as helpless as he feels right now.

He struggles to break the grip of Greasetrap, but he is unable to get any
leverage against its mushy form..

"Ha....Ha.....Hahahahaha!!!! Horsie melts in my hands not in my

Before he can become any hotter Stallion slashes him in two
with his sword.

"Mustang get Clydesdale away from here now!!!!!! I'll hold off

Greasetrap quickly pulls himself back together.

"You and what army?"

Greasetrap is ran over by the Earth Mauler
driven by Sergent Sargent.

"The Liberty Corps mush mouth!!!!!"

The Earth Mauler is a tank/earth mover/bulldozer. Used in
environments with urban decay. Here Sarge is making an exception.

"Gonna pay for that jarhead."

Greasetrap starts to boil and moves toward the Earth Mauler. Sergent
Sargent leaps at him, Laser Bayonet in hand. Greasetrap catches
Sergent Sargent's arm in his grip and burns him..As he lays on the
ground in pain, he gives the order.

"Now Gravel Pit!!!!"

Gravel Pit is the driver of the Earth Mauler normally. But tonight he is
manning the shovels. He drops a ton of dirt and gravel onto Greasetrap. Putting out his grease fire. Greasetrap is trying to ooze out of the dirt.

Stallion gives the next order.

"Alright lets bring out the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster!!!!!"

Clydesdale with one gauntlet melted gets up to his feet.


He sets the Hammer up as the base.

Bronco is next

"Bronco Shooters!!"

Bronco links the shooters by their handles and puts it on top of the
Stallion Sword.

Followed by Stallion

"Stallion Sword"

Stallion places his sword atop of the connected Bronco Shooters

Finally Mustang

"Mustang daggers!!!!"

He places the daggers on each side of the Stallion Sword.

Together they surround the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster.


In the blink of an eye the mysterious black light appears and takes
Greasetrap away.

Sergent Sargent gets to his feet, his burned arm wrapped in his vest.

"What in blue thunder??"


The last thing Greasetrap remembers is a ton of gravel and dirt
being dropped on his head. As he comes together he feels fear. He has
never seen anything like the Necromizone. The sky is a glowing
black light. The ground looks and feels like it is made of flesh, bone
and dirt. Over the mountains appeared long shadows of giants. One with the head of a bird. The other a dog?


It is the robed man from the hospital. He thought he had imagined him
when he was dying. He was a smallish man wearing a brown robe with
symbols he did not recognize. His face was rotting in places.

"W...what do you mean?"

"I did not give you this power to attack a fry cook."

"I have my reasons."

"Yes yes John Harvey Bates. You wanted revenge on the man who
burned you. You were a law enforcement officer who was corrupt."

"Hey you don't know what its like out there."

"You liked to get protection money from restaurants.Usually from greasy spoons.What was it you would do to the ones who refused to pay? Dip their hands in the grease fryer. That is until a man named Dwight Couch gave you a taste of your own medicine."

"Its not like that......"

"I DO NOT CARE!!!!!!!"

Professor Necro regains his composure.

"Greasetrap your only job is to take the Oblivorex crystal"


"You'll know it when you see it. I have found the general location to be
in the Liberty Corps headquarters. I need you to get to the base and find
it. Once you find it, I will return it to the rightful owner."

"Well if you're so tough why don't you go take it yourself."

"A splendid idea but I am unable to leave this place longer than a few
minutes at a time. Thus I must use agents such as yourself. NOW

With that Professor Necro raised his hand and sent Greasetrap back to
earth in a black light.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power:TRAPPED!!!! Day 3


Burger Barn is the oldest dining establishments in Lawnvale Ohio. The Burgers are greasy, the fries are overcooked, the drinks are watered down and it all cost too much. So why is it David Foster and Courtney Hendrix favorite restaurant? Because it is where they had there first date and later their first kiss. It helps that it is located near Liberty Corps HQ and has little waiting.

Tonight they are having their first night out in months.

"Courtney lets not talk about work tonight. I'm worn out."

"Isn't Horse Power making your job easier."

"Not really Courtney, In fact our work load has increased and this is work talk you sneak."

"Oops. You want a sup of my milkshake."

"You know I don't drink after anybody."

"I have an extra straw jerko."

Before David Foster can respond, he hears a scream come from the kitchen.


Dwight Couch got this job right out of high school. He told his then girlfriend Mindy that it was just for the summer. That was twelve years ago. He is still waiting for that promotion he was promised six years and two kids ago. Instead he has to work the fryers in the kitchen. It's okay mostly. The fryers are the only place he has any peace. No nagging Mindy, no bellowing teenage straw boss. Just Dwight and grease soaked fast food.

The grease has a sound all its own. All the pops and sizzles. after awhile it feels like it is talking to you. Looking down at the boiling grease it looks like it has eyes..... and a mouth.........

"OH MY GOD!!!!!!!"

Out of the fryer comes something. It looks like a man, a very large man made of grease.

"Surprised to see me Dwight!!!!!"


The monster grabs Dwight by the head and throws him into the dining room of the Burger Barn.

"Gonna die Dwight....."

"Horse Power Charge!!!!!"

For a man who suffered third degree burns and was transformed into a grease monster by a zombie wizard. John Harvey Bates is still shocked by what he sees. A man transformed into a blue humanoid horse robot.

"By the authority of the Liberty Corps, you are under arrest."

Stallion looks at the monster. It almost looks like it is grinning. The monster shoots a stream of grease at Stallion. Sending him crashing thru the Burger Barn window into the street. The monster then turns his feet into a platform of grease and flies at Stallion. He lifts one foot and stomps Stallion into the ground.

"Now you'll learn why they call me GREASETRAP:THE FRYING MAN!!!!!"


Courtney Hendrix does not scare easy. She has been a Science Bulb at Liberty Corps for nearly seven years now. She has been

Brainwashed by Dr.Mindfunk into being his Disco Diva.

Kidnapped by the Watermancer cult and offered as a sacrifice to Genkimaya.

Taken by Crime King and nearly made his Crime Queen.

Each time Courtney saved herself and foiled the bad guys bigger plan. Whether it be resurrecting a mad Water God, turning the moon into a giant mirror ball or simply stealing air time during the Super Bowl in an attempt to contact the Rulian Empire.

This was something different. David transformed into Stallion to save that cook from something that calls itself Greasetrap. Greasetrap has gotten the better of Stallion so far. Now he has his foot on Stallion's chest and has set himself to boil. This should not be possible. Courtney is a scientist she knows this should not be possible. But Horse Power should not be possible or any of the other Liberty Corps inventions.

The street is melting around Stallion. His eyes light up and the Stallion Sword appears in his hands. He stabs Greasetrap where his eyes should be and slices his head off. The monster staggers backwards. Then regenerates his head.


Greasetrap sets himself on fire. Suddenly he sees his arm go out. He looks behind him and sees a plain woman with brown hair holding a fire extinguisher.

"Ha.....Ha.....HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Fire Extingisher?"

"Courtney run!!!!!!!"

Stallion runs at Greasetrap only to be knocked down again.

Greasetrap walks toward Courtney Hendrix.

"Now where were we babe?"

Greasetrap splatters all over the street as a giant red hammer crashes on top of his head.

"You were busy falling apart."

It was Clydesdale, Mustang and Bronco. Bronco runs to Courtney.

"Court are you okay? We got your signal."

"Just a little shaken up Bronco. Where's Sergent Sargent?"

"Yeah we forgot to find him."

"How could you forget Sarge?"

Mustang speaks up.

"Look Courtney it happened really fast. Anyway we're the ones with super powers."

A giant mallet of grease drives Mustang into the ground.
Greasetrap has reformed.



Bronco fires his Bronco Shooters into Greasetrap's mid section. Only to watch the blast sink into him harmlessly. Greasetrap responds with a stream of boiling grease into Bronco's chest. Bronco is shocked to find he actually felt that and sinks to one knee. He thinks of his Sidewinder Cycle and how it could out maneuver anything.

Before it can follow up on his attack, Clydesdale swings his hammer. But this time Greasetrap catches Clydesdale's hammer and tosses it aside. Then puts Clydesdale into a bear hug. His strength is useless, as Greasetrap is too mushy to gain the right leverage.

Clydesdale felt the temperature increasing. He had never experienced heat like this. Portions of his armor are starting to melt. Mustang has recovered and charges at Greasetrap only to find himself slowed to a crawl because of a pool of grease surrounding his legs.

Clydesdale is trapped and Greaetrap was only getting hotter.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power: TRAPPED!!!! Day 2

"Okay so Monocruel is firing off his monocle but I'm just
too fast. So he thinks he can hit me at full power with a spread shot.

"Zane I am trying to teach a class. It would not hurt you to pay
attention. You have not done any training drills since Project:Horse
Power started."

"Gimme a break Co-Opt. I'm Mustang, the fastest man alive. I'm only here to give the Grunt Patrol something to shoot for."

"Well in that case, GET OUT!!! The grunts do need to train."

"Thrill ya later Co-Opt."


Zane Dresden is not the only member of Horse Power
suffering from a swelled head. In the Liberty Corps hanger. Romero
Sanchez is helping Spare Tire work on the Sidewinder Cycle.

"This feels like a waste of time Tire."

"What makes ya say that Sanchez?"

"You saw me as Bronco. When am I going to need the Sidewinder again.
 I turned Ramshackle's Shackler Psycho Cycle to scrap metal."

"Yeah I know Sanchez, Jury Rig is studying it to figure out how to
augment the Sidewinder, using whats left of the Shackler."

"That's what I mean Tire. Why do I need to bulk up the Sidewinder
Cycle with a bike I crushed as Bronco."

"Because you can't just rely on some blasted armor to save your bacon."

"Maybe you're right Tire. I'm going out to the firing range
for target practice. Horse Power Charge......"

Spare Tire watches as Romero Sanchez transforms into Bronco for
routine target practice.


The Liberty Corps gym. Brutus Roberts is sparring in the ring. He
takes one cadet and slams him to the mat.

"I need more competition. Hey!! You three Grunts, yeah you.
Get in here and attack me."

These are three of the most dangerous soldiers in the world. They would not be in the Liberty Corps if they were not. They quickly take Brutus Roberts down. One going for
his knees, another his head..

But they are finding keeping Brutus Roberts down is difficult. Roberts grabs the Grunt holding his head and throws him at the one holding his legs. The third Grunt takes a swing but Brutus ducks and headbutts him.

"That wasn't even a challenge."

With that Brutus leaves the gym as the three grunts attempt to regain
their senses.


David Foster was spending his time in the lab talking to his favorite

"Any chance you'll be able to find Spearhead?"

"Hard to say Courtney. We sent Laugh Track and the Grunt Patrol to
search for him. Laugh Track is good but it will be difficult to find him in
the sewer."

"Since Dread Watch MIA, your schedule should be cleared up and I owe you a dinner."

"Burger Barn?"

"I know it's your favorite."

Before the young couple can finalize their plans they are interrupted by
Sergent Sargent.

"Well pardon me for interrupting you love bugs but I need to speak to

"What's up Sarge?"

" Why did a group of Grunts tell me they don't need to train with Mustang around?"

"News to me Sarge."

"Or why Brutus beat up three Grunts during a routine workout?"


"Or Romero saying that he doesn't need to do
maintenance on his vehicles anymore?

"The boys are just a bit overwhelmed by having
super powers. They need an adjustment period."

"David you are field commander of E-Unit. You need
to nip this thing in the bud now. Before some new enemy teaches them
the hard way."

"Not to sound arrogant Sarge, but I doubt that will happen. Can this wait?
Me and Courtney are making dinner plans."



"We're losing him!!!!"

"C'mon keep him out of shock."

"The man just got dumped in a vat of boiling grease. We're doing our

A door of black light opens in the emergency room. Out of it steps a
man who looks like he expired years before. Or parts of him at the
very least.

"John Harvey Bates these humans will not save you. But I Professor
Necro can give you new life and power."

Security runs into the room to take down the robed individual.
Professor Necro does not acknowledge their presence.
Instead he lifts a finger and fires a bolt of black energy that takes
down every human in the room.

He looks down at the burned and tortured form of law
enforcement agent John Harvey Bates. He sees the hatred in his eyes and
knows he is ready to serve the cause of Professor Necro.                                             

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power: TRAPPED!!!! Day 1


In the world of mercenaries and assassins, Dread Watch are the elite.

If they are paid they deliver. The only group that couldslow them down was E-Unit. But E-Unit could only fight to a stalemate. But today something is different. Today they are no longer merely E-Unit. They had become more than human and
Dread Watch is on the verge of losing. Dread Watch is comprised of

Spearhead: Name unknown. He was a graduate/valedictorian from the
Trainer's Academy of the Assassination Arts. Field leader of Dread
Watch and an expert marksman. His weapon of choice is the spear.
Uses various spear heads from exploding to bubble gum.

Monocrule: A refined gentlemen. Uses his families wealth to fond a life of adventure as a mercenary. His weapon is a monocle capable of firing beams of energy ranging
from concussive to heat to electricity to freeze rays.The monocle also functions as a scouter.

ShuriStrike: Master of ninjitsu. Uses nunchuck, katana, sais and
shurikens. Has mastered other ninja arts such as shooting
poison mist and even teleporting.

Ramshackle: A legendary street fighter. Winner of the Great Lakes
Killathon four years running. Did not win a fifth as he blew up the
warehouse where the competition was held along with the other competitors and judges. Weapon is a hook and chain. He rides his Psycho Cycle called the Shackler.

Master Masters: The man who formed this team. He is an old enemy of
Sergent Sargent from the war. He was disfigured by him and
now wears a fencing mask to hide his face.

E-Unit had become more than human. Dread Watch are now fighting Horse Power. Four giants in metallic humanoid armor complete with Horse heads and hooves.

Dread Watch are being overwhelmed. They have been hired by the robot
Retro-9 to break Crime King out of prison, as he is  transferred to
another facility. Retro-9 calculated that this is a trap, to lure him out of hiding..

But Master Masters is unconcerned. Dread Watch has never been defeated by E-Unit. As Dread Watch surround the Prison Breaker carrier van. Ramshackle forces the van off of the road.

Next Shuristrike and Spearhead take down the guards.

Followed by Monocrule, who uses his monocle to melt the door on the van.

Master Masters was not surprised by what he saw but he was annoyed.
It is Sergent Sargent and E-Unit. Crime King is nowhere to be

Masters does not care if Crime King is freed or not, as they were paid
in advance. But the smug look on Sargent's face sickened him.

"Masters if you wanted to have a dinner date you should
of called."

Master Masters can't contain his anger and takes out his blaster.
But before he has the chance to fire, Sergent Sargent tackles him and the
battle begins. Things were even at first. Until Master Masters
heard two words that he would never forget.

"Horse Power Charge!!!!!"

The four members of E-Unit transform into humanoid metallic
horses. Now Dread Watch for the first time are going to be captured.

Shuristrike was fighting Clydesdale. Clydesdale was the largest
member of Horse Power and by far the strongest. Shuristrike hit him
with everything he had. His shurikens bounce off his red
metallic hide. He breaks his Katana on Clydesdale. Even his deadly black mist has
no effect.

"You know Shuri this has been fun. But it's time to turn of your

Clydesdale knocks Shuristrike out with a simple punch.


Ramshackle s fighting Bronco. The Shackler Psycho Cycle is
helping him keep up with Bronco. Avoiding his Bronco Blaster pistols.

Ramshackle takes his hook and chain and wraps it around Bronco. The
hook digging into his bright yellow armor.

"Got ya now Romero. No pretty pony suit will save you from


He hooks the chain to the wench on his Shackler Psycho Cycle and
starts reeling it in. Suddenly it stops. He sees sparks coming from
the wench. He thinks this is not possible. The Shackler is strong
enough to pull down entire buildings.  Bronco breaks the chain
wrapped around him.

"This is over Ramshackle."

"That's what you think!!!"

Ramshackle revs up the Shackler Psycho Cycle. And charges at full
speed into Bronco. Bronco starts running toward
Ramshackle. As they collide the Shackler is crushed like
tin foil. Ramshackle is fortunate to escape with only a concussion and
bruised ribs.


Monocruel is not use to missing. When he fires his monocle,
he hit what he is aiming for. But right now he is unable to get a
single hit on Mustang. Freeze beams, force beams, heat beams they all
miss. His monocle could not lock down on the green and black blur.

But Monocruel had a plan. He is going to crank up his monocle to full
power and spread out the shot as wide as he can. Mustang is going
on the attack and Monocruel has his chance and hits Mustang with a full
power force beam. Mustang is down on the ground.

"Heh nobody can get up from a full power beam. armor or no armor. Oh
no.... Oh no.......  NO!!!!!!!!"

Mustang stands up and dust himself off.

"Sorry to disappoint you old bean. But the rules have changed."

Monocruel prepares to fire another force beam when he remembers why he never fired at full power. It drains the monocles battery.

"Uh c'mon Zane old chap. Let talk about this."

Monocruel is slowly inching away when Mustang runs up to him
faster than Monocruel can blink. Mustang crushes the monocle


Spearhead was not like his teammates.

He knew this was not E-Unit dressed up for Halloween. He read the reports about what
happened at Liberty Corps HQ. About the invasion, about the transformation. He knows there is little chance of victory. But he is a professional.

He also knows Stallion (David Foster). He knows Stallion will not be
goaded into absorbing a hit from his dyno spear. He had hoped to fight
one of the others. But Stallion cut him off. He is unable to land
a hit on Stallion so he stopped trying. Instead he is throwing the spears
so they will land in a specific pattern.

Once the Triangle is formed he flips a switch and three wires spring from each spear and
trap Stallion as electricity surges into him.

"See David no amount of power can overcome true skill."

Suddenly the eyes of the blue horse armor light up and a sword
materializes in Stallion's hand. He quickly cuts himself free. Spearhead
is not prepared for this. Spearhead grabs another spear out of his
bag and Stallion cut it in two.

Professional or not it is time to run. He throws a smoke spearhead at Stallion and retreats into the sewer.


Sergent Sargent does not have any super powers. He has his laser
bayonet and is using it to battle Master Masters and his titanium rapier.

"What's wrong Sergent? Not man enough for the upgrade?"

"I'm man enough to knock you around Masters."

Sarge cuts thru Master Masters armor. Who quickly
retaliates with a slash of his own across Sergent Sargent's chest.

Surveying the battle, Masters sees every member of Dread Watch has been defeated.

Even if he does defeat Sergent Sargent, he can not defeat Horse
Power. Doing a back flip to escape the reach of Sergent Sargent. Master
Masters punches a code in on his wrist communicator. Summoning the
Dread Watch Lightning Air Mammoth. Another command fires a pulse beam at Horse Power.

A final command sends down a tractor beam that retrieves Masters and Dread Watch (sans Spearhead) back to the Sky Mammoth. Master Masters does not see this as a defeat. He views it as a paid learning experience.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sergent Sargent's Horse Power: Dawn of the Necronoid Day 8


The newly created Necronaut, comprised of the fallen Necronoids
stomps the ground and lets out a mechanical howl.


The Necronaut is twenty feet tall and several thousand pounds.

The Horse Power team scatter. Bronco was the first to attack wrapping his new and improved lariat around the Necronauts wrist. Even with his enhanced strength Bronco could not topple it. Instead the creature pulls Bronco into the air. Bronco quickly changes tactics and starts firing his Bronco Shooters at the Necronaut's arm and leg joints.

Sergent Sargent while not having super powers is still clearly the leader.

Giving out directions. He directs Mustang to follow Bronco's lead and attack the Necronauts joints. Mustang uses his newly acquired super speed and runs up the Necronauts back and using his Mustang Daggers stabs at the
seams connecting its arms and legs to its torso.

Next Clydesdale is sent after the Necronaut. Using his hammer, Clydesdale takes two mighty swings to the Necronauts ankles.

Stallion takes his turn to attack but would need Clydesdale's help.

Clydesdale takes Stallion in his arms and throws him at the
Necronauts head. Stallion takes out his sword and stabs the Necronaut
in the face and drags the sword down the middle of its body.

The Necronaut does not bleed but it is in pain. The robo eyes scattered
about its piecemeal skull, start shifting forming one giant robo eye.

The eye lights up and fires. The team is shaken up.

Stallion approaches Sergent Sargent.

"Sarge get out of here."

"Look soldier just because you got some fancy new toys does not make
Ole Sarge obsolete,"

"It's not that. This fight is going to get nastier and we can't fight
while worrying about Spare Tire and Mess Hall. Get in the Lunch Cart
and get them as far away as possible."


The Necronaut was ready to fire again.

"Alright David this is your call. But as soon as I get these men off base
I'm running back here."

"Counting on it."

Sergent Sargent gets in the Lunch Cart and drives away.

The team has regrouped and are preparing for the Necronaut's
approach. Stallion gives the order..

"Guys you remember the simulations we ran in the training for Project: Horse Power. Time to execute Tactic 7284."

Clydesdale speaks

"Horse Hammer!!!!"

He places his Hammer's handle on the ground forming the base.

Stallion follows

"Stallion Sword!!!"

He places his sword on top of the head of Clydesdale's hammer.

Bronco is next
"Bronco Shooters!!!!!"

He connects his Bronco Shooters at the handles and places it atop of Stallion's Sword.

Mustang is last.

"Mustang Daggers!!!"

Finally the team screams at once.

"Horse Power Combination Power Blaster Fire!!!!!!"

The Necronaut disoriented from transforming howls and lunges for the Horse Power team. The blast from the Horse Power Combination Power Blaster tears a hole thru the Necronaut.

Causing it to fall apart into the individual Necronoids that formed it.

The Necronoids on the ground damaged and burning. They
suddenly sink into a black light. Gone as quickly as they


In the Necromizone Professor Necro is in shock as he looks at his
damaged Necronoids.

"No...... I have not lost. I will reclaim the Oblivorex and rule both the
Earth plane and the Necromizone. You have not heard the last ofme Horse Power!!!"


Zane Dresden loves ice cream. He loves food in general. Likely because
he needs to replace the energy he burned off.

"Give it a rest Zane. first you eat everything in the Lunch Cart now you
wanna eat my hospital dinner."

"Sorry Mess Hall. Just transforming into a metal horse robot to fight
cyborg zombie monsters gave me an appetite."

Sergent Sargent looks at Mess Hall and Spare Tire. Two of his oldest
friends. This nearly finished them, but aside from some bruises
you would not know it.

"Tire, I'm sorry about Fat Lucy. I know how hard you worked on her."

"Aww forget it. I'll have her up and running in no time
and putting even niftier gadgets on her."

David Foster is looking out the window before he speaks.

"Sarge do we know anything else about this attack?"

"We're still in the dark David. The Bulbs are working on tracing
where that lightning bolt came from and the wave length of the portal
those things escaped into."

Brutus raises his head from the magazine he is reading.

"With Horse Power we'll trample over anything that gets in our way."

Sergent Sargent looks displeased.

"Brutus a good soldier depends on tactics, not weapons."

Zane Dresden finally speaks up.

"Hey Mess Hall you gonna eat that Salisbury steak?"

This causes Sergent Sargent and the others to burst into laughter.

"No seriously can I have your Salisbury steak I'm still hungry."